The 45 Best Advent Calendars for 2022

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The 45 best advent calendars for 2022 by Wardrobe Oxygen

It may seem too soon to think about the holidays, but the season is going to be here before you know it. And one holiday item that sells out fastest is an advent calendar. If you want to get your hands on the best advent calendars for 2022 you need to shop soon. No need to go from store to store or online shop to online shop, I have gathered for you the 45 best advent calendars for 2022! Happy shopping (and I promise I won't be flooding your feed with holiday content from now on, I just know from experience that the best calendars sell out before Halloween).

The Best Advent Calendars for 2022

Are you looking for the best advent calendars for 2022? This list offers an amazing range of 45 of the best advent calendars for women, for families, for kids, and for a variety of interests and beliefs too! If you have a favorite advent calendar not seen on this list do share in the comments!

The Best Advent Calendars for Food and Drink Lovers

Looking for an advent calendar for your partner, your bestie, or your colleague? Wondering what to bring as a gift as a houseguest during the holiday season or looking for a gift to mail relatives? Food is often a good choice because it's consumable and shareable! Drink as well, whether it's wine, coffee, or another beverage!

The Best Advent Calendars for Beauty Lovers

For teens, young adults, and beauty lovers of all ages, these are the best advent calendars offering the best beauty and body care products.

The Best Advent Calendars for Kids

Whether for your little one or another kid in your life, these highly rated advent calendars for kids (and those young and heart) are sure to please.

Advent Calendars That Aren't Beauty or Food

Not everyone wants food, and not everyone is into beauty products. No worries, these are the best advent calendars that are neither food nor beauty but still full of desirable, interesting, and unique treats.

Refillable Advent Calendars

My family has a refillable advent calendar that can be used year after year, filling it with the perfect little gifts for your loved one. From toddlers to teens or for a grown-up loved one, with a refillable advent calendar you can truly create a customized advent calendar experience!

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  1. Just ordered the fishing calendar. I also love your gift lists. Your teen ideas work for 20 somethings as well. I have ordered the Scratchmap and the conduction headphones. Both gifts were a hit so looking forward to updated lists!

  2. Ooohhhh…that Nat Geo one is going to make my rock-loving kid’s head explode!

    For tea lovers, I highly recommend the advent calendar from David’s Tea. I’ve purchased it for myself twice now and it’s so fun. There’s enough tea each day to make 2-3 cups so it lasts well beyond the holidays!

  3. Take Alison’s advice and order early. One that I selected is already sold out!

    Oh, and Alison, I am wearing my new Adidas Samba sneakers as I write. I admit that I am feeling so au courant that I keep thinking the paparazzi are going to snap my photo. Thanks so much for the recommendation—these are just right for me.

  4. Love these! Got the Bonne Maman 2 years ago, last year I did a Pukka tea sampler, and I just ordered the hot chocolate one from your list. Advent calendars make me really happy.

    I was going to order the Sugarfina one as well and share it with my kids… but the shipping was $20! Too bad, the calendar itself looks great. They would sell a lot more if they made their shipping more reasonable, I think.

  5. This post was amazing! I gift Advent calendars to family and friends every year and am always looking for new ideas and sources.

  6. You must have ESP, Alison. I was looking at Advent calendars for my early 20-something niece and nephew just the other day and thinking, “Meh.” This lineup is awesome! Now to make some quick plans. Thank you!

  7. Great, great entry! Love it. Now need ideas for filling those 24 empty slots! Also, ideas for boys….
    Thank you

  8. You just gave me some fantastic ideas for my 20 year old son away at college. What a fun way to let him have his holiday traditions while away. More than one of these will fill that hole. Now to figure out the best option!

  9. Hummm. I thought this was kind of weird then I hit the coffee pod one and the words ‘gift swap’ popped out at me and I thought maybe she’s on to something.

    The only hitch is that you’re supposed to be opening these before Christmas, so we’re really talking about a pre-Christmas gift. Not that I know anyone who would turn down different flavors of hot chocolate as a gift for the holiday itself.

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