Recent Purchases: Hits and Misses, Wide Width Shoes Edition

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Wide Width Summer Shoes Review - Wardrobe OxygenAfter my little rant about the awful offerings in wide width shoes and plus size fashion, I went on another wide width shoe search (see my previous post on wide width dressy shoes). Come on world, if I am the CDC's average height and size, shouldn’t I be able to find decent shoes? Here’s what I experienced, the good, the bad, and the ugly:

BP Decker Wide Width lace up sandal at NordstromBP. ‘Decker' Lace-up Sandal

I had the Vince Camuto ‘Effel’ for the past several years and they have served me well. Low-contrast color, not too high of a heel, a structured style that looks good with skirts and pants of all lengths. Well those shoes have been worn to death and need to be retired. I wanted something similar that wasn’t too bulky and decided to try these. I wanted the grey, but they only had ‘Nude Faux Leather' in my size. Come to find out, this color is almost exactly the same color as my skin (see them on me in this post). Also, the wide is truly wide. While the lacing down the front is real so you can adjust for a custom fit, I didn’t need to loosen it too much to comfortably fit my feet. I find these relatively comfortable, wearable all day and average level of walking/standing. You can see me wear them in this outfit post, though I've also worn them with boyfriend jeans, casual sundresses, and white ankle jeans. Hit!

Halogen Molly FlatHalogen ‘Molly' Flat – Grey Suede and Black

These shoes are utter perfection – a flat with a ton of style, but not a high price. And they’re also available in wide widths? Score! Too bad they’re not made for those with high volume feet or high arches. While I can get my foot in, the cross straps on the top are way too tight and dig into my ankle. It’s so sad because otherwise these shoes are gorgeous and look far more expensive than their pricetag. So if you have standard width feet or wide feet without high arches, try these out. Totally fabulous shoes, but for me a miss.  As an FYI, I sized up a half size per the reviews, I think that is good advice for low volume/low arch feet but with my feet it ended up having the shoe straps in the wrong place and my pinky toe almost escaping.

VANELi Linsie sandalVANELi Linsie

I know Marmi Shoes is great for wide widths so I ordered two pairs from them.  I've had much luck with VANELi in the past… but it doesn't seem like it this year.  I ordered these in white, though they also come in a pretty metallic.  I couldn’t fit my foot under the top strap. I tried putting my foot in just the toe strap and my pinky toe didn’t fit. These aren’t wide, and in person these look a bit like glammed up nursing shoes. Miss.

VANELi Lilian SandalVANELi Lilian

I ordered these in black, though they also come in a cream soft metallic fabric, and cork with some color in it.  If you follow me on InstaStories you saw how I tried these on but they weren’t wide enough to fit all five toes. Miss.

COmfortview BelleComfortview ‘Belle' Sandal

Reviews online were mixed for these shoes and this brand in general, but I figured I’d take a chance. These aren’t expensive looking shoes, but they are wide. They’re darker and more warm of a tone than my skin, but they don’t look too high contrast or weird on me. The block heel is sturdy but not frumpy. The ankle strap is snug, but not cutting off circulation. They’re not super cushy, but they could be worn to a wedding or church or work where you mix standing and walking with sitting and be just fine. I needed a pair of nude strappy shoes.  I wore them in Monday's outfit post. For now, these are a win in my book.

ECCO Shape Block Heel SandalECCO Shape 35 Block Sandal – Chili Red

As an FYI, ECCO sent me these shoes as a gift. I was nervous, they’re not labeled as wide but I’ve had success with ECCO in the past. And I have success with these. My whole foot, all five toes slip in comfortably. These are cute sandals, a nice walkable height and a style that can work with pants or with dresses.  The ankle strap is comfortable. I love the red, it’s a perfect pop of color for the denim and chambray trend this season, pretty with olive, khaki, white, black, and plenty of other fun colors like yellow, pink, and turquoise. It's more of a primary red in person. These sandals also come in black and nude patent.  Hit!

ECCO Womens Soft 7 SneakerECCO Chase II Tie in Black and ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers in Multicolor

Again, these were gifts from ECCO and if you saw my InstaStories on them, I admitted these fit great. Like someone custom made me a pair of sneakers great. And they don’t look too athletic; these are the kinds of sneakers you can wear with a cropped pant or a casual striped tee shirt dress. These would be great shoes for sightseeing or travel. I found the black ones to be a cushier and supportive feel than the pink floral, though both are really nice. A plus to the pink floral, they’re more of a beigey pink so they’ll very low contrast to my skin. Hit.

ELOQUII Slide Sandal with Embroidered Heel wide widthELOQUII Slide Sandal with Embroidered Heel

These looked so pretty, I ordered them in two colors. They’re wide… but not wide enough for me. Likely if I took a hair dryer to them, stuffed them with a potato, etc. they would fit but I just don’t feel like going through all that for shoes I don’t really need in my wardrobe. So while they are just as cute in person, they were returned. Miss.

