Weekend Reads #276

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“In Lieu Of Keen Virtue” (2017)Credit...Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, via Tate
In Lieu Of Keen Virtue, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, 2017

Keep your feedback about the update of this site coming! This week, I have been playing with the font. Many of you found the font too light, and I changed the color to black, but the thin style was still hard to read, especially on mobile. While the current font isn't, as my daughter says, “aesthetic,” it is recommended for those with low vision.

Sure, I want an “aesthetic” site, but what I really want is a functional site you enjoy visiting again and again. One where you can find what you're looking for, no matter your device. So keep that feedback coming, and I will continue to improve Wardrobe Oxygen so it is an enjoyable and useful resource for us grown-ass women!

Weekend Reads

Thank you to Beth Ferguson for recommending me as a midlife blog to follow! (SAS For Short)

We need to talk about the state of plus size fashion. (The Curvy Fashionista)

I made modeling history. Then the internet made me wish I hadn’t. (The Cut)

The millennial women leading a new era of fashion journalism. (Washington Post – gift article)

“A thousand eulogies are exported to the comma.” Of syntax and genocide. (Literary Hub)

What really caused the sriracha shortage? 2 friends and the epic breakup that left millions without their favorite hot sauce. (Fortune)

Reality Bites at 30: why the Gen X classic still stands up today. (The Conversation)

Plus-size influencers are getting paid to promote weight-loss drugs. Some call it ‘an affront’ to what was previously a ‘safe space’ for body acceptance. (Washington Post – gift article)

American society is largely built around the assumption that one parent will stay home. So why is there so little material support for homemakers? (The Atlantic – gift article)

Six fast, easy ways to improve your mobility – and live a longer life. (The Guardian)

Why are we still considering Nancy Pelosi a feminist icon? (The Guardian)

Da’Vine Joy Randolph: Major prizes, major attention, major unease. (New York Times – gift article)

How to stay friends for 50 years? Ask the women of Sugar Hill. (Washington Post – gift article)

The carry-on baggage bubble is about to pop. (The Atlantic – gift article)

This small wearable device reduces Parkinson’s symptoms. (Wired)

Most of my friends have just started ignoring the news. (The Lost Arrow)

How group chats rule the world. (New York Times – gift article)

President's Day Weekend Sales

This weekend, sustainable fashion and accessories brand ABLE has 30% off sitewide with promo code PDS30.

Nécessaire is offering their popular Neck Serum free with purchases of $50+. Infused with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which is nicknamed, “The Botox Peptide”, this 1.5% clinically-proven concentration for a firmer, lifted neck and decolletage. Plus use promo code ALISON for 15% off your entire order!

Old Navy has 50% off jeans, no promo code is needed. I know many in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community are fans of the WOW Wide Leg jean. On top of this Old Navy has 30% off several of their styles; again no code is needed.

  • This blue and white stripe boyfriend shirt will be a staple all spring through fall. Actually all the stripes are cool, but blue and white stripes will be a THING this spring and summer. Wear untucked with your skinny jeans and sneakers, open over a white tank and white jeans, tied over linen trousers, as a swim coverup…
  • The same shirt comes in solids. I'm a fan.
  • This cinched waist nylon jacket looks expensive and cool and is a perfect topper for your morning walks, to throw on when heading to the gym, or for casual weekend styles.
  • I'm a huge fan of this active skort dress. I own two of them. I went with regular instead of petite, took my larger size, and had a tailor shorten the straps and it's long enough and loose enough for street wear for my grown-ass self. Petite in my regular size is perfect for fitness activities and the bra is designed well enough for me to go without additional support!

Paula's Choice is 20% off sitewide with free shipping on all orders and you get two best sellers on orders of $99+. Use promo code RADIANT. I shared on Instagram Stories this week about my time working as a trainer for The Body Shop (which filed for the UK version of bankruptcy). When there, my “Bible” was Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me by Paula Begoun. Not everyone knows Paula's Choice was created by Begoun to create the skincare she wished to see in the world.

HerRoom is a great destination for quality bras and intimates from the best brands. For those of us with less popular sizes, you can often find them here. HerRoom has 30% off everything at this link. We're talking Bali, TC Fine Intimates, Maidenform, and more!

The 19th is the last day for the Universal Standard US boxes. (that link is a review from me with all the details). Plus, use code INFS-ALISON-USCLUB for 10% off your entire order through 2/19. For non-box items I'm loving at US:

  • This Breton dress is the perfect weight. Heavier than a t-shirt dress but lighter than ponte. I packed it for my long weekend to Curaçao and wore it weekly all last summer and early fall. It washes great; if in doubt, size up.
  • The Breton top is also stellar. No bra straps peeking out of the neckline, a perfect weight for wearing out or tucking in, and I have washed mine many times and they still look new. Again, if in doubt size up.
  • This cowl neck shell is the perfect day to night staple. Wear to work under a blazer or cardigan, wear for a night out with jeans or your favorite party pants.
  • This dress is like M.M.LaFleur but size-inclusive. They have a similar dress, but this one is ponte and I think super versatile and chic.


