What is the Universal Standard US Club?

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If you have shopped at Universal Standard before, or if you're on social media and follow some influencers, you may have heard of Universal Standard's new mystery box promotion called the US Club. I'm here to share what is the Universal Standard US Club and my experience receiving one of these mystery boxes of quality fashion.

Didn't Universal Standard Already Have Mystery Boxes?

This size-inclusive fashion brand made a name for itself with the Universal Standard Mystery Boxes, an annual program where you take a risk and buy a box of clothing from the brand, sight unseen, for a really low price. Based on concepts (spring style, workwear, dresses, petites, French chic, etc.) you would enter your size (Universal Standard has a unique sizing system), and receive a box full of clothing that was worth way more than the price paid.

universal standard US club review

What is the Universal Standard US Club?

Universal Standard has replaced that program with the US Club. On the 14th of each month, Universal Standard will drop new club boxes. These boxes are available until the 17th of the month. There will be different themes of boxes, curated by the Universal Standard design team, offering amazing savings. However, you will not know the items in the box until they arrive at your door.

How Does the Universal Standard US Club Work?

There is no membership fee or contract for Universal Standard's US Club. You may subscribe to the retail emails to learn about the US clubs before the public, or just stop by the Universal Standard Us Club page between the 14th and 17th of the month to see the offerings.

US Club boxes are returnable, unlike the original Universal Standard mystery box program. However, if you take the gamble and opt into “Final Sale,” you'll get the box 30% off the already discounted price. On top of that, through 2/19, use promo code INFS-ALISON-USCLUB, and you'll get an additional 10% off your entire purchase (both US Club and individual items).

what is the Universal Standard US Club? Details about this way to save on size inclusive apparel by Wardrobe Oxygen

What US Club Boxes Does Universal Standard Offer?

With the US Club boxes, you choose returnable or final sale, the size you wear on top, and the size you wear on the bottom. Here is the Universal Standard size chart. This February, Universal Standard has six different US Club boxes to choose from:

  1. Transitional Pieces: For $139 (though valued up to $358), you will receive a dress and a light jacket
  2. Stand-out Silhouettes: For $188 (valued up to $568), you will receive three bestsellers from the apparel brand that are “something soft, something chic, and something striking”
  3. Who's The Boss: For $188 (valued up to $724), you will receive three pieces of clothing perfect for a work wardrobe
  4. Je ne Sais Quoi: For $139 (valued up to $286), you will receive two pieces that are new and made from “magical” fabric. Universal Standard hints of a pair of pants that are work-appropriate but feel like sweats.
  5. Spring Blossoming: For $188 (valued up to $524), you will receive three pieces that are brand new, never before seen on the Universal Standard website. Supposedly one is flowy, one is a lightweight knit, and one is pants in a “magic” fabric.
  6. Surprise Me: For $118 (valued up to $770), you will receive three pieces. It is unknown what these are, and this is the only box that is exclusively Final Sale only.
The six types of boxes available in the Universal Standard US Club

Universal Standard US Club Review

Universal Standard offered to send me one of their US Club boxes for review. I wasn't informed which US Club box I received, but it was three pieces of clothing. In my box, I received a cobalt blue 100% merino wool sweater with a cupro (vegan silk) shirttail in the same color, a black double-breasted water-resistant trench coat, and a pair of black classic work/suiting trousers.

This may be the Who's The Boss box because it is three pieces of clothing appropriate for the workplace, or it may be the Spring Blossoming box because the merino is a spring weight and the pants are made of some seriously magical fabric.

Universal Standard's “Magic” Fabric

Over the years, Universal Standard has carried some pieces of clothing that is a satin-backed fabric. The Universal Standard Katy Dress (now discontinued) was a satin-backed crepe that felt amazing on the skin. The Universal Standard Avenir Dress was also a nubby crepe exterior with a silky soft interior.

However, the pants I received in my US Club box looked on the outside to be pretty traditional suiting fabric. A tight weave, matte finish, and nice drape, it is very similar in finish the Universal Standard Meg blazer and other Universal Standard workwear. However, this fabric is satin-backed and feels so luxe and comfortable.

the inside of a pair of pants from Universal Standard showing the one-layer fabric is traditional suiting fabric on on side but a satin on the other.
the interior of the pants in the US Club box made from “magic” fabric

This fabric is magic because you get the slip and drape of a lined suiting trouser, without the bulk or the lack of give. The pants have a great weight, and they skim over my curves not being tight or stiff. These are luxe trousers at home in a boardroom or even glammed up for a night out. But with such comfort, you may also want to style them with sneakers and a casual knit top.

This “magic” fabric from Universal Standard excites me and makes me hopeful for the brand's spring collection and what they offer throughout the rest of the year.

