What I Wore: Back to Basics

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foxcroft shirt large bust
silver pump nine west
gap real straight jeans curvy petite
Shirt: c/o Foxcroft | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Nine West

With the changing of the seasons, I looked back at blog archives of what I wore previous autumns and I must say a lot of it hurts my head. And a lot of it I no longer own because after a season of its extreme look, I tired of it and couldn't imagine wearing it another day. I'm trying to shop less, and shop smarter. And I'm remembering that style doesn't come from how much you have or what labels you wear, but your choices and how you put them together. And that often less is more. After taking these pictures I realize I forgot my cuff – I planned to wear my silver cuff bracelet to bring out the silver of the shoes. But then maybe life was telling me less is more, so I went off to work without the bracelet.

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Sometimes less is definitely more. What you are wearing is a classic look that will never go out of style. A crisp white tailored looking shirt and a great pair of jeans is chic without looking forced. Love the effortless style and the silver shoes are great. Even without embellishment this is a great look and an animal print belt would also be a great addition if you choose to add a bit more color.

  2. Oooh, those jeans are great! I’m such a huge fan of outfits with jeans and a solid white blouse or button up. There’s something so fresh and classy about it!

    1. They are the “Flax” and I found them at Zappos for $69 though also found on Amazon and 6pm though not in my size. They aren’t the super shiny metallic mirror look, more just silver leather but very comfy and I think more classic!

  3. Also, I have to ask, mom to mom and curvy mom to curvy mom, how do you make tucked in shirts work? Is it about sizing up? I am really asking. My “mom pooch” is so noticeable that I hate to tuck my shirt in, even though I know it would clean up some of my looks. So if I was wearing my jeans and tucked in shirt, I would feel like everyone was staring right there (even though my rational brain knows they aren’t).

    1. Looser shirts. This shirt fits more like a man’s shirt, so the blousing works. I also blouse more in the back than the front, sometimes doing a faux tuck with just the front being tucked and the back hanging out. This way the focus isn’t as much on the pooch 🙂

  4. Ali, what are you doing with the older, no longer your style clothes? Are you ebaying, donating? Just curious! I am sure if I go through the archives I would find items of interest.

    1. Piling up in the corner of my bedroom and sticking in Rubbermaid totes? I have donated some that I think are too worn or dated, I want to eBay but haven’t had time, I heard some people are planning a cusp/plus sized swap in town so I may give to that… I just haven’t had time to do what I wish. Maybe I’ll do another Allie’s closet… I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

  5. Another great, simple look Allie. This is making me miss my silver Oxfords that I had to toss last year as I had literally worn them out 🙁 No amount of help from the cobbler could save them.

  6. Nice looking jeans. I haven’t tried the real straight on because I’m fairly curvy, but after looking at them on you I think I ought to. They look good without being too tight.

  7. Allie, I have questions about pants length. Your jeans being that long look nice but do you ever get your heels stuck in the hem? I imagine that you don’t. I see you sailing through your day with nary a misstep. If I tried it, I would accomplish multiple face plants and not much else. What do you do when you wear those jeans with flats?

    Anyway, once you talked about gizmos that altered pants length so that they would suit the shoes worn – without having to hem and then remove the hem. Would you say again please, what are those gizmos called?



    1. The jean stays in place because of the type of shoe and the width of the leg opening. I actually photographed this Friday, but I’m wearing the same jeans today with different pumps. I tried my lower Michael Kors pumps and the pants sagged down and got under my heel with one step so I switched to my Fitzwells and they have stayed in place. I had flares this long that I had to sell on eBay because I knew I would break my neck wearing them, but the smaller opening stays in place with a higher heel. 🙂

      As for gizmos, I know there’s Style Snaps https://www.buystylesnaps.com/Index.dtm but I have never used them myself. However, they have been selling for years so they must work for some!

  8. What a great, clean look. I really love these jeans – the straight cut, the dark wash, kind of the Holy Grail of jeans, especially since they’re not available in my size. 🙁

  9. I find that is the thing I have liked best about Gywnnie Bee – I don’t end up with a lot of things in my closet that I’ve bought on a whim and which I will tire of in a season.

  10. “And a lot of it I no longer own because after a season of its extreme look” – this made me think of a post suggestion. Can we be privy to your next closet purge, or even the next time you donate something? I’d be curious to see your process. I started tackling my “work clothes” closet and realized I have 8 friggin’ black pantsuits of slight different shapes (some J Crew, some AT, and one Theory). Since I’m in-house and don’t go to court anymore, I hardly ever put on a suit. But I’ve having trouble paring down! Tell me it’s okay to let go of the first grown-up suit I purchased in 2003!

    1. I’ll try to share it. It’s hard because it’s time and labor intensive – taking photos, taking notes, writing the post along with the actual purge but I think it is helpful for others, and also helpful to understand why I buy what I do and say what I do. Thanks for the suggestion!

      And YES LET GO! I found in my attic the “seasonless triacetate classic suiting” from AT that I mentioned in posts from 2005… and they look so dated. The fabric looks cheap now because of new technology and trends, the buttons seem so big, the collar is rounded, the jacket too long. It could totally work if necessary, but it’s in the attic for a reason. I went to an event for Goodwill last night and it reminded me how things in the back of a closet or attic aren’t helping anyone, and your old suit could be the interview suit that lands another woman her first job in years. It’s okay to let it go 🙂

      1. Well said! The event last night has pushed me to purge more. Knowing what you love is half the battle. Knowing what suits you in shape and life is the other. Less is more. You look fantastic. It was so good to see you last night!

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