Thursday: An Old Favorite

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black patent leather belt
black patent peeptoe pumps
ikat print dress
cardigan with dress

Dress: Maggy London
Cardigan: Only Mine (similar)
Belt: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Nine West (similar)
Bag: LOFT (similar)

I don't usually wear the same exact outfit twice on this blog, but I wore this same look last year. Today I had a few meetings and wanted to have a professional yet still personable look and felt this fit the bill. I love this dress, it looks great on its own, sometimes I pair with a skinny orange belt, and it has pockets! Sorry Misty, I still love this dress but do know if I do decide to get rid of it it's all yours!

Tomorrow I am leaving with the women of the family (my mom, sister and Emerson) for our annual Rehoboth Beach weekend. I'll be sure to do a recap when I return!

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  1. I adore this look! The dress is super cute and the belt + cardi is a classic way to complement it. 

  2. I love the outfit!  I will definitely have to try a belt to nip in the waist, or create one in my case.

    A question for you:  I love your makeup, could you please detail what brands and shades you are wearing in this post?  Thank you!


  3. I figured after looking at the fit chart. I can’t wait for it to get here, and for school to start so I have somewhere to wear it!

  4. I adore everything about this look, especially that dress!  Fantastic, but I could see that you really need to try it on, as depending on body shape it might not work as well on everyone as it does on you. (That is my rational side trying to talk my “pretty dress! want!” down off the ledge with the credit card).

  5. Ha! It is okay, because I am actually planning on ordering it today! I have lost 30 pounds, and this dress is my present to myself! Did you buy a petite? Just curious since we are close in size, you are a couple of inches taller than me.

  6. I just popped over to the site for the dress.  I LOVE that you can filter by designer, size, and then sort by price.  I think I’m going shopping !

  7. I’m definitely a thrift store and sale shopper, but I would spend A LOT (like $200) on a dress that made me look and feel great.

  8. Oh how I love this outfit!  Its a smidge edgy but something that I could totally recreate.  Have an excellent girls only trip.

  9. I bought this dress because of your blog post last year, and I actually forgot about it after the long winter! I’m going to go dig it out again, it’s one of my favorites!!! And as always, you look fantastic 🙂

  10. I have the same problem, I feel that if I spend more, it’s a gateway to spending more on everything. However, I have started spending more on dresses, blazers, and boots because a good fit and style really does make a difference. I think each person has a different piece that is important to them. While I would spend $125 on a dress that I know would be versatile and stylish for more than a year, I wouldn’t spend that on jeans. I have a dear friend who doesn’t blink at $300 for jeans, but won’t spend over $75 on a pair of shoes, even boots. And then it’s hard to know if that piece REALLY is worth the money. But if you keep your wardrobe small and don’t spend a little here and there on disposable fashion, you can save up to buy the more pricey perfect pieces.

  11. Hi Friend!,
    During lunch today I did a little blog scanning and clicked on a link to one of your older posts.  I know that you have been working hard on losing and shaping up and wanted to tell you how amazing you look.  You looked great back then too but I could really see the changes.  Bravo!  Have a great trip this weekend.

  12. I think this looks great for work, and great on you!  I just popped over to the site (clicked on your link), and it is on sale for $49.65 in limited sizes.  Very tempting, especially since the original price was $118.  I was reading a blog recently about how much people are willing to spend on a good dress.  The author had just purchased a very flattering, good-quality dress for $125 and felt that it was too much money.  This is something I struggle with considerable.  I have to remind myself that it’s better to spend more money on higher-quality, flattering pieces than buying something that in the end I’m not happy with at all and end up donating.  My personal block seems to be buying nice dresses and blazers.  I’m always wanting a nice blazer, but then choke up and don’t spend the money.    

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