Dressing for Casual Friday at the Office

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Sweater – Ann Taylor (similar)
Skirt – c/o Ann Taylor (no longer online)
Tights DKNY
Booties – Talbots
BraceletsAnn Taylor, Lauren Ralph Lauren, clothing swap

So I have found the most brilliant invention – plus petite tights from DKNY. I am 5'3″ but in the land of hosiery that means I should weigh less than 160 pounds. So either my tights are cutting off circulation at my waist, or they are bagging at my ankles and knees by noon. Enter DKNY ‘412' tights, which come in Petite Plus! Halleluiah! These tights are the right length, don't dig into my belly, and aren't stretching their limits over my thighs and calves! While the quality isn't quite as good as Nordstrom tights (not as even of a weave and I don't know if they would pass the barefoot on sidewalk test), they are comfortable and a classic denier and not shiny. They aren't cheap, but they often go on sale (I got my pair for $10 at Nordstrom a week ago). If you have this same issue as I, check these tights out!

Note: I realized the link for these tights wasn't working – updated.  Thanks YouLookFab!

This is a pretty simple outfit because I had to go to a client site today.  Casual Friday, so wasn't going to wear a full-out suit, but didn't want to be too casual.  I stopped by Ann Taylor last night and with my $20 rewards card, the discount on clearance and a bit of a gift card remaining, I didn't have to pay for this skirt! It's a soft flannel feel and more of an oyster color than cream or beige.  It has an exposed zipper like my orange skirt, but for this skirt it's down the back.  This sweater I have had for eons, I may have even owned it in college.  Classic-cut merino and cashmere sweaters never go out of style!

So what are your weekend plans?  There is a craft fair in town that we will be visiting tomorrow.  I also hope to get and put up our tree – Emerson is obsessed with Christmas and I'd like her to have the experience.  On Sunday my sister and I are going to get massages (first one I think since my honeymoon!), and then going to my mom's house to make Christmas cookies with Emerson.  As a kid, we used to make sugar cookies every Christmas – my sister and I loved the bear cookie cutter – we would take sprinkles and jimmies and meticulously decorate, creating necklaces, facial features, clothing with the candy.  One would hardly want to eat them, they were created with such detail!  I know Emerson will only be shaking red and green sprinkles, but I know she's going to have a blast with the process!

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  1. I love that skirt – the winter white, coupled with everything else in black is so chic!

    I was busy with volunteering to pack up care packages for the troops on Saturday and then spent the rest of the weekend running errands. I did find a super cute pair of Sofft suede brown Mary Janes at Nordstrom Rack for half off though…

  2. My weekend has been filled with lots of Christmas activities as well.  I love this time of year.  And you look so chic.  Finding the perfect pair of tights is such a pain.  I have found that I particularly like DVF and Ralph Lauren, because they are sturdier than some others I have tried.  But inevitably I end up snagging them in the first couple of wears anywhere, so I don’t know if it makes them worth the price.

  3. Omg Allie!!  So happy to hear about petite tights….I cannot wait to check those out!  Thank you so much for this info 😉

  4. This is such an attractive outfit! And thank you for the tip on the tights; I am shorter than you and way out of that weight range, I’m afraid, and because of that I haven’t worn a skirt in years because I strangle in hose of any kind. Looking forward to trying these.

  5. I love this look too, super polished. I guess my next hunt will be for something with an exposed zipper.
    We are braving Yo Gabba Gabba live this weekend with A, then a Christmas lighting near our home. She is super excited about lights too.

  6. You look so cool and chic, and professional – and I love those shoes too! Baking cookies sounds like an absolutely precious experience for three generations  : >

  7. Thank you! I do like massages but always put them off (and facials, and pedicures, etc.) because I feel I don’t have the funds for it. But really they are so relaxing and good for you, I should reallocate money towards them more often!

  8. Love the simplicity of your outfit with those sexy heels!  Really cute!  Enjoy the tree lighting with Emerson and, most of all, the bonding time with your sister during your massages!  Myself, I have to get massages regularly.  I find that they relax me from head to toe of the day-to-day stress. 

  9. It is about time I updated my stance on this. Now that peeptoes have crossed over into booties and more solid of shoes, it is a different matter. I find that if I wear them with the same color of tights (and not hose) it works, and I see this on others as well. I feel the tights need to be pretty opaque, the shoe obviously a winter shoe and not trying to make a spring slingback peeptoe pump work in December. But yep… I have come over to the darkside when it comes to tights and peeptoes!

  10. Oops, just realized the brown shoes from earlier this week were closed-toe… so I guess this just applies to today 🙂

  11. Hi Allie – LOVE your blog and so glad I found it as I’m transitioning to a more corporate career requiring a bit more fashionable wardrobe than the one I currently own. 

    Quick question (update, maybe?)  I noticed that you have worn tights with open-toed shoes and did a search to see if you’d ever talked about it before.  Lo and behold (of course!), you did a post on it a few years ago in which you said YES to contrasting tights, but no to pantyhose or anything with a reinforced toe.  I noticed you’ve paired some matching tights with open toes lately (brown earlier this week and black today).  Has your perspective changed on this? 

    I ask not to nit-pick but because I really enjoy your outfits and this is a question I’ve struggled with as I see all the cute peep-toes but also live in the DC area with our cold winters!

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