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Picture 018Picture 020Attire:
Old Navy Maternity – Olive wrap tee, black ponte trousers
Naturalizer – Creston flats in black
Silver hoops and cuff

Next day
Brushed, bangs parted on opposite side

Laura Mercier – Flawless Face Kit in Sand
Nars – Blush in Orgasm, lipstick in Dolce Vita
Pop Beauty – Shadow palette for brown eyes – The greenish brown on lids and along lash line, the chocolate wetted and applied along top lash line
Avon – Luxury eye liner in Eggplant
Cover Girl – Lash Blast mascara in Rich Black

Down to two pairs of shoes that fit – these old flats (not on in picture, they were downstairs so you get to see my Christmas socks), and the brown pumps from yesterday. The flats are a bit too low for proper comfort or a good line with my trousers, but afraid to do any hemming because my belly may use up this extra pant length in the next couple of weeks. I will admit, I have been wearing Crocs around the house – I grew out of the pair I got for Bonnaroo, but my sister has larger feet and loaned me hers. My Chucks kinda work if I barely tie them and wear them with trouser socks, but the super flat bottom and lack of arch support does a number on my if worn for too long. I found my brown suede mary jane pumps on sale in black leather online, they should arrive this week and I am hoping that they will be equally as comfortable…

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. New reader here, but had to chime in with my preggo shoe recommendations. Dansko and Keen. Dansko has more chic styles than Keen, but Keen is squishy comfy like the Crocs are…pick your poison.

    You’re gorgeous, lady! I love this blog!

  2. Oh poor you! I can totally relate. When I was preggers with my first my feet were sooooo huge! I was lucky and was pregnant thru the summer (was due mid-September) and I had a job where I worked in an office 3rd shift answering customer e-mails and we basically had no dress-code. You have no idea how many nights I went in wearing only slippers because it was the only thing I could get on! I remember a week before I had our daughter our team at work won a big award and we all got to go to this big “club” event. The them was hawaiian or something and I had to go to a men’s big and tall store to get a hawaiian shirt. I felt like I was wearing a tent.

    Before I left to go I tried putting on some of these black lace-up shoes I had (because tennis shoes weren’t allowed) and I cried because A. I couldn’t reach my feet to tie them and then B. My hubby couldn’t even get them on my feet. I ended up wearing some really old black slip-ons that BARELY fit and prayed no one would notice my foot attire. Well, everyone, upper management included was too drunk to notice, or care and I ended up having a great time, despite my blown-up feet!

    Only a few weeks to go, Allie! Hang in there!

  3. I have freakishly large feet right now…size 12! What is going to happen to me when I get pregnate???? I’m going to have to wear Tranny shoes 🙁

  4. Reading about your struggles with shoes and hem lengths during your pregnancy, it reminded me of when I was pregnant with my first baby (she is now 21). The hubby and I were young, in love and broke. I was down to my last pair of fitting maternity pants and literally wore then EVERY DAY to work. I would wash them almost nightly and then would spend 15 minutes sewing the crotch back into them! They kept splitting by the end of the day. It was so pathetic at the time but now I look back at those days and sigh… it was so much easier then. Thanks for reminding me of a very special, simple time of my life. Best wishes for a continued healthy pregnancy!!! Can’t wait to “meet” the kidlet!!
    *hugs* Michelle in Michigan

  5. Allie, I wore two pairs of mules/slip ons for the last month of my pregnancy. I had a rugged pair – a pair of Merrel Mocs in black suede that I wore for walking around and then a I would change into a dressier pair for work. It doesn’t work that well for dresses or skirts but looks fine under pants, especially when the pant hem is long enough! This way, even if my feet grew during the day (as they invariably do at this stage), my shoes still fit – even if part of my heel was hanging off the back!


  6. you just reminded me that the shoe problems were the worst during pg.
    my friends and I kinda passed around this pair of wide comfy shoes while we were all preggers (instead of traveling pants it was traveling shoes :)).

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