What I Wore: Maybe Navy

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Shell: LOFT (have simple knit tank underneath for opacity) | Pants: LOFT | Belt: HOBO (similar) | Shoes: Nine West | Bracelet: Rebecca Minkoff | Watch: Citizen | Lipstick: Revlon Matte in Really Red

I feel as though every outfit post recently is about how I break rules! With my figure, rules say I should wear sleeves, I should wear a top untucked, and have shoes the same color as my trousers to make me look taller and leaner. Well the weather's getting warmer and I think it's ridiculous for women to have to sweat and hide their arms just because they're not as thin or toned as society thinks they should be. And honestly, I have this body whether or not I tuck in my top, I'd rather look polished than pretend to hide anything.

I'm so happy that navy is back in the stores, I'm really enjoying it and have been mixing it with a lot of white, tan, coral, and pink. I bought this belt a HOBO sample sale for a couple bucks and I don't know if I wore before, but with my growing navy wardrobe, it's getting some play. This top is just a lace shell so I can dress it up like this for my Business Casual office, but it's also cute with a white tank and a pair of denim cutoffs for the weekend!

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  1. You look beautiful no matter what size you are!!!! We need to stop being for hard on ourselves because we are not a size -2!!!!

  2. that’s a fabulous look on you! Do you wear bare arms in the office, or did you also wear a jacket or sweater at work?

    1. My office dress code is relatively casual (jeans only on weekends, no sneakers, no spaghetti straps/shorts) so I do wear bare arms. However I do have an office cardigan in case of a chill or to dress up a more casual look!

  3. Navy is such a good colour when you want to wear something “neutral”, so much kinder to pale skin than black… Although you could wear black, too, with your colouring. And sometimes we should just ditch the rules, or make our own… This looks very good on you, and very neat and professional.

  4. I think ya look great whether you are “breaking rules” or not! Rules are meant to be broken!!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for supporting the baring of arms. At my age, we’re often told to cover them up, but it’s too bloody hot, and they’re *arms*, not naked bums. : o

  6. I think tucked-in pants with pants that are higher-waist-ed impart a finished look to an outfit.
    With a jacket I feel like a tucked-in top with a slim belt offers up a good looking image, particularly if you are going to be in meetings. It is a dressier look, but sometimes that’s what you want to project.

    Many women, even those who aren’t a size 8, have mid-body curves. In my way of thinking if you have curves then show’em off.

  7. I find those particular fashion rules to be quite silly personally. I don’t think different shapes/sizes should “hide” anything as long as it’s not offensive. Who would want to wear any kind of sleeve on a hot day, right? My only “rule” would be as long as it fits well and looks flattering, then rock it! Style is so personal so I think it’s absurd to impose any kind of rule on someone. You are fierce in this outfit. Love the navy color as well!



  8. Don’t you dare adhere to those rules!!! One of the things I like about aging is how you just don’t give a *#@& about fashion rules anymore; you opt to be comfortable. (And if one is lucky, you can combine that with style ….. but not always!) I think you look wonderful. I love the navy — love the shirt and the pants with the skinny belt; and the shoes are great (even if my days of wearing heels are almost gone.) Good for you, you rebel!

  9. You look really pretty, Allie. I have not tucked in tops for years now, but recently have had the urge to do it again. I might have to wear a jacket over it until I gather a little more courage. 🙂

  10. I agree. Until recently, I always had a waistline, so I always, and I mean always tucked in my tops if they were meant to be tucked in. Now that I’ve gained weight, I shop for tops meant to be worn out, while my other tops and shirts just take up closet space. Thank you for allowing me to break one of fashion’s many rules. Incidentally, love the lace top with the cami, and those shoes are adorable. You look very polished and put together.

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