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Today was a very early morning.  No picture.  I am wearing my burgundy colored dolman-sleeve sweater from LOFT, brown trousers (Semantik's Athena Bree from Nordstrom – love these pants), my Sofft brown croco T-straps, a tortoise shell and gold necklace and a thin gold bangle.  Same makeup as yesterday and second day hair.

So here's a picture of my office, the area next to my desk:

062910 010

Not thrilling, but it is a slight change.  Before, over this cabinet I had a print that was lots of primary colors, and the Picasso print was hanging on the wall.  Nothing but the bamboo on the cabinet.

I switched it out with this Georgia O'Keeffe print, got some Liberty of London for Target frames on clearance, and the new plant pot on clearance at Michael's to switch around the color story.  The cool tones have been a nice change – very soothing and serene.

I have a bulletin/dry erase combo board over my desk and the cork used to be wall to wall photos.  I recently removed all except two photos – me, my husband and Emerson at a wedding, and my husband and Emerson snuggling under the covers in our bed when she was a few months old.  I still need to play with the board, but the reduction of photos is also calming.  I am considering bringing in some fabric and tucking it under the frame of the cork to cover the boring brown.  Again, all about the cool aquatic tones.  It just seems appropriate for summer, and it is a nice contrast to the bright red office door, and the primary tones of my office mate's artwork on his walls.

Today I also took some cleaner to my desk, monitor, etc.  Improving the energy in here.

I spend so many hours here, I should treat it well and make it a place that is comfortable and enjoyable.  IU already feel the difference!

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  1. I just cleaned up my desk area too. It makes a huge difference for my soul. I also changed my desk location recently. I used to stare at a wall…for 9 years. I finally face a sliding glass door. So much better!

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