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I don't recall how I found out about Deesse Noire, but someone I follow on some social platform shared their candles and that there would be a Black Friday sale on said candles so I signed up for the newsletter to be notified and treated myself to one of each body in ivory unscented.

Candles give a certain atmosphere even if they aren't lit and I'm digging the trend molded candles after years and years of candles poured into clear glass jars. I was looking for something completely different on Etsy and came across a shop with shaped candles and went down a rabbit hole… and here are some of the ones I found that I thought were cool.

molded candles trend body torso
hot pink torso | giving the finger | bubble cubes | david by michelangelo | she goes by enola | four shades of curves | venus | balloon dog | male torso

If you want to give a gift different from the traditional poured into a glass jar candle, consider a molded one; you can find them in most any shape you can imagine and most are sold by small businesses that will really benefit from your purchase!

best zoom sweaters
cashmere v-neck | fuschia button shoulder | chartreuse scalloped neck | purple turtleneck | camel v-neck | green crewneck (use wardrobe_oxygen10 for 10% off) | merlot ruffle neck | orchid cashmere turtleneck | blue balloon sleeve

Winter is here, is your Zoom wardrobe ready? This past week I found myself reaching for my solid-colored tightly-woven sweaters in candy colors to brighten up Zooms and videos. The lavender turtleneck in the collage above has been on constant rotation. All looks featured in the collage and the carousel below available at least to size XXL.

Universal Standard is having their annual Denim Drive which, if you haven't yet checked out, you must. Get a pair of their highly-rated denim for just $25 if you send back any pair of jeans (doesn't matter the size, brand, or condition) for them to recycle.

universal standard clothing reviews
Helen Shift Dress | Cambria Jumpsuit | Everest Long Puffer | Judy Jumpsuit | Rainier Short Puffer | Rubicon Shirtdress | Willow Cocoon Coat | Wheaton Sweater Dress | Parker Jacket

Well, Universal Standard has also come out with a lot of new clothing lately and it's really good. These are the new arrivals that have caught my eye. I don't plan on doing any more clothing shopping this month, and I'm writing this while wearing the Hathaway Jogger (don't love the front seam down the crotch and not as thick as my Soma joggers but otherwise like) so I clearly have enough US… for now! Oh that Everest Puffer is calling to me…

BTW… use wardrobe_oxygen10 at checkout and get 10% off your order at Universal Standard

equilibria promo code
These are a few of my favorite things… at Equilibria

Through December 9th, with any purchase made at Equilibria, you will get free limited edition vegan leather pouch designed by Patricia Vargas. It's the perfect way to pull together a gift, and IMO Equilibria's gift sets or one of their boxes would be an awesome gift to receive.

BTW… first-time Equilibria customers, use WARDROBEOXYGEN at checkout and get an additional 15% off your order

festive yet comfy holiday outfit from Chico's
Wearing this cashmere sweater and these awesome sequin joggers

Today only, Chico's has 50% off all sweaters, and this includes cotton cashmere. I like Chico's sweaters, I think they are of good quality and usually a nice weight. Below are some of my favorites from their current selection; I own this cashmere sweater and love it (see it on me here) and have two of this turtleneck which is brilliant for layering (see it on me here and here it is without sparkle). This sweater is also so cute (see it on me on Instagram).

anthropologie best buys
lightning bolt sweatshirt | cashmere joggers | yes yes and so much yes | my kind of caftan | this would look so good over a black turtleneck | protect my curls and keep warm | beautiful scents wherever I go | makes taking supplements chic | always on the hunt for a well-shaped graphic tee

I may or may not have these items above in my virtual shopping cart at Anthropologie. I am really digging their luxe relax vibe this season (hello cashmere joggers that come in petite and plus size!) and they just dropped a bunch of stocking stuffer-sized awesomeness worth checking out!


  1. December 4, 2020 / 2:26 pm

    So delighted to have your blog back! Have no idea why it left. You may not recall me, but your husband took my daughter, Kara Gruszewski’s wedding pictures in DC perhaps 10 years ago. Much has happened since then, but at 71 and widowed I still love shopping, fashion, and Wardrobe Oxygen. Your personal style is wonderful and your writing style so personable. I no longer own a TV as YouTube has every movie, etc. one could ever want without commercials! I have also watched fashion blogs and would love to see you develop one. Since I am a former English and speech teacher I do not hesitate to say that if you speak as you write you are a natural! Alison, enjoy the holidays, and have a wonderful New Year! Sincerely yours, Mary Gruszewski

  2. Jenny
    December 4, 2020 / 1:15 pm

    A heads up on Equilibria orders. I placed an order on Nov 11 after watching your discussion with the EQ dosage specialist. I ordered one of their holiday special kits based on the products it included. It is now Dec 4 and still nothing 🙁 I have received a couple of unprompted emails thanking me for my patience and providing some discount codes for future orders. And a help ticket to find out the reason for the delay received a response that my products should ship this week… but so far still no shipping notice.

