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With Instagram and Facebook down for most of Monday, I decided to use some time to share looks I may have shared on those platforms but not here on Wardrobe Oxygen. And with it, I can give some backstory as to why I put the pieces together, similar pieces to shop, etc.

marimekko silk shirt

Yesterday while social media was down, I was at lunch! We went to Le Diplomate which is always a lovely time. I wore this silk Marimekko t-shirt you previously saw in this post, with my Talbots flared jeans (seen here), a leopard belt from cabi (here is a similar one) and my brown Doc Marten boots previously seen here. I took my Maxwell Scott saddle bag for a purse.

marimekko silk t shirt

Sephora is right down the street so we stopped in, and I couldn't help but take a selfie in the empty store with the colorful background!


wardrobe oxygen

The other week we went to IKEA to get my mom a new couch. To dress for shopping and then building furniture, I wore this look. This is this t-shirt from Banana Republic (size large) with these cargo pants also from Banana Republic that you previously saw in this post. My Girlfriend Collective belt bag as a crossbody, Adidas shelltops to protect my toes, and for some style, this necklace and these hoops (both are from Baublebar and great quality).


wardrobe oxygen talbots jeans

Saturday night, my daughter had a Girl Scouts get together. It was going down to 60 and I wanted to be comfortable but heck, with so few social occasions these days I love an opportunity to look cute! These are the same Talbots flared jeans I wore to lunch, and the same Doc Martens. The top is this sweatshirt from Soma which is as comfortable and easy-care as a regular sweatshirt, but the sleeves elevate it and make it look more refined. I'm wearing this necklace from Etsy and again my Maxwell Scott saddle bag.

Maxwell Scott Promo Code

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wardrobe oxygen audrey sweater

I don't remember what day this was, but it was a work from home day when I had a Zoom call so it was comfy but not sweatpants on the bottom and a nice sweater and necklace on top. The sweater is the Talbots Audrey in the green color they have this year, size XL. The necklace is very old from cabi. The pants are these from J. Crew in size 14.

talbots audrey sweater

I liked the green with the necklace so much I chose it for a recent post I had on Instagram. This is a test photo from that shoot plotting out where my husband and I would sit, the lighting, etc. My lipcolor is NARS in Pigalle.


zella jumpsuit

I shared this Zella jumpsuit on the blog in this post but not since. I still love this jumpsuit, it's stretchy and lightweight and comfy. I'm wearing a size large. I wore it with my Girlfriend Collective belt bag as my purse and these new Fila sneakers. I have been wanting some super chunky sneakers that aren't white but aren't colorful and it seems they're all either a kazillion dollars or a cheap rip-off of the kazillion dollar pair. These are from Fila and aren't trying to be anything but Fila.

The all off-white color is pretty much sold out everywhere (I got my pair at Shopbop) but the Fila Disruptor is a nice alternative and American Eagle has an off-white version that is so cool my daughter asked if she could get a pair AND said it's not weird to have “your moms” (AKA y'all who read this) to wear the same shoes. She says they're “universal like Chucks.” They also have a pure white version at Rack Room Shoes.



And because I am a human, some days I leave the house and it's less like what's above and more like this. I'm wearing my Saint James Breton top (read my Saint James Breton review) with these pants from J. Crew in Large Petite, my white leather Birks, a baseball cap that came in a promo box from the skincare brand Colleen Rothschild (it says SPF on it in white font), and my Dagne Dover organic cotton tote (this is the smaller size).


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  1. These posts are great—I think you should do them on a regular-ish rotation. I like seeing what you really wear & you just look marvelous! Thank you for linking that belt—it’s on its way to my house.

  2. Looking good Girl!! I love the jumpsuit…you know you look great in all of the outfits.

    I checked out the eyebobs as well. Trying to decide because of the price.

    1. I second that! I have unsubscribed from a LOT of fashion blogs but NEVER from yours. I love the detailed descriptions and please keep it up.

  3. Checked out the Eyebobs and they have some great-looking glasses, but $89 for readers makes me wince. The way I lose and abuse mine, not sure I can justify the price. Do you find that you take better care of them given the price?

    1. I hear you, the price got me too. But I did a few of the cheapy online brands and ones from the drugstore and none of them fit my face and I didn’t want to wear them out (totally need them for reading menus these days, especially in the evening!). I bought a pair of Eyebobs last year as a birthday gift to myself and was like… this is different. These are like prescription quality, I could bend the arms for a good fit, the lenses didn’t get all scratched and cloudy, they were so nice and they have stayed nice.

      I do have my cheapy backup pairs, but these feel like… well like you can go to sleep in an old t-shirt, or you can buy nice pajamas. It’s not for everyone, but it makes me feel fancy and not dread wearing readers.

      1. I must say, the try-on feature is really cool–didn’t realize it’d just pop them on me without having to upload a picture! While I have made my peace with reading glasses, being just shy of 60, I hear you on wanting something nice if you’re going to be using it a lot. I may spring for a pair for work, since I do wear them most every day in the office (at home, I often go without my contacts and I’m OK, but commuting without contacts would be pretty surreal!).

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