This Weekend Aug 24, 2009

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This weekend was action-packed!

Friday after work a few friends came over. We did a pot luck dinner and then played a board game. It's so funny, ten years ago I would see that as the lamest Friday night EVA but now, I found it to be so much fun! Emerson goes to bed around 8pm now, so we turned on the baby monitor, cracked open a couple cold ones (and some bottles of wine) and had a good chill time.

Saturday was my friend Shelly's bachelorette party. I am her Matron of Honor and I planned a winery tour. We went with a company in the DC area that plans the entire event – picked us up at Shelly's house, took pictures, booked the tastings, offered a Wine 101 class, booklets to take notes, lunch and even drove us to the sushi place near Shelly's house after the tour so we could pick up dinner!

I had ordered a dress to wear for the day and it didn't arrive. For some reason on Friday I didn't receive any mail – packages or even junk in my mailbox. So I was in a bit of a scramble. I actually had ordered this cardigan from Gap and was planning on returning it this week… but desperate times (and dirty laundry) call for desperate measures.

Shellys Bach and Grants Bday 041Shellys Bach and Grants Bday 023Attire:
Gap – Hot pink cardigan, black ribbed tank, white low-slung flare trousers
Sofft – Black patent T-strap sandals
Silver necklace, hoops and cuff

Washed and conditioned
Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Cream
Let hair air-dry most of the way, since leaving with wet hair (very frantic morning) to get to Shelly's house, I dried the bangs with a brush and dryer.

Figured this was a decent picture of the current hair. You can tell in the pictures that the day was quite overcast; there was drizzle most of the day and typical DC-area thick humidity. I didn't even THINK of trying to straighten the hair, and the cut really made the humidity work in my favor. I again chose dark brown lowlights and just a couple highlights in caramel and auburn.

Philosophy – The Present
Estee Lauder – Nutritious foundation in Intensity 3.o
Nars – Blush in Orgasm
Clinique – Longwear Lipstick in Beauty
Revlon – ColorStay shadow quad in Neutral Khakis
Cover Girl – LashBlast mascara in Rich Black
Maybelline – UltraLiner in Black

Shellys Bach and Grants Bday 079On the ride home, I spilled some red wine on my pants. And I was so proud to have gone so long drinking red wine in white trousers without a single dribble! No worries, my trusty Dawn and peroxide combo did the trick Sunday morning. I used it, let it sit, tossed in a hot wash with a bit of bleach and the pants are good as new!

But the winery tour was fun – we visited three different wineries in Virginia. At first we thought it was a bit lame – we arrived to the first winery at the same time as another group and felt we had to compete for time and attention. Then our wine class was a bit hokey and we spent most of the time making faces at one another as though we were back in high school. However the second winery totally changed our opinions. The place was gorgeous, the staff really passionate about teaching us about their wine, the wines delicious (I bought two bottles for home and we got some to enjoy with our lunch). The third one was super busy and at first the woman providing the tasting was a bit rude, but then we killed her with kindness and silly jokes, she admitted she consumed White Zinfandel during a recent NKOTB concert, and all was lovely and fun. After the tour, we picked up sushi, went back to the bride-to-be's house for dinner, more wine and girly movies.

Sunday was our friends' son's first birthday. Again, the plan was to possibly wear the same dress from Saturday, this time with some flip flops for a more casual look. No dress, so I re-wore the newly laundered white pants!

Shellys Bach and Grants Bday 100Shellys Bach and Grants Bday 101Attire:
Gap – White low-slung flare trousers
Havanias – Silver flip flops
Banana Republic Outlet – Indigo jersey top
Silver jewelery

Next day, straightened while dry with round brush and dryer

Estee Lauder – Nutritious foundation in Intensity 3.0
Cargo – Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife
Revlon – ColorStay shadow quad in Neutral Khakis
Cover Girl – LashBlast mascara in Rich Black
Maybelline – UltraLiner in Black
Benefit – Her Glossiness in Next Question Please

It was a lovely birthday party. One relative made the CUTEST cupcakes decorated as various animals. The mom made a blue and green cake, it was a buffet of fresh summer food like gazpacho and kabobs and orzo salad with veggies and shrimp and herbs. Just family and close friends. We had a lovely time and the weather cooperated so we could all enjoy the festivities outside.

Shellys Bach and Grants Bday 134Here is my husband and Emerson at the party – Emerson is teething and yesterday she really felt it for the first time. She was a bit cranky, tired, overwhelmed and last night had a low-grade fever. However she still had a good time at the party. She had watermelon and bread and grilled squash and met lots of little kids.

Best story from the party… The birthday boy was chewing on a little rubber ducky and went up to E, took out the duck and placed it at her feet. She picked up the duck with one hand, took her pacifier out with the other and handed him her pacifier. He stuck the pacifier in his mouth and crawled away, she gummed on the duck. The boy's dad made a joke about only a year old and already swapping spit with the ladies. It was very cute and funny.

Today I am totally spent from being up all night with teething crying Emerson. I felt so bad because this girl NEVER cries and is always so chill. I knew she had to be unhappy to be that vocal and distressed. We tried a few natural remedies thus far for teething which have done great, but last night we finally gave her some meds so she could rest. Now it's time for Mommy to get a bit of rest. πŸ™‚

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. She started the drooling at 4 months or so, but just cut her first tooth the weekend I went to the beach with my mom and sister. We have Hylands, an amber teething necklace (which is AMAZING), frozen washcloths, frozen waffles, a Sophie giraffe, some toys she got from the shower that are gel inside and go in the fridge and last night we resorted to the Tylenol. Today it’s as though last night never happened. πŸ™‚

  2. Good to see you’re trying to post more. I think the first look with the pink sweater is so cute. And, as always, it’s great to see pics of little Ms E!!

  3. Hilands teething tablets!! They are a must! Or, try some clove oil. You might have to ask the pharmacist for it since they probably keep it behind the counter. It’s very effective but needs to be diluted with an edible oil.

  4. I know orajel is not “natural” per se, but it did help a little. We also used short handled wooden spoons put in the freezer. I think I once resorted to whiskey rubbed on our youngest gums (he’s 17 now and no taste for alcohol so no harm done as far as we can tell!). Our youngest broke out in mouth blisters with his teething so we used baby orajel and a tiny bit of children’s tylenol once in a great while….There must be better stuff for them by now? I hope she gets through this with as little stress for you all as possible.

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