What I Wore: Early Summer Weekend Style

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tie dye maxi dressdress | belt | shoes | earrings | bag | sunglasses

pyramid collection dress loeffler randall fringe tab clutch pyramid collection tie dye dress 
Dress: c/o Pyramid Collection (XL) | Belt: ASOS | Bag: Loeffler Randall | Earrings: Jenny Bird | Shoes: Bella Vita | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

When Pyramid Collection reached out asking if I'd like to try some pieces from their line I was psyched.  While I may wear a lot of department store brands, I grew up looking forward to the Renn Fest every year, have attended many music festivals, I live in a very crunchy community, and there's a little hippie hanging out in my heart.  I've shopped Pyramid Collection before and find the quality, prices, and size selection great (this dress goes up to 3X).  I knew this tie-dye maxi dress would be perfect for summer.  It has a short lining for modesty but is still breezy.  While I glammed it up with gold shoes and accessories, this is a piece you can throw on with some sandals for the weekend or vacation.  I received a couple other pieces from Pyramid Collection and some run a hair small so I sized up with an XL; I'm glad I did because it gave me enough room in the bust area.  I also got their Circle Wrap Skirt and if you follow me on InstaStories you may have seen how I've worn it with my Ramones tee on the weekend.

And it seems I'm getting more and more questions about what I wear under my clothing; for this look it's this strapless bra and my summer go-to: Jockey Skimmies.  Seriously this bra is supportive and relatively comfortable; while I don't want to wear it 24/7, I can wear it for several hours with comfort (just not 10 hours in Dallas humidity with a wool suit and high heels!).  I have one in black, and one in nude.  I like that they have detachable straps so I can use one with a one-shouldered look, criss-cross them, and customize.

By the way, Pyramid Collection is offering 25% off to all Wardrobe Oxygen readers.  Visit their site using this link and you will have the discount automatically added to your shopping cart.  This promotion is valid until May 31, 2016

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  1. I wear a 40DD and after years of searching for a strapless that fit, I found one at Torrid. Their bras are usually too padded for me, but they have a great microfiber strapless that does not have any extra padding. I think they go down to a 36 band width, and up to like a 46 G or something, so some of your larger busted readers may find that it works for them. A big second for jockey skimmies. I have six of them that I have basically worn and washed to death over the last two summers, so I just put in another order at kohl’s to re-up my stash. They are the perfect combo of smoothing without feeling like shapewear in the humidity. We used to have a store up her called The Bead that I’m sure must have been selling pyramid collection dresses, since the style looks so familiar. The one you got is gorgeous, and I’m totally eyeing a couple on the site. One has giant pink poppies on it, which is totally my jam. I love the way you styled this one!

  2. I really do have to thank you for the Jockey Skimmies recommendation. So much better than the underwear-plus-bike-shorts combo I used to deploy.

  3. I’ve always been curious about Pyramid Collection. I do like the dress you got. That color suits you so well. The gold belt is perfect with it. I was pleased to read that the dress is viscose. To me that means it would be comfortable. As a semi-synthetic, at least it starts out as plant fiber. There are so many nice looking dresses and tops that are 100% polyester. You seem to be able to wear polyester with no problem. That’s good because it gives you more choices. But me? As soon as I put on a 50-100% poly garment, I get immediately overheated, sweaty, itchy, and clammy. I think I will check out Pyramid Collection more closely. It does seem like the kind of business that offers move diversity in fabrics.

    What is a crunchy community? Please translate for this poor, out-of touch, ignorant, semi-rural person.


    PS I’ve been looking for a white peasant shirt that is all cotton or all rayon and does not cost $200. It looks like Pyramid Collection has several that would work for me. If i go ahead and purchase, I will use your link so that, hopefully, you will get something out of it.

  4. I really love that dress, and am glad you shared an Amazon link to purchase it! The one time I ordered from Pyramid Collection I had a terrible experience with getting my item in a timely manner, and I have found many others on review sites who have had similar or much worse experiences. Just wanted to make you aware. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts! https://www.pissedconsumer.com/pyramid-collection/RT-F.html

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