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NWM 20070806 20018.1NWM 20070806 20019.2My black, lime and teal print matte jersey dress from London Times, long gold chain from Express, gold bangles from Claire's, black open-work peep toe heels from Steve Madden.

Hair was washed with White Rain because I will get coloring soon and I wanted to smell like coconuts. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. White Rain shampoo is bad for your hair, the equivalent to washing your hair with dish detergent. But it was like 50 cents and it smelled soooo goooooood so I bought it. I put in some Sexy Straight Balm and dried it quick while looking through the latest Williams Sonoma catalog. Not the best look, but I was running tres late. Has smoothed out nicely.

Speaking of the catalog, I am supposed to buy a gift for a one-year old boy. he had his party but my husband and I weren't able to go. So I suppose we should send a gift. It is a cousin's son, the first great-grandchild in the family. I know didly-squat about the kid or about children in general, never have seen his toy collection. What in the heck should I get him? In the Williams Sonoma catalog I saw a bat-shaped trick or treat basket that can be monogrammed with his name. I know for many Halloweens Mom and Dad will be carrying that basket for him, but I thought it was so cute and a nice keepsake. Am I totally off-base? Should I just get some toy with bright colors and fun sounds? I just fear that this indulgent family has bought the baby everything in every aisle of Toys R Us and they would just poo-pooh at whatever we child-clueless people buy him. By the way, WS now has Kitchen Aid mixers in sunflower yellow and a pretty green and I want one!!!

Back to fashion. This is about My Wardrobe Today, not my kitchen wishlist today…

Makeup is MAC MoistureBlend foundation just where needed. Body Shop concealer, Chanel pressed powder. The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek stain on cheeks and lips for color. The Body Shop Sheer Lipcolor in a sheer sparkly pink. Eyes is the Revlon ColorStay neutral quad, the ivory on the whole lid and corners, a touch of khaki on the lid, lashes curled and L'Oreal Voluminous in black applied.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Here’s the reason for weird pictures. The doorway that has the mirror, well it’s where I also hang my delicates when they come out of the washer. I get stuck in a corner between a bowflex and a wall and I am lucky to get anything at all.

    Also, I usually am rushing out the door and then remember I forgot the pictures so I dash upstairs and try to do it as quickly as possible without my loyal dog knocking me over, galloping up the stairs, trying to be at my side. Sometimes you will see a bit of him in these pictures, he KNOWS when I am taking these pictures that I am ready to leave for the day!

  2. As a mom to three kids under the age of 6, I wholeheartedly agree with the above reccomendations! My kids all loved stacking cups,and you can never go wrong with books. Also,check out:

    They have amazing, educational stuff that’s not available in stores, so at the very least, your gift will be original.


  3. Hi, I am on French Chic with you and have been enjoying reading your blog. My favorite baby/child gift is always a book or two. I appreciated book gifts when my kids were little because they always seemed to have more toys than necessary. And books take up less space! Buy one of your childhood favorites, ask a children’s librarian for suggestions, or select a Caldecott Award winner. You’ll rarely go wrong.

    Marie-Elise (Deanna)

  4. I found a great gift for a one year old are those stacking cups – so simple, but the feedback I get (and saw) makes it my no.1 gift to give to a one year old. Maybe he would not have this because it is too simple? One could hope! Good luck.

  5. Do you ever consider using a tripod? I love the stuff you wear but a lot of times the picture is sometimes too blury to get the full concept. I love your website though! Gives me great ideas on how to change up my wardrobe a bit.

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