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My sister just sent me this link and I am wondering if this was approved by Tim Gunn or part of the very fine and very vague print in his contract?

00021848 957990 200Ladies, you better all run out and purchase this $355 charm necklace by Ficalora or else you'll never be well-dressed.

00039784 110474 200And yes, this tank dress by Mimi is a must-have for every woman, as long as you don't have heavy arms, a large bust, long legs, heavy legs, the desire to wear a traditional bra or sport your LBD anywhere except a night club or maybe over a pair of jeans.

00037649 045278 200And this bag, well it's $621 so it's a reasonable price for most women's budgets, right? It has a pen holder, that's why it's so expensive!

00040131 121676But by far, my favorite may be this $185 white shirt from Theory that doesn't even seem to fit the model well and is so sheer even in the photograph we can see skin and the bralette/mini cami worn underneath. Now, that's an essential.

I do love the visuals that are available to assist women between episodes in achieving Tim Gunn's wardrobe essentials. That is smart. And hey, being able to make a commission off each purchase is always a plus. I am doubting Tim got the chance to approve each of these choices, or if some intern was told to quickly scour a few sites for reasonable choices and slap them on the page before the day is through.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I am doubtful that he selected these things, too.

    But the brown bag–a Botkier–really is much nicer in real life than it looks in the pic. Botkier bags are made of supple leather and for a “designer” bag, its actually right on target for its price point (it competes with lines like Kooba). Its sad that most purse prices have been edging upwards of $1,000. There are similar, more affordable options at Urban Outfitters and I believe Melie Bianco makes similar purses as well.

    The Theory shirt isn’t my fave, either, but usually, this line has exquisite work-ready pieces like trousers and sweaters.

  2. Snarky is right – though bitter seems more like it. No where did I read that you are a fat, ugly, loser if you don’t buy his suggestions. The rational fashionista understands that you can buy what he suggests OR find a suitable alternative inside of your budget. The man traffics in high fashion – one can hardly expect him to schlep to WalMart to find something to suite your tastes and pocketbook.

  3. Now dont get me wrong, I love a good handbag. But 600+ dollars? For goodness sake thats two weeks worth of groceries. For what, so I can hope upon hope that someone out there, on the off chance, might ask me how much my bag cost? Because you can find a VERY servicable look-a-like for about $30 on any given day, at any given TJMAXX or JCPenney,which means you could by TWENTY bags a year for the cost of that one overpriced purse. Do I look stupid?

  4. One dress was so short I can’t imagine it would be a wardrobe staple for any girl over age 12. And GAH to the jewelry.

    Why doesn’t Tim just design a collection, once he’s done the show long enough to realize the real 10 essential pieces.

  5. I couldn’t tell if I was seeing a camisole under that white shirt or whether it was just the shadows cast by the enormous wrinkles across the front of the poorly-fitted bustline.

    Either way, it looks tacky. Or as my grandmother would say, “Tacky tacky tacky!”

  6. Very funny! And curious. I hate when magazines and “fashion experts” only recommend higher end items. I especially laugh at the $185 white shirt. I love Theory but I would never pay that much for something that could get ruined in one second with a Sharpie marker or spilled wine. I am getting a little tired of the self-promotion and product placement all over everything.


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