19 Years Ago Today

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19 years ago this day I went to the movies with a group of friends and met a guy. A guy so awesome, I came home that night and told my mom I would marry him. I was 17.

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19 years ago, I begged my friend to get a picture of me with this guy, because I had to remember this evening forever.

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Since then, we went to prom together, graduated high school. He went off to the Navy, I to college.


We reunited, traveled together, dealt with tragedies together.

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We got married…

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…bought a house and made it a home…

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…added to our family…

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…and continue to have amazing adventures together.

Here's to 19 years of knowing you, Beeb. It's been a wonderful ride, and I look forward to the rest of the journey!

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  1. Allie,

    I have always thought it interesting that the tallest men seem to go for the short girls. On the other hand, I am
    5′ 9″ and have always attracted men my own height or shorter than me. Some of  ‘my’  men have been 2-4 inches shorter than I. Then if I wear any heel at all, you can imagine. Somehow the little guys always saw me as a Big, Beautiful Woman. I never saw myself that way, but they did. Just an observation.

  2. Congratulations! 19 years ~ inspiring. I’m with my high school sweetheart too – good to know there are more of us out there and happy! 🙂 

  3. Allie, as many times as I’ve read your blog, I never knew that you and your hubby met in high school!  What a beautiful and romantic love story!  All the best to the both of you and your future together!

  4. Congratulations! I, too, married my high school sweetheart (well, actually, I was in junior high when we started dating) and we celebrated our 30th anniversary this past summer. There’s something quite special about growing up together. May you have many more happy years together. 

  5. 19 Years that is so amazing! Looking at the pictures and reading the post has just made me get shivers and well up.

  6. I can’t help laughing at your husband’s Vanilla Ice hair in the prom picture. From everything you’ve posted about him, and even given the era, it still doesn’t seem like something he’d go for.

    Such a sweet post. Congrats to your many happy years together.

  7. That’s given me a lovely warm happy glow. Congratulations! Wishing you many, many more joyful years together.


  8. I know I retweeted this link earlier, but seriously this post has made me so happy all day. David and I have been together for almost seven years, and so many stories are ones of break-ups and falling outs. This is so encouraging! Congratulations 🙂

  9. That is soooo sweet!  Congratulations on so many happy years together.  I met my husband when I was 14 and we’ve been together almost 22 years now (married for 17.)  I love that we have such a long history already. 

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