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Hey guys, long time no talk!!

So as you know, Monday I went to work and looked relatively put together. Hooray!

Tuesday I worked from home, and no one wants to see me in my yoga pants, so no picture was taken.

my wardrobe todaymy wardrobe todayHowever that night I went to a concert (Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction – utterly amazing BTW) and did clean up a bit. A BIT. The rain was insanity, though it completely stopped a bit before the show started and stayed clear the rest of the evening.

My hair was dirty, but it was behaving nicely and I knew once I got outside it would jsut become a curly/frizzy mess. Surprisingly it got curly/frizzy in a cool beachy way and not in a headbanger way.

I wore a black nursing tank from Gap, my Gap Essential jeans and *gasp* Crocs. You KNOW I despise Crocs, but it was a necessity as that we had lawn seats and the place was utter muckety-muck. I would have busted my arse in flip flops or destroyed a perfectly good pair of proper footwear. So Crocs it was. My sister and I HAD to get a picture of a ticket with the Crocs because it was so ridiculous.

061109 033Times like this I wish I still owned a pair of Doc Martens…

Well the Crocs help, I still slipped down a hill when heading to the bathroom. However it was already dark and later in the evening so I wasn't TOO embarassed. However I may have been one of the only sober folks who fell in such a manner. My friends HAD to get a picture of my muddy back as I was dancing to Jane's Addiction…

The show was awesome, we went with a whole group of friends and we all had a grand time. My husband's cousin watched E so we could get away. If it were a differnet show and different weather, I think we would have brought E so she would get used to live music. We already have a pair of baby headphones ready for the next concert!

Tuesday I felt a bit icky, and that night E and I both weren't feeling our best. Wednesday I took off work to take E to the pediatrician and get myself some needed sleep. She and I are now fine, just a little stomach bug going around.

Thursday I went back to work, though not feeling my complete Allie self. I wore a tangerine colored puff-sleeve tee from Old Navy, my blue-gray low-slung pants from Gap, some orange leather thongs from Born, coral cut glass bead necklaces from a shop in Rehoboth Beach and second-day hair. No picture because my husband also worked and the only picture I would be able to capture would be dark.

061209 005So now we are on to today – Friday. Feeling good, so though it's Casual Friday I decided to clean up a bit. Hair looks a bit strange because it was still wet (only dried the bangs, the rest dried by time I got to the Metro).

Black matte jersey wrap dress from Ann Taylor, red patent leather heels from Sofft, Silver hoops.

Makeup is really basic – just a bit of L'Oreal True Match foundation where needed, Nars blush in Orgasm, Benefit lipstick in Bouquet Dive and Cover Girl LashBlast mascara in Rich Black.

This weekend looks as though it's going to be pretty insane. Tomorrow we have a 2-year old's birthday party and a photo shoot immediately following. Sunday I may go house hunting with my sister, and I will surely be stopping by the farmer's market for produce for the week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will “see” you on Monday!


  1. June 16, 2009 / 9:42 am

    I own Crocs because I went to the Bonnaroo music festival two years in a row and they are the only shoes that make sense there. Flip flops get caught in the mud, full shoes get destroyed and are hot, wellies are hot too. These purple babies haven’t been worn in over a year. If I was my pre-pregnancy foot size I would have had other footwear options, but I find it pretty stupid to purchase a brand new pair of shoes to get muddy for one event. 🙂

    In all honesty, I hate Wellies too, unless they are for a specific situation or climate. I see these women in DC running around in their Wellies as soon as there is a 10% chance of showers and they look like idiots. Cute on kids, tacky on professional women. Great for festivals, great for marshy areas, great for going outside during torrential downpours, just as unfashionable as Crocs for any other situation.

    I will check out the shorter Wellies but they may also be a problem for me. I walked on my toes all my life which caused not jsut wide calves, but thick muscles down to the actual foot (very sturdy cankles). This is why you hardly ever see me in ankle-strapped shoes, short boots, tall boots, etc.

  2. Madeleine
    June 16, 2009 / 9:01 am

    Have you checked out the shorter length wellies? I saw some the other day that I am planning on getting because they are shorter than calflength…

  3. June 16, 2009 / 1:07 am

    Okay, I have to ask. If you hate crocs so much, why do you own a pair? That is all.

  4. Anonymous
    June 15, 2009 / 6:32 pm

    I saw NIN for the first time in the fall when they were in Charlottesville, and it was a great show, glad to hear you had fun!

  5. June 15, 2009 / 1:03 pm

    My college roomate… when we heard “Closer” playing in her room we knew it was time for her to spend with her boyfriend and us to head out to the bar 😉

    I would love a pair of Wellies, but I have yet to find a pair that will get over my calves. If it were light out or we had pavillion seats I would have worn something else for I LOATHE the crocs! 🙂

  6. Madeleine
    June 15, 2009 / 10:46 am

    Laughing VERY hard about the Crocs! Can I suggest that you take a leaf out UK festival-goers’ books (we are, after all, all too used to outdoor concerts in the rain) and get yourself some cool Wellies? The printed ones here may be too over-the-top for your taste, but I am certainly going to invest in some shorter boots in a bright colour for summer al fresco festivities!

  7. June 13, 2009 / 1:39 pm

    Tera: I can top that. My husband refers to NIN’s song “Closer” as *our song*. Our young adult children prefer not to hear that.

  8. June 13, 2009 / 1:37 pm

    We saw NIN and Jane’s Addiction in Kansas City. Amazing! This was our third time to see NIN in the past year. Too bad this is their final tour.

  9. Anonymous
    June 13, 2009 / 7:52 am

    OMGosh, I absolutely adore Jane’s Addiction! I’m so jealous! My husband and I call “Jane Says” our song b/c it always reminds us of the summer we met. I guess it’s not your typical love song, LOL.

  10. June 13, 2009 / 3:44 am

    You’re looking so good! It’s hard to believe you had a baby just a little while back!

    The concert looked like fun, crocs and all!


  11. June 12, 2009 / 9:20 pm

    Crocs at a NIN concert? Oh, lady …


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