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Wardrobe Oxygen in a Talbots ruana and JAG Jeans

wrap | sweater | jeans | boots | bag | sunglasses

Wardrobe Oxygen in a Talbots ruana and JAG Jeans Wardrobe Oxygen in a Talbots ruana and JAG Jeans Wardrobe Oxygen in a Talbots ruana and JAG Jeans Wardrobe Oxygen in a Talbots ruana and JAG Jeans Wrap/Ruana: c/o Talbots (OS) | Sweater: Halogen (XLP) | Jeans: Nora c/o JAG Jeans (14P) | Boots: c/o DUO (similar) | Bag: c/o Maxwell Scott | Earrings: Argento Vivo | Bracelet: Nadri | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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It was a late night last night and we in the DC area woke to a grey and rainy day.  I had a post scheduled for today but it seemed wrong.  Considering the news in America, it seemed silly to be sharing my outfit on a fashion blog.

Right now, if you're confused, angry, scared, or hurting please take care of yourself.  Self care is important, it gives you resilience, it's the oxygen mask you need to help others.  It helps you slow down and think and make sound decisions.  I didn't sleep well for the few hours I was in bed last night and woke exhausted and upset.  But I need to go on, we all need to go on, and we need to do it together.  I did some sun salutations, gave Cindy my dog a long decadent belly rub, and am drinking coffee while writing this.  As I look out the window, I see the rain has stopped.  If it's still clear out when I get home from work, I may go for a long walk at the lake featured in this post, where I walked earlier this week in this outfit.  This election is about much more than the economy to many, more personal.  Be gentle with yourself, and please be considerate of those around you who are hurting.  No matter how you voted, we women need to support one another and continue to make this a strong and safe country for us and our future generations.

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  1. I was at The White House when it was called. It was a visceral pain and the tears keep coming. It feels like a death. Thank you for your post and for your blog. I come to it often when I am down and it always inspires me to live life more fully and with gusto.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful words. In the aftermath of this election, I have wondered how much worse it must feel for folks living in DC. You’re right about taking care of ourselves and others. But when our tears have dried, let’s regroup, and work together for a brighter future.

  3. Yes. What you said. Barely any sleep last night. Today felt like a tragedy has befallen us. Even though I was at work, I stayed quiet and to myself pretty much. I mostly steered clear of social media…just did some *nice* things like sharing cute pics of my dog and cat on Instagram (although dog had a commentary of his own) and watching a cute puppy video. I can’t think beyond that yet. We have a few months yet of the very elegant President Obama before…well, you know. After a couple days I’ll get on with it all. And hope for the best. And be the best *I* can be.

    It’s okay to think of and do “pretty” things right now. It’s probably just what we need right now.


  4. A letter written by a friend last night:

    Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

    I’m counting on you for my grand children’s future. Your leadership is about to be tested beyond what any of us could have imagined. Our water, our air, our environment, our Canadian way has never been at the risk now posed under the Trump regime. Build your allies Prime Minister and prepare to lead our part of this continent with integrity, dignity, intelligence and stealth leadership. We Canadians must stand tall together – now more than ever.

    Dear democratic friends in United States,

    I’m so, so very sorry. We have now lost your country for 4 years and can only pray we have not lost it for any longer and the damage will be minimal. Come rest in Canada when you are weary from the war on values that is about to explode on your country.

    Dear friends in Mexico,

    My heart is tender and loving for each of you who has been blamed and shamed for nothing more than your cultural heritage. You have my sympathy, respect and admiration.

    Dear friends of colour living in United States,

    I’m ashamed of the racism that has burdened you and I fear for your safety.I’m imagining a beautiful veil of protection over each of you.

    Dear 126 million women of United States,

    WTF happened? You are the majority and I do not understand how you could not identity mysogony…..I am afraid for you.

    To my dearest grandchildren,

    How blessed we are to be Canadian and yet your future is at such risk due to our physical, financial and political associations with the United States of America. With deep sadness and great anxiety for the future of the Americas I sign off for an undoubtedly restless night.

    1. Thank you for putting into words so much of what I’m unable to get my head around this morning. Shock, disbelief, sadness, shame, fear . . . those are the words in my head and heart now. I appreciate your support, and many prayers for your PM and your country. You must lead the way now.

    2. I agree – I spoke (on the phone – we ‘chat’ constantly) with my best friend yesterday for the first time since the election (we are both Canadian but I am a US PR) and I said it felt like when you hear long after that your best friend in high school died. I know some of my fellow countrymen will move back *home* and I know that as much as my parents supported my decision to immigrate to be with my husband, if they were still alive they would be asking me/us to come home.

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