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WO2 dress | jacket | shoes | bag | sunglasses | scarf

WO22 WO23 WO24 Wo25 Wo26Dress: Leith (L) | Jacket: J. Crew Factory (XL) | Shoes: Ivanka Trump | Bag: c/o Novica | Sunglasses : Ray-Ban | Scarf: DVF Warhol Scarf via Poshmark (similar) | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Chai

As I mentioned in this post, I wasn't sure if I would keep this dress.  But with a pressing of the pockets, I like it much better and decided it would be great for travel and for both casual and dressy days this summer.  I think I'll have the straps shortened a tiny bit so it's not quite so low-cut.

As for the scarf, this is one I have wanted for years and found brand new, tags still attached on Poshmark. I love Diane von Furstenberg, and loved how this large square silk scarf is a cool blend of colors, but is also her portrait.  This picture gives a good example of the size of the scarf; this picture shows von Furstenberg with the Warhol above her.  I've had a lot of success on Poshmark, both selling and buying.  While I can't set alerts like I can with eBay, I find the prices more reasonable and love that shipping is always the same format and sellers strive for honesty, speed, and quality.  Have you tried Poshmark?  If not, check out my post about the app!

I called this post basics because this look is all wardrobe basics.  While the dress and scarf are new, the concepts are not unfamiliar to my wardrobe. I stick mainly to a wardrobe of simple pieces like this denim jacket and dress, but update with personality-filled accessories like leopard print pumps, a scarf, or necklace with a bunch of personal charms.  Accessories are a great way to give basics multiple lives over multiple seasons!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Long time, first time (I think) … I recently went shopping & a friend dragged me into the Columbia Sportswear Outlet with her. I wanted to suggest it as a store you might like – they had a lot in the 12-16 size range (and larger, as well, but I’d associated that name brand with stuff that fits youthful size 8s). Their “Women’s Anytime Outdoor Long Shorts” are amazing – it’s like a pair of capris that stop right at the bottom of the knee. So they look really flattering. I tried them on & thought, “That blogger woman would like these, comfy & they don’t constrict your calves.” Just a bit of randomness, I guess, but I have gotten so many good ideas from your blog that I wanted to share.

  2. I love this outfit! I will be recreating it this weekend as I have similar pieces, a black maxi dress, a darker wash jean jacket, a bright scarf, necklace, sandals. Sadly a recent closet purge caused the eviction of my leopard pumps. Really nice shoes bought several years ago before the leopard trend, but not worn often as they hurt my feet. I will check these out as a possible replacement. They are so versatile.

    1. The right shoe does matter. I have several pairs of leopard shoes that hardly get any wear because they’re too high, too clunky, too low, too uncomfortable. These I had a previous pair that I wore to death (they looked like death warmed over after all the years) and just bought this replacement pair. I’m thinking of Poshmarking the others since they really can’t compare in comfort and versatility!

  3. I’ve read your blog for years. I really enjoy it. I’ve never commented as it just seems weird since I’m not really in the online community….but with this, I must! The scarf is fabulous! I’m a big fan of AW and can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. It looks fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Yes, I have been stalking this scarf on sites like Poshmark and eBay for a while. I don’t usually wear yellow, but for this I preferred it in this color and it’s the perfect size to wear in so many ways. I too am a Warhol fan! 🙂

  4. Glad you made it work. Shortening straps is easy and only takes a few minutes .. depending on if you have to open the seams.

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