Throwback Thursday: Junkyard Band

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I was born in DC.  When I was a toddler my parents moved to Prince George's County, right outside the city. I grew up in PG County, went to college in PG County (go Terps!), moved away for a bit after school but came back about a decade ago and have chosen to raise my child here. PG County often gets a bad rap, and while sometimes it's warranted, you can't judge the whole area by a few bad apples. The best part about living in PG County is the diversity. I lived near and went to school with people of all races, religions, cultures, backgrounds, and economic levels and am happy to have my daughter experience the same.

The second best thing about growing up in PG County? Being exposed to Go-Go! Since we're right on the DC border we experienced all the DC-specific culture and absorbed it like a sponge. I can remember going to one of my first boy-girl parties in middle school and we played “Sardines” by Junkyard Band on repeat at least a dozen times, all dancing and singing along. Every time I hear this song I am transported back to being a tween.

Those not from the DC area may recognize the song from being in the movie Tougher Than Leather.


I recently read an article about DC not having its own culture, that with so many transplants thanks to the government, military, and colleges we're more of a melting pot but I disagree.  If you get to know DC past K Street you'll realize the city has a very clear, defined, and unique culture.  DC has a different fashion sense, innovative music, art, and food.  While I no longer live in the city limits, I still adore DC and am glad I work here so I can come visit every day.

And now I'm craving a half smoke

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  1. Do you ever read George Pelecanos? I am reading his latest, “The Double,” and it’s like a love letter to DC. (All of his books are, really.)

  2. So many reasons to love you and your blog, I’m from Baltimore. You are a wonderful blogger and I appreciarte the fact that you love GoGo so much. Also your style info is so useful to me. Thank you!!!

  3. I love this. This sentiment is one of the things that made me so, so proud that we were raising our family in Gorgeous Prince George’s County and sending our girls to public school. (Of course, now we are moving to Colorado next week, but I’m still proud !)

  4. I had no idea half-smokes were a “DC thing”! I was born and raised PG too. Now I’m a MoCo transplant, but my family is still in PG so I visit often.

  5. Love this post. Married a DC/HU/MoCo brotha, but spent a couple of years in PGC when I was single. Liked it alot!! Love GoGo too and had the best time at the HU step shows in the early 90s. 🙂

  6. Go Terps!! The first time I heard go-go at a Stamp party, I was soooo confused. But now I get it and sorta love it.

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