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Cora Harrington continues to be one of my favorite follows on Twitter. Also known as The Lingerie Addict and an author on the subject, Harrington is a wealth of information on manufacturing far beyond just bras and undies. And she discusses ethical fashion in a way that is truly accessible to all.

I sometimes get sh*t on my clothing suggestions being too expensive. The thing is, I don't expect or want anyone to buy everything I feature. I feature a mix of brands that I think offer quality products in a reasonable size range, ethical and sustainable fashion brands with inclusive sizing, and a few randoms mixed in.

My hope is it will show that there is great fashion beyond the retailers you are familiar with, and that you can buy less, buy quality, yet still have just as much variety and style.

And if you can't afford the items I feature, you may find similar for less, or thrifted, or you can sew a great alternative. Or you may realize that seeing it on me instead of a size 2, 22-year-old model may make you realize you don't really like that style or trend.

But the main point is to realize that no dress will change your life, but making thoughtful purchases can help you achieve personal style that lasts, requires fewer repurchases, and are pieces you love and love you in return for far more than one season.

Sale Alert

Sephora 2021 Spring Savings Event 1

Hey Sephora fans, your Super Bowl is here! Well, one of them. It's the Sephora Spring Sales Event, which is one of those top-tier shop early, then mid-tier, and then on and on. It's a good sale, and if you shop Sephora, it's nice to be rewarded for being a Beauty Insider (free to join).

  • Starting today ROUGE members get 20% off
  • Come April 13, VIB members get 15% off
  • On April 15, everyone else gets 10% off
  • ALL TIERS use the same promo code: OMGSPRING

Usually, this is where I share what I love from the brand and recommend shopping, but that is hard because the likes are extensive. While my clothing and accessory shopping drastically reduced this past year, my beauty purchases went up and several were from Sephora. Your girl is now ROUGE and there are more things I buy from there than can fit in one of my shopping carousel widgets.

  • If you have an age spot you want gone: I swear by this stuff from Kiehl's. I put it on every night and every morning and in a few months, this age spot I had on my upper cheek was gone. Seriously, look at this photo of me from last month and look at these photos from 2014. I had that spot since I was 29 and was fine with it; I didn't even realize it disappeared until I looked at an old photo and connected the dots with my skincare change. The only change was Kiehl's.
  • If you love Burt's Bees tinted lip balm but want something with more pigment and shine: I'm loving this from Tarte in the color Strawberry. It's like a lip balm/lip gloss hybrid but with more staying power than similar products. A heads up; I got Rose also and it's like my lips, but a little lighter and a bit gray. If you think you have similar coloring to me, that wouldn't be the best choice.
  • If you want more than a tinted moisturizer and less than a BB cream: I love this from NARS. In the winter I wear Finland, in the summer I wear St. Moritz, and right now when I feel as though I look like I've been in a cave for a decade, I wear Finland with a splash of St. Moritz. I apply with this brush. And for those looking for my Trinny London makeup review, I know I'm late but here's the spoiler: I like this from NARS far better and the look on the skin is incredibly similar.
  • If you want to look airbrushed, have fair skin, and have no clue what shade of product to get: Try Cicapair by Dr. Jart+. It has SPF30, and while it is pale green in the tub when you rub it on your skin it will change to a skin tone, blurring imperfections while looking like you're not wearing any makeup. It's excellent for reducing redness too. I use it myself on occasion; my only real problem with the product is the limited color range.
  • If you want the CBD lotion that my mom and my husband, both of who don't follow social media trends, swear by: this by Lord Jones in unscented is the shizz. I've used a lot of CBD lotions and this is the best unscented for larger body parts (I put it on my knees and all over my feet before bed).
  • If you want a fun yet really uncomplicated statement eye idea: I love these liners from Urban Decay. The glitter is in a clear gel, so if you smear you don't make a mess (but also you may have bare spots you need to go over). It looks badass as a shaky line over mascara-free lashes, or added to an already amped-up look. I wore it in gold when I went to get my first vaccine shot and it's my go-to makeup bag addition when I travel because it can make a black jersey t-shirt dress look dressed up. Goldmine is my go-to (with gold earrings to complete the look), but I also have Stage Dive, Spandex, and Gunmetal.
Screen Shot 2021 04 08 at 6.24.54 PM

If you're taking advantage of this sale, let us know in the comments what you purchased. What was a fun treat on sale, and what did you stock up on for less?


talbots spring sale

Talbots is another sale that shouldn't be missed: through the 12th, in stores and online, you can get 25% off one item, 30% off two items, or 40% off three or more items. I KNOW, it's good, right?

And there is a lot at Talbots that I am liking. I'll be honest, I reached out to Talbots asking if they would gift me a few things so I can style them for the blog (and then enjoy wearing them all spring and summer). The items I asked for:


I will return with What I Bought and What I Thought next week; I didn't buy anything new this week but I have some stuff en route so I should have a review or two next Friday!


  1. Kathy
    April 9, 2021 / 6:57 pm

    I get the message “the promotion has not yet started” when I try the Sephora code.

    • April 9, 2021 / 7:04 pm

      Are you a member of their rewards program? Because I went shopping today but I am a Rouge member.

      • Kathy
        April 9, 2021 / 7:08 pm

        Thanks! I misread your post in a hurry to save 🙂 I’m at VIB level. Can’t wait to try the Kiehls serum on my age spot.

  2. E
    April 9, 2021 / 9:22 am

    I’m intrigued by the quote from Cora Harrington on ethical fashion — “Refuse to diminish the value of sewing labor by calling things “overpriced” simply because you can’t afford them.”

    I think it was you who referred us to a recent article about the difficulty/impossibility of figuring out what’s ethically or sustainably produced, and what’s simply creating profits for companies through trendy “greening.”

    I definitely appreciate a well-made item, per Cora, and I understand the labor involved in making clothing. At the same time, I know companies are in it for the profits, otherwise they’d cease to exist.

    I’m not sure any of us can see deeply enough into a company to discern the truth. That’s why buying less is, IMO, the best solution.

    • April 9, 2021 / 7:06 pm

      I agree with you, but I know as a lingerie expert who is a slow fashion fan, she’s talking about bras (so many complain they are expensive but then complain that cheap bras are uncomfortable or inconsistent) and slow fashion ($50 for a t-shirt? I can get one for $5 at Walmart!). Yes, many brands hike up their prices, but quite often, especially when dealing with smaller manufacturers, the price is warranted.

  3. Anamarie
    April 9, 2021 / 8:54 am

    Thanks for the reminder on the Sephora sale! I bought the 32 oz. Briogeo Don’t Depair, Repair deep conditioning mask which is great for my thick curly hair. I also bought two Nars Afterglow lip balms, one in Turbo (red) and the other in Wicked Ways (plum). I already own Turbo and love it. It’s a sheer, moderately tinted balm. The coverage reminds me of Clinique’s Black Honey, but better, and of course, in red! The balm slowly wears off and leaves a faint tint on the lips, which is good for mask wearing.

    • Jen
      April 9, 2021 / 2:56 pm

      I use that Don’t Despair, Repair on my baby fine hair too and LOVE IT! It gives my hair shine and brings down some of the frizz, without weighing it down too much. And a little goes a long way for me.

      • Anamarie
        April 9, 2021 / 9:01 pm

        Good to know it works for your hair type, too! It’s such a great product, I shouldn’t be surprised!

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