napoleon movie poster

With Amazon, if you choose delayed shipping, you get digital credits, and they can be used for movie rentals. We used these to get a near-free rental of Napoleon, a Ridley Scott film starring Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby.

a scene from the 2023 film Napoleon where Napoleon, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is on a horse looking at the Sphinx in Egypt

I was looking forward to a gorgeous, sweeping historical drama and found this to be utterly boring. Like, I fell asleep and missed nothing boring. Not only was this boring, it was confusing (weird jumping of time where suddenly years went by without any warning), and it was historically inaccurate.

scene from the 2023 film Napoleon where Napoleon is crowning his wife Josephine

That being said, I think Vanessa Kirby was excellent as Joséphine, and Joaquin Phoenix put an interesting and sometimes humorous spin on Napoleon. But this was not my jam, nor my husband's. Wait until it's free to see, if you choose to see it at all.

For Your Entertainment

beyonce with a bouncy blonde bob and black cowboy hat, wearing a bedazzled black Western shirt, looking at the camera. The image is in black and white.

How to be an icon? Obliterate multiple genres. And that is what Beyonce has done and continues to do. The latest genre she is tackling is Country. It's not surprising, considering Beyonce is from Texas, and a lot of her music over the years has been Country or inspired by Country. I find this brilliant, and exciting, and fascinating because the Country genre has been overwhelmingly white and, IMO, hasn't given talented Black Country stars their due recognition. It will be mighty hard to ignore Beyonce or attempt to miscategorize this upcoming album into a different genre.

It's hard to say Beyonce isn't talented, savvy, and a trendsetter. I cannot WAIT for this album and to see how it shakes up the current music scene. Beyonce's 8th solo album, “Act II,” will drop on March 29th, but she has already released two singles from it. These singles are available on all popular music platforms (Apple, Spotify, Prime, Tidal, YouTube).

I wrote this Monday, and since then I have seen so many think pieces on Beyonce's new music, Black artists in the country genre, how the history of country music is Black, and fantastic dances on social media to her songs. It's worth taking a deeper dive; contemporary music is a great thermometer for the temperature of our times.

Music tells a story of the present for us to continue hearing into the future. Staying attuned to what is going on with contemporary music, even if it's not what you enjoy, keeps you relevant, open, and aware. It's why I will continue to share new music here at Weekend Reads. Let's grow and learn together!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. In the luggage piece they say fliers should “behave more sensibly” by checking bags. We all have our hills and this is mine — I do not check luggage unless it’s an international flight because airlines can’t be trusted. Ever since United lost a bag of mine and it was never recovered, everything was lost permanently. Also informed by an airline losing my grandmother’s luggage and she didn’t get it until the last day of her 2-week trip.

    The airline’s reimbursement did not cover replacing what was in my bag, which included all of my best things as it was a big wedding trip. Through this process and reading the riders, I learned how little you are covered for and how many things they disallow. (Not to mention the baggage fees and delays.) Now I know not to check anything meaningful or valuable — and to me even my basics are valuable as I am plus sized with a ton of allergies, so it’s not like I can just walk into a store and buy off the shelf. So they can bite me. I’m careful to stay in the limits and only carry on what I can handle.

    1. I fully agree. And I will never forget when I went to Italy and they lost my luggage and I went days in the same clothes washed in the sink because I could not find a store that carried my size. Nope, I will die on the same hill as you.

    1. Yes I am having a tech issue where my featured photos are not generating and the tool to make a photo featured has disappeared from my dashboard. I have a request in to my tech support but as it’s a holiday weekend I likely won’t get any help for a few days. So sorry about that!

  2. Thanks for reposting that reel on Instagram talking about how “classic” fashion is not really classic. I own a lot of blazers that I wore to work pre-pandemic. I thought they were timeless. Now they look dated as longer, looser blazers are in style and they are too short and form fitting. That Emmanuelle Alt example hit the spot. As I have gotten older, I have recognized that nothing is truly timeless and I hate when influencers try to tell people “you will have this [sweater, shirt, etc.] forever.” No, you won’t. It will eventually look dated and even if it doesn’t, your body will change, your taste will change, and your lifestyle will change as you get older.

    That’s why people should wear their best clothes today and to death.

    1. Exactly right! I hate it when influencers push women to buy “investment pieces.” There’s no such thing as a clothing investment. It wears out, gets holes, or becomes dated. If cashmere, moths attack it. Etc.

    2. Amen! And also to not be afraid of the unusual, the quirky, and the statement. Because those pieces transcend trends and show personality. Because they are never trying to be classic or timeless they truly are the only timeless items!

  3. Thank you, Alison, for listening to our comments about font size, color, and readability. I really appreciate your responsiveness to your readers.

    1. I too wrote about the low contrast font and am so grateful for Alison’s attention and responsiveness to this issue. Love Weekend Reads!

    1. I am not really sure how to do that… Fortune doesn’t allow gift links as far as I know, you just have to be a subscriber. Usually you get a few free links from them a month, the paywall didn’t show for me or else I wouldn’t have added it.

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