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zappos sale

Zappos is far more than just shoes. Through the entire month of March, Zappos has a Bundle & Save campaign where if you buy three or more underwear from this list, you'll get 20% off your order. This includes brands like Bali, Warner's, Calvin Klein, Hanky Panky, On Gossamer, and Maidenform.

Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 4.39.01 PM

Chico's has a sale this weekend called the Three Ways to Save Event. You get 25% off one style, 30% off two styles, and 40% off three or more styles. Below, some of my picks:

I really like Chico's for jeans. They take current trends and make them feel classic, and they use super stretchy comfy denim that holds up nice through the day and through laundering. If unsure, size down with Chico's jeans; I wear 14 petite/32 or 33 with other brands and am usually a 2 petite with Chico's unless it's a pull-on style, and then I sometimes find a 1.5 petite is better.

If you like ponte knit, Chico's makes great ponte and they have leggings in regular and tall, slim pants in four colors and four lengths, and a classic shift dress with pockets.

Last week I shared the Touch of Cool ballet tee and how it's such a nice polished, refined top you could even wear to the office. Many of you let me know you got it and love it. If in between sizes, size down. This link has it in seven colors, they also have it in two prints (the orange would look so good with denim or a navy blazer), in stripes, and they have the same fabric in a tank.

Finally, if you want some cozy comfy luxe yet machine washable loungewear, you have to check out Chico's cotton cashmere. I am obsessed, I am writing this while wearing this sweater with these joggers. The pants run big, I'd go down a size. I have them in 1 and 2 and far prefer the 1.

soma sale

Soma has a fantastic sale this weekend only: $25 bras! While Soma carries some other brands, this deal is only on Soma bras. But Soma bras are AWESOME, I am a big fan and am wearing this one as I type this. I have reviewed a lot of Soma bras; you can find all my Soma archives at this link.

But not only are Soma bras on sale, with a bra purchase, you can get a pair of Soma undies for only $5. Some exclusions apply, but most styles are included. I am also a big Soma undies fan. The Vanishing Tummy Retro Brief isn't one that sucks you in a lot, but it smooths the midsection, is invisible under clothes, and looks pretty. And this is one of my favorite everyday undies.

What I Bought and What I Thought

IMG 1534

I shared on Instagram Stories that I planned on having a Madewell denim review this week, inspired by this post about 2021 denim trends. I am a 33 in most brands, my last pair of Madewell denim from three years ago was a 33, so I ordered all the styles in 33.

Every single pair is too large. One style felt one size too big, the others at least two, maybe three sizes too big. This is some extreme vanity sizing!

I know you all love Madewell and appreciate their extended size range, so I placed a second order with smaller sizes that arrived this past week and K and I photographed it. I hope to have it up on the blog next week!

Not my legs or feet, but you'll see them on me soon!

Spring is coming… and you know what that means. Birkenstock season! Okay, you may not have known that but I love Birks, especially now that I'm embracing ‘demic style. My silver Birks are looking worse for wear after this past year and I decided to replace them with a crisp white leather pair.

I have had white EVA Birks before and the EVA ones are a great price and great for going out in the yard, but they don't have the durability of the classic Arizonas. I still have my EVAs and wear them often (my current pair is orange), but these new ones will be more for heading out and about in the world.

Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 5.40.29 PM

My husband hates the smell of candles. He'll burn palo santo all day long and is okay with some scents in a diffuser, but candles for some reason really irritate his nose and cause headaches. I love candles, and am always on the hunt for one that he can handle. I had one from Jo Malone, and one from Colleen Rothschild, but looking for something new I got this one, which has received rave reviews from a bunch of influencers and online people.

I am sensitive with lavender. Some smell beautiful, and some smell too much like eco-friendly cleansers and stuff we used when changing our kid's diapers back in the day. We diffuse lavender, I have a lavender eye pillow, they're lovely. This candle smells like eco-cleanser lavender, and I could smell it through the cardboard delivery box. I opened the box to get the label, slapped it on the front and taped the box back up. However, if you're not sensitive to lavender and like a fragrant candle that will scent a whole room… this may be for you.

IMG 2060

And I realize I haven't shared my day moisturizer lately. I am using this from Paula's Choice. Wanting a decent sunscreen, moisture, and not needing to use two products to achieve it, this has been a great option. No strong smell, I can blend it in without rubbing off the top layer of skin, no breakouts, and it plays nice with foundations and tinted moisturizers.


  1. Jax
    March 6, 2021 / 4:56 pm

    I think I’m a similar size and height to you, Alison, at least, for Universal Standard. With Madewell, I wear either a 31 or 32 in the petite. With Old Navy, I wear size 12 in short or petite, and with Gap I wear 32 in short/petite.

    I’m curious re: Chico jeans — I take it they are good quality and do not stretch out?

    I love my Madewell jeans so much, that I’ve been having my local tailor repair and patch them, so I can continue wearing them. And with increased wear, the thicker ones have gotten softer (but not stretched out).

    • Jax
      March 6, 2021 / 5:05 pm

      2 other questions — Does Soma have a sale every weekend???

      And on another topic — any recommendations on good-quality, comfortable period underwear?
      I tried 3 pairs of Knix leakproof bikinis in 2019 and the seams on 1 pair just completely ripped off. It seems that Knix just irons the hems/edges on the panties instead of real stitching. Per directions, I washed them on delicate and hung them to dry instead of putting them into the dryer.
      Any other period underwear that might last longer? I also have issues with the absorption panel not being long enough in front and back (depending on if you’re sitting or lying down, etc.). Great idea, need better execution.

