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I wore this dress from Gwynnie Bee, which I mentioned I will be taking to Forecastle. It dried relatively quickly after jumping in the pool, and everything (including my iPhone) stayed in my pockets. It didn’t stick to my legs when wet and when dry, even after wringing it, it looked pretty fantastic. Three cheers for Cherry Velvet, a Canadian brand that creates adorable fashion for cusp and plus sized women, and three cheers for Gwynnie Bee who offers their fab frocks!

I want to thank you all for your amazing comments on my last post. It was a tough day, and I was especially hard on myself because I saw me and Emerson as a reflection of Karl, who was working. He has gotten gigs before from shooting events, and I worried that folks may find us batty and it would affect his work. However as many of you mentioned, few likely would remember it and many would likely have done the same or have done the same in the past. Thank you all, I have some of the most amazing readers and am so glad I have been able to connect with you through this blog and consider many of you friends. THANK YOU!

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  1. I have read your blog and you are an inspiration. I have lymphoma and lupus and for the past several years have been living in a size 12-14 body. YOU have truly helped me accept myself, and when you share such personal stories, it makes me feel not so alone. Oh, and had I been at the party I would have jped in in my dress just so you wouldn’t feel alone! :0)

  2. Still thinking about the Saturday episode, you may well have over-reacted, but that’s a maternal instinct and there’s no shame in it. The thing that strikes me is how unhelpful the hosts were – why weren’t you both given dry stuff (even a robe) and your wet clothes put in a dryer … or something? Seriously, I know you were there with Karl who was working, but I can’t imagine letting someone be miserable like that at my home, no matter what the circumstances.

    And it is a really lovely dress – very pretty on you.

  3. This is a gorgeous dress print and shape wise – I have not read what happened on Saturday but having to jump into the pool wearing this marvelous frock sounds like an emergency –

  4. Love that print. Loft has a top right now that has a similar print, but I would maim to have that dress in my closet!

  5. Awww… I was a bit behind on my blog reading and missed Saturday’s post until today. You are way too hard on yourself, woman. I’m 46 and still a catastrophe, to some extent. I don’t quite fall flat on my face in front of the entire school anymore, but I’m too loud, too opinionated, also tell the wrong jokes to the wrong people, can be too sensitive, and overreact. All.the.time. I’ve been there before with feeling like a hot mess – I’m socially awkward and feel like the world’s biggest doofus in social situations.

    And, yet, I’ve been told “oh, you’re so outgoing and good at parties” (not even!), so my goofy energy must come off as charming to some extent. I’ve also discovered, after talking to other women who I thought were super-together and totally unflappable, that they also feel like complete numbskulls at times.

    As for the jumping into the pool – I’m a world class overreactor to little kids in danger, even if they aren’t mine. I think that it comes with being a teacher – but, rest assured, if we’re ever at a party together, I’ll be right there in the pool with you and then we can sit around, drinking wine, and feeling like walking catastrophes while our dresses dry off. Besides… it’s the stuff that goes wrong that makes the best stories later. And a little embarrassment now is nothing compared to the sense of security that Emerson has from knowing that her mom values her over iPhones and party dresses.

  6. I haven’t had a chance to comment on your post about Saturday yet – but I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I’ve so been there – I had a similar experience with Ben, in a deeper-than-we-thought wading area at very popular and hip NYC park. I waded in up to my waist to rescue him in my favorie pair of calvin klein cargo capris. I was mortified, worried for Ben and soaking wet. I’m also awkward and riddled with anxiety in social situations like that too. I’m the mom who would be right there with you, huddled in the playroom, with the kids.

  7. Can’t you hijack the dress?! It really is stunning and suits you very well. Besides… who doesn’t need a dress that can survive a water rescue? The way we keep having flash floods around here, I should probably invest in one!

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