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Picture 001Picture 005Attire:
Proenza Schouler for Target – Teal jersey dress
Nordstrom – Green pashmina
Sofft – Brown suede Mary Janes

Washed and conditioned the night before; air dry
Hit bedhead with curling iron
Jonathan Dirt to smooth and separate

Laura Mercier – Flawless Face Kit in Sand
Nars – Blush in orgasm
Victoria's Secret – Lipstick in V.I.P.
Clinique – Shadow in Like Mink (lighter color)
Maybelline – UltraLiner in Black
Cover Girl – LashBlast mascara in Rich Black (new tube)

Yesterday I worked from home which meant I rocked out in a black tank, black hoodie and black yoga pants and my sister's Crocs. Gorgeous. We did go out for Chinese for dinner and I switched to my trusty Old Navy maternity ponte pants, a red v-neck maternity sweater from Gap and my Chucks (can't find my flats – darn house remodel has everything topsy-turvy).

We had to disconnect our washer and dryer for the remodel so I am glad it is nearing the end of the week. I have already packed up laundry to take to my mom's this weekend so I have clean clothes. The house is covered in a fine layer of dust from drywall, plaster and wood. The whole living/dining room is smooshed into about 6′ and covered with dropcloths and sheets. We pretty much hide out in our bedroom and the junk room where I take my pictures (future nursery) while the house is under attack below us. It's cold, it's dirty, it's frustrating but gosh is it going to be beautiful when it's finished!!!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. These colors look gorgeous on you. Do you have a last trimester pregnancy glow or is it the Nars Orgasm? 🙂

    PS: The word verification is “outerag.” Sometimes those “words” make me laugh.

  2. This colour combination is fabulous and you are looking absolutely marvellous. I am in awe of how calm you are sounding about being heavily pregnant and in the middle fo a house re-model.. it gives me hope that both major projects can be handled with style, calm and dignity, as we are planning a house re-model next year and also start trying for a baby- fingers crossed I find myself doing the same juggling act with similar grace!

  3. Oh! I also want to say that because of you, I have gotten more color-happy. I have a beautiful teal coat I wear every winter, and I needed a new scarf to go with it (old one chewed on, spit up on by toddler. Better than ruining coat, I suppose.)

    So I went to the Nordstrom half-yearly and found a beautiful cranberry one for a nice cheapy price.

    I would never have done that before. I would have stayed “safe” with cream or something.

    And I get compliments whenever I wear them together! Thank you!

  4. Ok, so every single time you wear that gorgeous Proenza Schouler, I hate myself for being a clothes snob and blowing off the Go! lines before I saw what beauty there is to be had. (As if I have a budget to be clothes-snobby, anyway.)

    I am going to be like Oprah and WILL that thing to show up on eBay in my size.

    Looking great, cute girl.

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