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Jacket: ASOS | Tee: Banana Republic | Jeans: Gap | Scarf: Express circa 2000 (similar) | | Halogen (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bracelets: c/o lifetherapy

Today feels like spring, finally! After a weird last week with snow and wind and rain, it's nice to have a day where I can let my ankles breathe and see sunshine. While I love these boyfriend jeans, they stretch out a lot and not just at the waist. This is a second wearing for them and I far prefer how they look on Day 1. Luckily I have my Beltaway to keep them from falling down. Beltaway started following me on Twitter a couple months ago, I was curious, clicked on their link and dug what they were selling. I think many of us deal with jeans that gape at the back or stretch out during the day, but regular belts can show lumps under knits. Well I told them I liked their idea, they were nice enough to send me one. Beltaway is slim, I have a navy one that disappears with denim, has a low-profile plastic belt that not only isn't bulky, but means you can keep your belt on through metal detectors. Beltaway sent me the belt to be nice, with no expectations. I'm just sharing my love because it really does rock and it pretty much lives in these boyfriend jeans so I don't have whale tail by noon.

I had the CUTEST outfit Thursday, but somehow lost my memory card en route to the office. I pretty much built the outfit around my new favorite bracelets from lifetherapy. Lynette sent me these bracelets and they have become as much of my uniform as a pair of leopard shoes. The combo I am wearing is the Indigo Spiritual & Focus Bracelet with Turquoise , Indigo Spiritual & Focus Czech Glass Bead Bracelet , and Indigo Spiritual & Focus Silk Wrap Bracelet . I chose an indigo theme because it supposedly helps one focus on personal issues, develop intuition, solitude and inner communication. Indigo symbolizes wisdom and spiritual realization. Good fit for me right about now, no? Each of these lifetherapy bracelets has a turquoise stone which represents friendship, wisdom, vibrant growth, courage, and good fortune. The Silk Wrap Bracelet has a charm that is a replica of a Chinese Ching Dynasty coin which represents the heavens and the hole in the earth. While I did get these bracelets as a gift, I have been wearing them pretty much non-stop (check out my Instagram for proof) because they are beautiful and I do think at least by looking at them, help calm me and give me focus. It's nice to find jewelry that both looks beautiful and possibly provides a benefit.

Oh, and the hair? I'm starting to figure it out when it's not straight.  It's coming along nicely!  This was letting it air dry with just argan oil, then adding Neil George Detangling Spray, twisting pieces, and hitting the bangs with the flat iron, and Elnett to set. 

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  1. Love it, head to toe. You are so good at mixing prints without even making it look like you’re mixing prints, it just looks so natural.

  2. Love that belt thingy – I’ll have to get one. Not sure if I wrote you but I’ve been meaning to ask about belts for JUST THIS EXACT reason (losing weight, pants stretching, etc.). I have some very old belts that are – ahem – pretty small but they do work to hold my pants up, but they are BULKY. I saw this kind of half-belt at Bed, Bath & Beyond (and online) and wondered if they work:


    Love the scarf with the stripes. I still need to get me a shirt like that. The one I found at Lands End Canvas was too big to wear UNDER stuff.

  3. I really love this whole look. Am going to have to try the Beltaway. And I LOVE your hair! Keep styling it this way. It works.

  4. I read a blogger who claims if you need to wear a belt with pants then they don’t fit. I have a hard time finding pants that don’t require a belt. I don’t go for the Eileen Fisher elastic waist or the NYDJ so-tight-you-have-to-peal-them-off fit model. So the Beltaway concept appeals to me.

    1. Hrm, I guess that is true if you get every pair I pays and jeans professionally tailored and don’t wear them more than once between washings. But really we women have curves and soft spots and most fabrics stretch with sitting and bending. So yeah, I’m all about the Beltaway!!! 🙂

  5. I really like your shirt – it looks so soft and comfortable! And as I was looking at your pictures before reading your post, I was thinking to myself about how you’ve been killing it with your hairstyle lately. I’m so happy you’re starting to figure it out!!


  6. I heart pattern mixing SO MUCH. Also I find myself considering clip-in bangs for the second time in a week because yours look pretty good, but I’m lazy and don’t want to bother styling ’em daily.

  7. You look so comfy and casual chic, while your hair is finding its own way. It’s very flattering! Incidentally, I also got those huge bangs during the last haircut from my regular hairdresser. They are so much work; I can’t wait for them to grow out.

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