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Picture 001Picture 003Attire:
Lands End – Orange scoop fine gauge cotton sweater
Old Navy – Black ponte trousers
David Tate – Black city boots
Ann Taylor – Black and silver necklace
Silver cuff

Next day
Straightened while dry with round brush and dryer

Laura Mercier – Tinted moisturizer in Sand
Stila – Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer (the two mixed together), Lip Glaze in Fruit Cake, Eye Shadow in Kitten
Cargo – Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife
Smashbox – Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
Pop Beauty – Shadow Palette for brown eyes: Shadow in Black
Cover Girl – LashBlast mascara in Rich Black
Avon – Eye liner in Black

So I could open a shoe store in my house. I haven't had the time yet to return the unsuccessful black pumps I ordered, and three more pairs arrived yesterday and none of them fit either. One pair – a basic black leather pump from B.P. for Nordstrom is the cheapest and surprisingly the best fit. They are 8.5M, afraid an 8 will be too tight but these are too big. Not sure if I should try to stuff with FootPetals or something, or keep trying. Too bad they don't come in 8W, I think that would work.

I really need to get myself to a shoe store but life is just too hectic for that right now. I was proud of myself for getting to a Talbots today at lunch to return an online purchase that didn't work.

I went to Gap at lunch as well and found that their low slung flare pants fit me in a 16. They don't hurt and they don't make too extreme of a muffin top. I sat in them and they seemed to do quite well. Of course they didn't have 16 ankle in the store, so I went online and ordered two pairs – we'll see how they turn out. My maternity pants are now too big; these literally are the only pants I own that fit, and with only owning summer shoes or brown suede Mary Janes for dresses (the black suede ones rub off on my skin if I wear them with bare legs), I am feeling a bit trapped. Argh… will keep looking…

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  1. Love your blog. I have a 13 month old and am just back to work so you have really helped me get my work wardrobe started. A question for you: your boobs look great…can I ask you what kind of bra you wear? My comfortable bras give no support…my supportive bras are uncomfortable.

  2. Luckily I still have a Banana Rpeublic card – have had it since college and pay it off each time I use it. But if I use it I get free shipping from the Gap stores. And there is a Gap a block from my job so it’s easy free returns if they don’t fit! 🙂 Speaking of which, I am returning some denim trousers there today!

  3. Unfortunately GAP doesn’t carry anything over a 12 in ankle in the store… unless someone returns it from online… or its a fluke.

    And now they charge you for shipping from online, where it used to be free.

    Great customer service.

  4. Ya know I found that in this in-between time I looked for stretchy waist band pants or skirts(Motto sells them on QVC)-and sometimes, I will admit I just bought some early pregnancy liz lange pants that looked “normal” but were for the beginning stages- because they have that stretch waist band-no one knew the difference!

  5. I remember feeling like this when all three of my kids were born. I must have had 5 different sizes in my closet. I feel for ya, hon! I didn’t work outside the home during those days, so I had my uniform of elastic band shorts and tank tops…ugh.
    I personally like Zappos for all my shoe needs. And I also really like dresses on you. I’m sure in the mornings, a dress really simplifies your life anyway!

  6. Re: a comment above: I love that there is someone new here who doesn’t know about your obsession with Duo! You’ve got some new folks findin’ ya. 🙂 But your blog covers a lot of areas so it isn’t surprising (fashion, fashion as a mom, working mom in general, post-baby dressing, dressing within a budget, and so on.)

    Before you mentioned the pants issue, I looked at the pic and thought, “Whew, Emerson is starting to take it out of her mama!” Not that it matters – I’m not big on the “Oh, how fast did you lose the baby weight?” bandwagon. But you can definitely tell!

  7. also, try cloudwalkers- available at Avenue stores
    They come in wides and are always on sale/cute

    I love the necklace!

    cheers- em

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