Six Hot  Nail Colors  for 2022

Love getting your nails done, but struggle picking out the color? Here are 6 nail colors I'm loving for 2022.



Blue has been a staple, and 2022 is no different. Look for shades of cobalt which work on both pale and dark skin.

1. True Blues

Why not use multiple colors? You can stay in the same shade group, or branch out with something like pastels or neons?

2. Multi-shade


Greens have been popular for the past year, and will continue to be in 2022. Green is perfect for the spring season!

3. Greens

This color is taking over the baby pinks of the past few years and there is a shade that's perfect for all skin tones.

4. Sandy      Neutrals

The color of the year also looks amazing on your nails!

5. Periwinkle


The red shade you're going to want to wear this summer is a bright red-orange. Think the perfect sunset!

6. Sunset Red