What I Wore to Dîner en Blanc Washington DC

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what i wore to diner en blanc

Have you heard of Dîner en Blanc? The Dîner en Blanc concept began in Paris in 1988 when Frenchman François Pasquier invited a group of friends to an elegant outdoor dinner at Bois de Boulogne, asking them to dress in white so they could find each other. Since then, Dîner en Blanc has become a worldwide event, spanning six continents. August 26, it took place in Washington DC. Below I share what I wore to Dîner en Blanc in Washington DC.

When I first heard of Dîner en Blanc I thought it sounded like a hassle, and a pretentious one at that. But last year I decided to join and this year I was able to get tickets. I say don't judge until you've walked a mile in someone's shoes, or walked a mile to attend an all-white dinner!  I had a wonderful time.

What I Wore to Dîner en Blanc Washington DC

Tips on what to wear to Dîner en Blanc

ELOQUII was kind enough to dress both me and my sister for the event. I chose their Studio Flounce Tiered Dress. My sister wore ELOQUII's Textured Overlay Dress. I had a tailor shorten the straps, but that is all the alterations needed; my sister chose to tuck in the neck straps on her dress.  You can see my sister in her dress on Instagram. 

White Studio Tiered Flounce dress from ELOQUII: what I wore to Dîner en Blanc DC

This dress is usually above the ankle, but I liked how it became a true maxi on me.  I know some reviews online say the dress is heavy but I don't feel that is the proper way to describe it.  This dress is a chiffon overlay and traditional poly lining.  However, the way the ruffles are laid, it weighs down the chiffon so it swings and drapes instead of being a fluffy cloud.  This is a good thing, it's a very swingy dress that doesn't cling, wrinkle, or tangle around your legs. For underpinnings I wore this strapless bra with Spanx Higher Power shorts both in nude to me colors.

what i wore to diner en blanc DC

For shoes, I wore my gold flat gladiator sandals. We didn't have to walk too far from our meeting spot to the secret destination but it was too far to wear any sort of heel. They went well with the garden party theme I was going for without leaving my feet in pain at the end of the evening.  I was glad to have sunglasses; we met at 5pm and walked from 5:30-6:00 and sometimes it was right into the sun.  Also as we walked down the street tour buses were full of people gaping at us and it was nice to have on sunglasses so I could gape back!

What to wear to Diner en Blanc - tips by Wardrobe Oxygen

I found this fake flower hair clip on Etsy and felt it would not only be a great accent piece, but a great way to style my hair so it wouldn't be too much trouble and wouldn't be destroyed if I got sweaty, it was humid or raining. I'll admit I got this flower before I even had tickets for Dîner en Blanc, maybe it's my lucky charm for getting me on the list this year (I read there were over 30,000 on the waitlist!).  I kept the jewelry simple to let the dress and flower shine. To have my wallet and phone on me if I went to the dance floor or socializing, I chose my gold leather wristlet which was perfect also for carrying my receipts and phone when standing in line to pick up the food and wine we ordered.

Dîner en Blanc is rain or shine. I planned my outfit before I knew the exact forecast, but we ended up with perfect weather – it was around 70 degrees, sunny, with the occasional light breeze. Last minute I ordered two of this fan from Amazon for me and my sister. We only used them for a bit when we were in full sun waiting to go to the secret destination, but I bet we would have really been happy to have them if it was any warmer.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. The Minneapolis, MN event is usually in June, but was rescheduled for July due to rain. It’s organized via a private FB page and there are no tickets. The date is set well ahead of time, but the location is secret until an hour before the dinner starts. This year, we gathered at a beautiful lake in the middle of the city and it was magical! One thing people don’t understand (about our event anyway) is that each attendee has to bring everything they need for the night – tables, chairs, plates, tablecloths, napkins, glasses, food, beverages, decorations. This was our second year and our group is really planning to bring it next year! We had our checklists and easy to transport food ready to go, it was so much fun! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d837d0b7e6eb390b48c47b20dfd22b90fa8e203501faf121d606d01666b698ec.jpg

    1. Oh you look fabulous! Yes, we too had to bring absolutely everything. I hope next week or the week after to have a post about the logistics. My sister totally went into music festival mode and had spreadsheets and did a dry run of the table setup the week prior. She was the best date since I was too busy that week at work to think about anything!

  2. We had DIner en Blanc here a few months ago and I read about it but did not care to investigate more. I have to say it seems like the perfect excuse to get dressed and in white. Usually long dressy white gowns are reserved for weddings and if you’re a guest, well you should not wear white… so options are limited. I love your dress and I think you looked beautiful.

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