Adventures in Baby Rearing…

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I told this story to my mom tonight at dinner and I hadn't heard her laugh so hard or so long in years. Thought I would share it with you readers…

So for those who have breast fed, you know that the breasts can leak. For some women, it is occasional, for others… it's a constant thing. I had no clue – this is one of the things that women forget to tell those who will become new mothers. They don't give details about childbirth, and they don't tell you how your body will go utterly wacko after the baby.

So anyway… leaky breasts. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have had the problem with this. Well Saturday night I enjoyed my first bubble bath since Emerson arrived (put her on the bathroom floor in her Boppy swing with the music going and she was totally chill). After the bath I put Emerson in her Pack and Play (she sleeps in our room right now) and I decided to lie down on the bed to let the Neutrogena Body Oil soak in and air dry. As with most new moms, I instantly passed out. I woke when my husband came to bed, he curled up next to me and just like new dads, also quickly passed out.

I woke a couple of hours later from a weird dream where I was really sweaty and clammy and not feeling well. I sat up with a start and realized I was damp in real life. OMG, I rolled over onto my stomach in my sleep and had leaked ALL OVER THE BED. I think if I had peed the bed it wouldn't have been as much liquid as this. I didn't know my breasts held that much, especially since I had just fed Emerson a couple hours prior. Thank goodness for the waterproof mattress pad!

I got up to clean myself up, get on a bra and tuck in some nursing pads. When I came back to the bed, I saw my husband was still in the same position where he was spooning me – he was curled around the milk puddle, deep in sleep. I couldn't get back in bed in the puddle; I put a towel over it and the milk seeped right through. Since my husband was curled around where I used to be, he was mostly on my side of the bed. So I decided to slip in on his side of bed and spoon him.

Guess I got a bit territorial in my sleep because I pushed him, and he rolled… right into the puddle. He said he had a dream about drowning and woke up in a cold sticky milk puddle. Poor guy, but man it was FUNNY!

And this was a night where Emerson decided to sleep through the night. I swear, when the girl decides to do that, there is always something that takes place where we still don't get a good night's sleep!

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  1. Allie-
    keep up with all the postings- its your blog, you get to do what you like with it.
    Besides, you are showing a lot of people that it is possible to have a baby, a life and look cute in the process.
    I stage managed a show with a breast feeding actress, I would arrange breaks around her boobies and the make director didnt get it…until the one day we stuck to his schedule… can imagine the rest.

  2. Sorry, that was so funny. I don’t know why anyone would think it TMI, we all have a story like this, whether we are Mommys or not.

    I couldn’t nurse, but trust me, bottles leak too I was called in during mat leave for a meeting. I had to feed my son before, and the bottle exploded. So all the work I had done to look polished and professional, in an all male engineering company, was all for naught.

    If only I had been smart enough to bring an extra blouse…full makeup…and had kept a shower in my office..

  3. A –
    We dont get to see each other much. M&A keep me updated on the three of you plus reading your WONDERFUL blogs. I love reading about baby E and all that goes with it. Take care and keep the stories and pictures coming!

  4. Erm, that’s probably the kind of post that’s turning subscribers off. :0 A little TMI on a wardrobe blog, no? LOL, really– I’m not offended. BTDT, but you noted that you’re losing subscribers. Maybe a “happy medium” is in order. You know, cute pics of the babe and such, but not bodily fluid descriptions…?
    Just sayin’…. 😉
    of course, it’s your blog, your content. Whatever works for you!

  5. too too funny! ok but I am green with envy that she is beginning to sleep through the night already!! some of us (OK, me) have those all night woes for the first year!!!

  6. I leaked until my two nursers weaned themselves. I remember sleeping on towels for months, and always needing a towel for the unused side while the baby was nursing. I don’t miss that, although I did find I enjoyed breastfeeding much more than I thought I ever would. Such sweet closeness with your babe 🙂

  7. I KNOW! I just had my first baby the end of February and no one ever tells you that your breasts will suddenly turn into fountains. They feel free to give you all sorts of advice otherwise but never do they happen to mention that little detail….

  8. Good thing is, once your milk supply regulates – no more leaking! It happened at around 3 months for me.

  9. Poor tired Mommy! Nobody told me about that with my first either.
    I keep a stack of towels next to the bed and usually sleep on one ( since I”m not one to sleep in a bra) – easily changed if it gets wet.

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