Ask Allie: Ankle Pants for Curvy Cusp Sized Women

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I love the Kady pant from ELOQUII, but I'm losing weight. The things I like about the Kady pant include the perfect ankle length, the variety of colors that keep being introduced, the versatility of the pant (work appropriate and casual appropriate too), and the cut that makes room for a curvy gal's figure. Do you have any recommendations for a [cusp-sized] vendor that can come close to the attributes of the Kady?

plus size bloggers wearing the ELOQUII Kady pant

Bloggers in the ELOQUII Kady Pant:
La Pecosa Preciosa | FabEllis | Killer Kurves | Stylish Curves | Sometimes Glam

I haven't tried the Kady yet, but you're not the first to tell me the pant is utter perfection.  Now that ELOQUII has short and long lengths and size 12, I may pull the trigger and try them this year.  I asked around and did a bit of research and these brands seem to have pants that are similar in fabric, cut, and rave reviews as the ELOQUII Kady ankle pant:

  • The “Kate” Ankle pant from Ann Taylor is popular, comes in a variety of colors, and seems to continue after more than one season. A bonus, this pant also comes in petite and tall
  • The ‘Richmond” 7/8 pant from Boden is another ankle pant that is a similar concept. They get great reviews and seem to have the style year-round in a variety of prints, colors, and even fabrics
  • The “Paley” pant from J. Crew is another perennial fave. Right now they seem low on selection but I wouldn't be surprised if by late February they have a bunch of different colors and prints in stock

Readers, do you have a favorite ankle pant that flatters a curvy feature?  Do share in the comments!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love Boden’s Richmond pant. I’ve gained a fair amount of weight the last few years and these pants were great for me in three different sizes. I do find they tend to run slightly large, so if between sizes, I’d round down. Thankfully, they have free returns so if you get it wrong, it’s not catastrophic. I haven’t had an issue with the pockets like Roberta mentioned. I find that as long as they are the correct size (not too small), the pockets lay perfectly flat, but different bodies may have different issues.

  2. Trying to avoid too much fast fashion, but I have been dropping lbs and the Pixie Pants from Old Navy have been a lifesaver. They are very similar to the Kady and come in ankle and regular lengths. Like a lot of cheap stuff, though, sizing is kinda all over the place. Inconsistent from pair to pair, even, and not accurate. For instance, I am down to a very comfortable size 16/often baggy and maybe could even do a size 14 in a lot of brands. I am an 18 in the pixies. Makes no sense. But still, they are good pants for a stop gap.

  3. Another shout out to Ann Taylor pants, especially the Devin cut. I’m a size 12/14 on the bottom, and the Devins in size 12 are perfect. I own three pairs. AT pants are made really well in general, especially with their every other week 40% off sales. I tried the Boden Richmond, but they have vertical pockets, and they flare out in an unflattering way. The Devin pants have a horizontal pocket, which doesn’t pull or pop out. Details!

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