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New Year Resolutions You Can Stick To

Fitness and Wellbeing Lifestyle

Let's face it, we rarely stick to our New Year resolutions, but it's a great way to start the year with a new focus, a new perspective, a new goal.  And usually resolutions are positive and while they may not stick they usually are done long enough to change us somewhat in a positive manner.  Below a few resolutions I've had or have this year that is the type that…

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Making A Wardrobe Work For You

Fashion Advice personal style

Emerson tugs on me. She tugs on my shirttails, the hems of my skirts, my crossbody bags. “Emerson, tug on my hand, not my clothes,” I tell her. “If you tug too hard you may break it.” And sure enough, recently she took a tug on my Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. and the leather loop that holds the strap pulled completely off, with it tearing off part of the leather…

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Creating a Calm Center

personal life

I’m feeling frayed at the edges. Sometimes life gets so busy that I feel like a car in neutral careening down a hill. Not fully connected to the road, enjoying the wind whipping through my hair but fearing when I hit a bend in the road or hit a hill. I feel like life is flying by and I need to slow down, feel the ground, and see more than…

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Documenting Me

personal life personal style

I look at pictures of me a year ago and am amazed at how YOUNG I look. I just look softer yet firmer, less wrinkled, less dry. In the past year, my body did go through a lot of trauma and in my personal life, there has been a lot of tragedy and stress, but I wonder if my reflection isn’t telling the truth. Yes, I am older, but maybe…

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Friday Favorite: Adult Coloring Books

Friday Favorite Lifestyle

I’m a doodler. Look at my work notebooks and my paper planner and you’ll see squiggles, boxes, and flowers in the margins. My tattoo is of a swirl design I have been doodling since high school; that doodle I used to draw as a teenager on friends' jeans and jackets with fabric markers and they would sometimes pay me for the work. Doodling, like writing longhand, helps me listen, focus,…

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Change for Good: Dry Brushing


While I was on disability, I went down a bit of an internet rabbit hole (well I went down quite a few because there’s not much else to do when hopped up on Percocet and on bed rest but let’s stay on topic). I was looking into natural looking and gradual sunless tanners (the results can be found in this post), but many articles and reviews I read discussed the…

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Fun in the Sun, No Matter Your Shape

Outfit Posts Summer Fashion

When I swimsuit shopped for our Costa Rican honeymoon in 2004, I decided to go bold and leave my all-black swimsuit routine. I got a bright red halter tankini from J. Crew and felt terribly sassy… that was until I got back the pictures from that trip and realized the lighter color and lack of support made my breasts look droopy, displayed the indentation for my belly button, every lump,…

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Loving Yourself, AKA How to Spend Your Summer Vacation

Fashion Advice

This post is inspired by a woman who is a member of a message board I visit. She was mentioning that she is taking a trip this fall, and was hoping to be a certain size before the trip so she could pack differently. All too often we women hold off on situations, trips, life changes and yes wardrobes until we have the right conditions. “I can’t justify buying expensive…

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