That Darn Pink Sweater Again

So I washed my delicates last night. Two loads in Woolite, and hangers in every doorway of the upstairs. Bras in mesh bags, pants inside out, full load water, half load clothing. I have this routine down pat. I despise the dry cleaners – the price, the smell, the wait. I wash things I probably shouldn't. Pretty much the only things I get dry cleaned are suits, dresses and thingies with crazy embellishments. Oh, and coats and leather. Gosh, I wash my nice trousers that say “Dry Clean” on the tag. They usually turn out quite nicely! Have only ruined one item from Woolite.

Anyway, I go to get dressed this morning. Really want to wear my new chocolate wool/cashmere cuffed trousers from Ann Taylor because the fit is divine, they make my butt look fabu, and they still have the tags on. I know I am not the only one who gets an adreneline rush from yanking the tags off a new piece of clothing!

So I have on the lovely trousers, my hair is freshly cut and styled nicely. Makeup is done, and I am topless. Damn, what am I going to wear? My stupid tissue weight cotton sweater from J. Crew that I recently bought got stretched out and misshapen from air drying, so I washed and dryed it halfway and now it fits the pre-teen next door. everything seems so summery and I can see my breath outside. Can't really wear a summer top with cashmere/wool trousers. Ooh, my plum sweater would be nice BUT IT'S WET!!!!! MY WHOLE WARDROBE IS HANGING IN THE DOORWAY SOPPING WET!!!!

Why do I care? I work with techies where they wear computer logoed golf shirts and faded too-short chinos. It doesn't matter to them.

But it matters to me. And I cannot disrespect my lovely new pants with an inappropriate top.

Pink and brown look nice together…. and I could wear my brown bead necklace and my brown croco pumps… ooh and that new pink lipstick I picked up would be so pretty….

But I wore the sweater Saturday. I wore it to work last week. I even threw it on yesterday for the quick jaunt to the hairdressers.

Slap it in the dryer with Dryel to freshen it. It will be just fine…..

But isn't that… ghetto? Wearing a sweater four times in seven days? I will look like a freak, a bag lady, a fashion misfit! I can't I can't I CAN'T!!!!!

But I do.

And I look pretty cute, I must say. A lady in HR walks by and compliments me on my outfit. Hey you never know, I just may own two candy pink merino v-necks, right?

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

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