    I have seen other comments from your readers that mentioned orders that were placed after mine and had already been received. I think the delay I am experiencing may have had to do with the fact I ordered a holiday item and the demand for those items was higher than they had anticipated. So just a heads up that if anyone is looking to place an order to ship within the 2-3 day window that their website states, you may want to avoid the holiday items at this time. I am still hopeful it will be worth the wait! 🙂

    • Erin
      December 4, 2020 / 11:47 pm

      I have had a similar experience – I ordered the subscription plus a holiday item (since that was the promotion – order a holiday item and get extra discount!) on 11 November. Still haven’t received it… I got a confusing email a week or two ago about having received a “credit” in my account, but when I logged into my account all I saw was that my order was still processing. I wrote to customer service and they responded that the delay was unexpected and due to unprecedented demand during the pre-sale, that my order was expected to send in the first week of December, and that I should have received an email about the delay/credit, and it would be applied to my next subscription bill. I checked my emails and I have a whopping $5 credit… Normally I would be frustrated and unimpressed, but I’m trying to channel compassion and patience – this year has not been what any of us anticipated or planned for in any respect, and if this product line lives up to the hype the wait will be immaterial in the long run. Fingers crossed.

      • Erin
        December 14, 2020 / 11:27 pm

        Update: my order finally arrived last week. Immediately after, I received email notification that my NEXT monthly subscription had shipped. I emailed customer service. Turns out I had not seen the renewal notification (blame Gmail filters -working on that), but still… I never got a concrete notification of when my order would ship, so how would I know how far to push the next shipment? Companies that have their sh*t together would delay renewals until they actually fulfill the original order. They said they would exceptionally honor a return, which I appreciate. But after starting the regimen I went online to book my dosage consultation as they recommend you have one after 5-7 days…. there are no appointments until January. So now I’ve paid for 2 months, can’t get a consult until after 3+ weeks, and have to go in and manually adjust the delivery calendar… and still don’t know what my dosage should be. I’m trying to be accommodating and gracious, but since the main reason I decided to try this was stress and anxiety, and this is just causing me stress and frustration, I am about to throw in the towel. The only reason I’m persevering is because I have followed you for over a decade and trust your reviews more than anyone else on the internet. I hope that my experience is just an outlier!

        • December 15, 2020 / 5:52 am

          I am really sorry this has happened, that sucks. I wonder if they just got too much business for their business size? Because before the holidays, I know folks were getting their orders on time and able to schedule a call within two weeks of placing their order. I really hope they get their act together because it is a great company concept and product. I hope things settle down post-holidays so they can focus on subscription customers instead of gift buyers. Keep me posted, this is important and I want to know from the customer side regarding the brands I partner with.

          • Erin
            December 16, 2020 / 1:30 pm

            Thanks for responding! I wrote to them again, and they responded that because of covid they have experienced much higher demand and are training additional dosage specialists. In the meantime, they would escalate to their dosage team to see if they could schedule me sooner. I got a follow up email and was able to schedule for next week. They are also exceptionally allowing me to return the subscription package that arrived right after the original order, if I need to change my dose. So while the experience has been prolonged and frustrating, I have to say their customer service is very responsive and tried hard to make things right!

  3. Leu2500
    December 4, 2020 / 11:47 am

    I have the US Wheaton sweater dress. Because sweater dresses with leggings seem to be my work at home outfit this fall/winter

    I haven’t worn it yet because it hasn’t gotten cold enough down south. So I’ve only tried it on.

    The one thing I’ve noticed is that the neck is itchy (wool against skin). Although that will probably be less noticeable when it’s cooler. Like eating outside on Xmas Day (if it doesn’t rain)

    Other than that, I’m really happy with it. & happy that US offered a color other than black, brown, grey or mauve. & that the green wasn’t olive. Why yes, I have an issue with drab.

  4. Bonnie Grove
    December 4, 2020 / 9:13 am

    How do the poured candles melt? I’m always afraid they’re going to drip all over the place!

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