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Pregnant and Purple Hair: Thursday

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Picture 0111Purty!

I loved the colors so much, I just HAD to take a picture!!!

So after much consultation with the ever-talented Kathleen (my hair stylist), we decided on some purple, and some cherry red, and some blending of the two. The purple will fade faster than the red, the red will fade to more of a garnet/auburn shade so it won't look so crazy and I can always come back in several weeks and change the color of these streaks.

It is a bit intense, but it's very fun. It's also funny that no one even blinked at my hair today at work. The first person who commented was a friend I met for lunch. I said something to my supervisor who did say something looked slightly different. In the sunlight, it is INTENSE; in the office it is more like cherry highlights. Anyway, it's fun and I am glad I got the guts to do this!

Picture 025Picture 026Attire:
Ann Taylor Loft Maternity: White cotton shirt
Old Navy Petites: Black Ponte pants (brand new, non-maternity, stretchy and comfy and fabulous and go get yourself a pair! Detailed review hope to have up very soon on Wardrobe Oxygen!)
Banana Republic: Black leather strappy slingbacks with kitten heel (also new, bought with that 30% discount and a $40 off coupon – sorry no more left on site!)
Silver hoops and cuff

Day 2
Straightened with Croc Wet-to-Dry flat iron

Laura Mercier: Flawless Face kit in Sand
Nars: Blush in Orgasm
Pop Beauty: Shadow palette for Brown Eyes – The khaki and russet blended on lid
Body Shop: Brow and Lash Gel in Clear, Sheer Lipcolor In Sheer Strawberry
Chanel: Intense Volume and Curl Mascara in Black
Avon: Luxury Eye Liner in Black

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hey Allie,

    I have not come by to see you in a minute, but you look fresh and lovely as always and I like the funky hair color!! You still keep it fashionable preggy or not!!

  2. Awesome!!! I love that you did this-it’s sort of ironic when you are expecting and very trendsetting I think!

    Your baby bump is perfect! You are a super stylish mom. I’ve been sending my pregnant friends to your blog. You should put a ticker for how far along you are. Hopefully we’ll be preggers soon too. I just had a miscarriage, but we are trying again right away.


  3. OMG! I am impressed totally impressed by the new hair. It is awsome!

    Loooooove it!

    Thursday I called my stylist up and said to her my gray is getting un-bearable.She then had me come in the next afternoon.

    I got a babysitter (my sister in law) to watch my four children. Dh has been away with our business in Louisana and Texas since right before Gustuv hit.

    I thought now I need to get out of my just cover the gray rut and go more bold.

    I sat in the chair and said I am in your hands with the color. She and I talk alot of beauty since we both are hairdressers by trade. I myself am family/friends only she has a salon in her own home.

    We came to the agreement to go with highlights all around my crown, cover the darn pesky gray, and just give my gloomy days some lift. I choose a cherry color as well which goes very well with darker hair.

    In the sun though it screams at me but I just figure it’s better then pitch black dyed hair that I often see. It has character.

    I was thrilled that as the semi washes out, the highlights will change in color until I go get it refreshed. So it’s a changing thing which I love.

    How does your dh like it, family, and friends? I just was in wow mode when I first saw the pic then had to click on it to see the higlights up close and they are so pretty!

    What then took me by by surprise is I see your having a baby girl! Congratulations:)

    You look so upbeat…one hip mama I must say. I bet the doors are opening for you aren’t they? I loved that being pregnant everyone pampers and gives so much respect to the preggo lady.

    Well I have to get me some of those pants just don’t know about the length yet.

    Take care~

  4. LOVE the hair! It’s great! 🙂 And you look positively adorable with your little bump! Hope you’re feeling healthy and strong!

  5. Hey Amy:

    the knit is very tightly woven so I haven’t had a single issue with lint. My dog has short wiry auburn colored hairs (he is a Boxer) and they have stuck to them… but it’s equivalent to how his hair sticks to wool trousers or a finely knit sweater. they don’t exactly cling, they more get woven into the knit. However ponte is heavy enough that brushing them off takes most off.

    Let me just say, so stretchy and comfy I didn’t wear a Belly Band with these non-maternity pants. I just wore them below the belly, but zipped and buttoned up. And they are a TRUE petite fit – short in the rise as well as the hem. Really nice looking and a rich black color!

  6. I just had 5 extensions added…
    3 purple and 2 blue! real hair, for $20 at a beauty promo night

    I’m a middle school teacher and my students went nuts for it.
    the beauty of it is i dont have to worry about growing out/dying over the color (i dont usually dye my hair)

    yours looks amazing! i love the color in the bangs
    (oh, and hi… found your blog thru google- emj)

  7. Allie,

    I’ve been looking for a new pair of black pants – my Eddie Bauer ones collect lint and cat hair like nobody’s business – how are those Old Navy ones for that?

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