What I Got in my Universal Standard US Club Box

As mentioned, I received three things in my US Club box. And whichever box I received, it was clearly a good deal. This is what I received for $188:

  • The black trousers had a proper zipper and button fly, pockets, and a relaxed straight leg that I find extremely versatile. The waistband had hidden elastic in the back of the waistband to prevent gaping and increase comfort. And as mentioned above, the pants in the US Club box were made of this “magic” fabric.
    • I ordered these pants in size S and should have chosen XS. They are too big for me, but I can see they are a really nice design.
  • The blue sweater was a bright, clear color and a spring-weight 100% Merino wool crewneck sweater that hit high-hip. Attached was a faux shirttail of cupro (a vegan textile that looks and feels like sandwashed silk). The shirttail is scooped, and split in back to work with rear curves. Sewn to where the sweater band is attached, you can tuck in the shirtail and it looks like a traditional crewneck sweater.
    • I ordered this in XS and it is a touch snug, but still wearable. It is a lightweight weave, which becomes a bit more transparent over curves.
  • The black trench is the Universal Standard Derjon trench. The sleeves are unlined and free of buttons or buckles, making it easy for a shortie like me to hem to a better length. The fabric is luxe and a good weight for repelling water, as well as wind. This would be a great spring coat or travel coat.
    • This was also an XS and it fits perfectly. Once I shorten the sleeves for my 5'3″ self, I don't think it would need any other alternations to be enjoyable to wear this spring!

You can see these garments on me in this video on Instagram; here is the same video on Facebook.

This outfit could easily be worn by a range of people and look work-appropriate, stylish, and be comfortable. The trench alone felt like a trench one would purchase at a department store for $175-$220. Due to that “magic” fabric, the pants felt like they could easily sell for $150 or more. The sweater is harder to gauge a price, but considering it's 100% merino and not a synthetic, I'd expect it to sell for at least $99 at a department store.

What makes Universal Standard different is that each garment and each color is available in its full size range, 00-40. Size 2 or 32, every single item Universal Standard makes is designed not only in your size, but to fit properly. Many size-inclusive brands just grade up from a size 8 dress form and a size 20 dress form. Universal Standard painstakingly ensures each size fits real bodies, not stretched-out mannequins.

Thoughts on the Universal Standard US Club Box Program

I appreciate that the Universal Standard US Club Box program is not subscription-based. I also appreciate that unlike the Mystery Box campaign from years past, items are returnable.

I find the value of these boxes to be excellent, even if you do not opt for the “Final Sale” discount. Universal Standard clothing is in general, made with high-quality textiles with innovative details to make it comfortable, unique, and a great fit on a range of bodies. Yes, you can find $50 work trousers elsewhere, but they are not likely to be made out of “magic” fabric and look so elevated.

I continue to promote Universal Standard because I believe it to be a great fashion brand for us grown-ass women. Quality textiles, wearable styles that don't go out of fashion in a single season, size inclusivity, and a focus on apparel appropriate for work and stylish elevated casual wear. I look forward to seeing how the Universal Standard US Club does. If you try this new version of Mystery Boxes from Universal Standard, please share your experience in the comments below!

And as a reminder, through February 19th, use code INFS-ALISON-USCLUB to get 10% additional on your entire purchase. This code is valid for the Universal Standard US Club boxes, but also any other apparel purchases at Universal Standard!

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  1. I ended up getting a last minute additional US Club box: it was nautical themed. I got the Bardot sweater (looks black/navy with cream stripes) and some black pants. Really not something I’d normally order for myself, but I’m planning to keep them… maybe I will grow to like them more. I would definitely try it again when I have the extra cash.

  2. I love the mystery boxes and usually always get good basics. I chose the stand-out silhouettes just to mix it up a little bit, can’t wait to see what arrives. And thanks for the code!

  3. I saw the boxes online last night and was intrigued, I skipped the last couple of mystery boxes after being burned. Thanks for the overview.

    Do you think the magic pants would be breathable in a hot and/or humid climate? I’m in AZ and so often things billed as perfect for spring and into summer only work for winter here.

  4. I agree with commenter Leu2500 — I’d rather purchase one or two items I know I’ll love, than be surprised by three or four I won’t.

  5. I took the plunge and ordered the Spring Blossoming box. (The “Boss” box is already sold out.) I have upcoming travel, so I am hoping for appropriate items. I also bought the V-Rex shirt which popped up with a good price. I’ll report back when I receive the box. I haven’t ordered from US before today, though I have been tempted.

  6. I tried the Mystery Box once & found it was not for me. The return pricing on US Club eliminates one of the flaws I found with Mystery Box. But what’s in the box is still a crap shoot, and I’m afraid if I signed up that I’d be returning things, which would get annoying.

    I’d rather US drop the gimmicks & improve their pricing permanently. The 25% off they have for ~President’s Day is at least a move in the right direction imho.

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