      • Katelin
        March 8, 2021 / 1:03 pm

        I am in my late 40s and now period underwear are an essential due to unpredictability. I had Thinx, but read they contain PCBs which are linked to cancer. So I went on the hunt for non-PCB period underwear. I ordered from Ruby Love, some for me and some for my teen daughter! I don’t know how good they will be but just wanted you to be aware of the PCB issue and share what I did. Hope this helps!

        • Jax
          March 9, 2021 / 2:23 pm

          Thanks for the recommendation and info, Katelin. Yeah, I didn’t know about period underwear also having PCBs. Just found this statement from Knix: Glad to know.
          I did start trying to use organic or toxic-free tampons and pads too, but one other great aspect of periods in your 40s is the volume of the period itself. Unfortunately, not a lot of Super+ options outside of regular Tampax.

  2. Tala
    March 5, 2021 / 6:13 pm

    I guess I’m confused why you bought size 33? The size chart makes it clear a 33 is a size 16. A USA women’s jean size 33 typically = size 16 in most major brands (jag, kut, Levi’s, mother, gap, loft). European/ British and men’s sizing is different. You can call it vanity sizing if you want, but a Madewell size 33 was still a size 16 even 3 or 4 years ago. My sister is a pretty solid size 16 in most brands and she’s worn a Madewell size 33 for years.

    • March 5, 2021 / 6:41 pm

      Because I wore a 33 before with Madewell and I am the same size.

      • Tala
        March 5, 2021 / 8:21 pm

        Sounds like if you had checked the size guide you could have saved your self some time and energy. Seems like a good tip would be to always check the size chart especially if it is not a brand you order regularly from.

        • CJ
          March 6, 2021 / 12:22 pm

          Wow. Snippy or what!!!

          • Tala
            March 6, 2021 / 1:19 pm

            Look I’m not trying to be snippy and I’m sorry if it came across that way, but as the co-owner of a small business, it is exhausting how often people just don’t read the sizing info we provide and then complain about things not fitting. We measure everything, we give you tons of info, just look at it! Most good companies give you this info, check it before you order. It cuts down on returns which not only helps the business but helps the environment.

        • Nicole Kowalski
          March 7, 2021 / 10:47 pm

          This is really off base. Size guides are notoriously almost worthless. I bet if Alison measured the waist and inseam of each pair of these jeans they would be all over the place, despite being the same “size.”

          Madewell is particularly bad. Using the size guide and reviews, I still ended up having to exchange for a size two sizes smaller than any pair of jeans I own. Not even in the ball park of standard sizing.

  3. Jennifer
    March 5, 2021 / 12:44 pm

    I absolutely love a pair of white leather sandals for the summer! I am a huge fan of the Saltwater Sandal, and I now have pairs in white, red, mustard, purple, and black. I would love to get a pair in turquoise, but those seem to be hard to find these days. Have you ever tried them? It’s weird, because they have zero padding, but yet are so comfortable. They are completely flat and mold to my foot. I have wide feet, and there is a way to stretch the straps a little bit (they give you directions to do this), and it makes them wider. I now find myself reaching for my Saltwater sandals 90% of the time. I was just looking at all of my other sandals in my closet and thinking of doing a major purge. I think that Saltwater Sandals look good with dresses and pants. The white Saltwaters were my first pair that I bought, and they are still going strong 5 years later. Anyway, highly recommend!

  4. Katelin
    March 5, 2021 / 12:17 pm

    I too share Karl’s scented candle sensitivity. Light a candle and watch me go down with an instant headache and nausea. Mine extends to perfume and scented lotions too. I do a bit better with citrus scents and herbals than florals. I often wonder if the issue is synthetic scents for me because these scents do not bother me in my garden. I wonder if a very high quality candle would work but I don’t really want to spend $75 to find out! Let me know if you ever do a candle review to find one that works for him!

    I’m also loving the cotton-cashmere Chico’s set. It looks so comfy and I am a sucker for a cross front wrap sweater. I admit, I associate Chicos with my mom’s style (although she’s passed, she would be 80). She loved Chicos as a professional woman and for casual wear when I was an older teen, so I think that bias of it being mom-wear stayed with me. Although, I am a mom and have two teens myself to prove it. So maybe I should dispense with my feelings since many of the items you showcase are very nice classics. It’s funny, while my mom also loved Talbots, I don’t have the same bias. Maybe because they did that Julianne Moore partnership about 10 years ago it broke through. Talbots was also the favorite “black velvet dress” shop for winter formals in high school.

    Finally, I am looking forward to the Madewell review! I love my Madewell Cali Demi Boot jeans and have two pair. You are right that they run very large. I am a solid 12 on the bottom, and would normally wear a 31 at ON/Gap/BR but the Madewell 31s are huge, although I can still wear them (and it’s nice to have a roomy jean imo) so for my next pair I sized down to a 30 which are a skim fit. I also have a more rigid pair of the straight cut jeans which are more like the old Levi 501s with a higher rise. I like the Cali’s because they are mid rise. I cannot do a high rise jean and sit all day. I carry a lot of weight in my middle so they are tight. Anyway, looking forward to reading your thoughts!

  5. March 5, 2021 / 8:53 am

    I love, love, love Chicos! I worked there for years a good while back. I agree the girlfriend ankle are a great fit…every girl should have a pair! Happy Fri YAY

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