ELOQUII wide width denim mule slip on flatELOQUII Denim Knotted Mule

These mules actually fit, and unlike most mules and loafers, didn’t make my feet look even wider. They’re comfortable, and cute. However… I don’t need denim mules. I tried them on with my clothes and they just don’t work with my personal style. So while they’re cute, comfy, and fit well, I returned them because I realized I was shopping for a different woman’s life. But if they fit your lifestyle, they’re worth a try. May be a hit for others, but a miss for me.

david tate newportDavid Tate Sandal Newport Wedge Sandal

I could fit my foot in them, but my pinky was begging to be free. They run long too; a 7.5 fit more like an 8. Even if they did fit, I didn’t really see them fitting into my wardrobe and getting a lot of wear.  That being said, these are really nice sandals, cushy, well made, color more vibrant in person (and leather more shiny, these are statement shoes).  If you size down and they fit your personal style these could be a hit.  But for me they were a miss.

41v00lcEOtLClarks ‘Banoy Valtina' Sandal

I didn’t even try them on because when they arrived I realized the same thing as I did with the denim mules – they are for another woman’s life. These would be great for the woman who loves floral full skirted dresses, a slightly retro style, or can carry off wide legged linen pants and floppy sun hats. I opened them up and the gold detail, the chunky sole… they just wouldn’t go with anything in my closet. So again while a miss for me, may be a hit for others.

Nine West Flax EmbroideredNine West ‘Flax’ Canvas Pump

This isn’t a wide width shoe, but the Flax is by far my favorite pump. The price is reasonable and it’s a classic pointed-toe pump with a slim heel that is a comfortable height for me. The Light Natural is a perfect match for my skin, the black is my go-to. I have these in peacock print, in orange suede, I wore a silver pair to death, had a black and red pony hair pair that I ended up Poshmarking because I never wore, and now I have these. This print is sooo pretty, and on trend with all the embroidery going on lately. I plan to wear them with jeans and Breton tees, with pantsuits, with dresses of all colors. I think they’re a great statement shoe, and a way to get the embroidered look for less than designer. Hit!

If you've had any success lately with wide width shoes, do share in the comments.  It may help a fellow woman shoe shopping this season!

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  1. I have old high arched feet and am leaning toward flats more & more lately. I just purchased a pair of flats in your Flax style. LOVE THEM! comfy and with all the colors in the pattern I have oodles of things to wear with them. Love this hit & miss post.

  2. I wear a wide as well and find that the criss-cross toe straps (like the Ecco) end up being so much more flattering than a straight across strap (like the Linsie.) Nice to see your hits & misses nearly following my own experience.

  3. Evening- Ironically I had to buy 2 pair of shoes on a work trip this week for 2 pairs that failed. Ugh! However, the silver (or ruby) lining is that I found the most comfy velvet block heel pumps on clearance for $39. It’s the kind of shoes you buy and they make you feel sexy. We do count on you for our hits!-Laurel Bledsoe

  4. Ooooh I love the look of the Ecco sandals. I have a pair of red Camper sandals, so maybe I’ll order the black. I know it’s kind of a stodgy brand, but I’m in love with my new sandal booties from Munro. I bought the wide size and the ankle and volume are both correspondingly wide! Super comfy and I got compliments from some very chic elegant fancy ladies at a recent event! I got them in the pewter color:

    1. I second Ziera…just wish they were more readily available to try on…get so tired of ordering/returning, ordering/returning.

  5. Oh my gosh the Nine West pumps are canvas with a synthetic sole (I don’t wear leather) and the embroidery includes a hummingbird!! Will I wear them enough to justify buying them? How exciting!

  6. I wear a 6W and have a high arch, and I just got two pairs of sandals from Zappos – Walking Cradles and Cobb Hill. The Cobb Hill weren’t quite wide enough and felt a little wobbly though they looked cute. The Walking Cradles felt amazing – cushy footbed, a good fit, perfect for me – but I don’t love the style. I think I’ll send them both back, but I would definitely order Walking Cradles again based on that. I’ve also had luck with Born, Naot, and Ecco sandals in the past. But for now, my search continues…

    1. I also wear a 6W or 6WW. So hard to find shoes that fit. No one where I live carries them in stores locally so all my shoe purchases are online or at outlets. I usually can wear Clarks, Cobb Hill/Rockport, and recently tried a pair of heels with a t-strap from Hotter (a UK brand). The Hotter shoes take awhile to arrive, and definitely wait till you receive a free return shipping in case they do not fit. I wore the Hotter heals to my daughter’s wedding.

  7. I am currently wearing a pair of Jack Rogers knockoffs from Shoe Show. They come in wide width and aren’t real leather, but they look and feel way more comfortable than the real ones. They are soft and flexible and I wore my first pair out last year, so I am on my second pair. I love these shoes so much and they are so inexpensive, that anyone who likes Jacks, has to have them!

  8. Hi-LOVE your hit and miss posts…so interesting and helpful. I also need wide but due to Plantar Fascilitis need strong arch support too so most inexpensive shoes as well as flats are out for me. The combination of needing those 2 things makes finding shoes almost impossible…if I add in removable insoles then I am basically left with athletic shoes by N. Balance which are not a trendy look let me tell you..ha

    1. Try the Vionics! I find they have enough support with their molded insoles, but they come out and leave you enough room for custom insoles if you needed them.

    2. I’m in the same boat. I find Cobb Hill work well – they have enough support that I don’t need my insoles. I’m usually an 8.5 or 9, but in their wide sizes an 8. Naot I can also wear without my insoles, but theirs do come out to accommodate custom orthotics. A lot of their styles are pretty frumpy, but I’ve found a few gems. Unfortunately pretty $$, but with plantar fasciitis better to spend the money than limp around.

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