A Nice Way to Start a Tuesday…

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This was in my Google Doc for comments…

apology comment

Thank you, anonymous person.  Apology totally accepted, but do take this opportunity to understand that blogs take various shapes and forms, and that for many, the photos can be misconstrued when out of context.  I'd love to know what the heck you're Googling to find close-ups of my face! 🙂

Thank you again everyone for all the support and love the past week, it means the world to me.  And again, as I mentioned last week, don't keep such positivity on the Internet.  The women who really need your support and such wonderful energy are those who aren't likely to start a blog and be all over Google image searches.  Keep the positivity going, keep leading by example!

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  1. I discovered Allie’s website by Googling Ann Taylor in the images. Allie’s photos appear alot as a result.

    I’m pleased to see this person apologized. Not many people would take the time to so so until their conscious was really bothering them.

  2. Good for you for accepting the apology. And good for them for apologizing, but honestly, you’re posting anonymously? Seriously? If you are going to insult someone, at least have the guts to post as yourself.

    This person doesn’t understand what narcissism is. Confidence does not equal narcissism. I’ll just assume they’re a 14 year old, and that was why handled it as such. Anonymous person, if you are an adult, shame on you.

  3. Again, proving the point that too many times people jump to conclusions or form an opinion when they have very little information. Ready, Shoot, then Aim. Ugh!  People! 

    You rock Allie and you are an inspiration to this mom of a 3 year old!  Thank you for your fabulous postings!  Keep them coming!

  4. Kudos to that person for apologizing.  It’s a very difficult thing to do.  What bothers me is that even IF you were a narcissist (which you are not, clearly), what right does anyone have to censor the way someone expresses themselves?  More than anything, and I especially see it in DC, I wish that people would let people be who they are.  If you don’t like it, walk away. 

  5. I agree.  And just because you post photographs of yourself with close ups, that does NOT make you a narcissist.  People throw out words like that without understanding the full impact of what they really mean.  I don’t think a true narcissist would start a fashion blog to HELP other women, as a narcissist is only capable of thinking of themselves and their needs.  However, a narcissistic sociopath might have the need to go around bashing people and passing judgement on people and things they don’t understand because it fulfills their need to feel important.  

    I have struggled with self esteem issues my whole life and I know how hard it is to learn to like yourself and it really pains me when I see someone as genuine and confident as Allie being torn down by an anonymous coward for no reason other than the pleasure of kicking someone down.  I hate bullies!  

  6. and by that I am impressed that they admitted to making an assumption before actually reading. 

    And you are a far better nicer person than I would have been!  Goes to show what a good person you are. 

  7. I never got to come in and give you my support last week when I saw the post and your response- but wow- I’m glad this person actually had the cahones to send you an apology! 

    and as always- you know I have your back! 🙂 

  8. While I’m happy you are mature enough to accept that… I’m still bothered by the way they handled it. People really need to just stop, and grow up. Yes i’m stubborn…this is a blog, and I say this time and time again, people get really wierd when someone who isn’t society’s idea of fake beauty is confident, and loving themselves. You’re pictures are straight and to the point in this blog, and for someone to gather all those thoughts based on your pictures is downright insane. They used strong words just with you, and I guess since I’ve chatted with you a bit, I know you’re a nice woman, and a great mom. 

  9. I think your answer is appropriate.

    A blog that had pictures of a person mutilating or destroying or hating themselves wouldn’t be a fashion blog.  It might have a following, but it would be a different audience!

  10. Wow, that really surprises me that they came back with an apology! I think many times people 1) make quick assumptions without even reading the content of a blog (let alone news story, history book, etc….), and 2) really don’t realize that there’s a real person behind a blog – you aren’t a manufactured celebrity. Way to go Anonymous – that was a really nice gesture. 

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