$15 Soma Bra Sale!

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woman in white shirt with a lacy black bra peeking out
Peeking under this white shirt is the Soma Sensuous Lace Bra – a fave I share below!

I'm so excited to share that today only, Soma is offering all Soma brand bras for only $15! This promotion is only online and only today, Sunday August 25th. The details:

  • Only one $15 per customer – use promo code 38010 at checkout
  • This is only for Soma brand bras, not other brands sold on the Soma site
  • No price adjustments for previous purchases
  • If you spend $50 or more, you will receive free shipping
  • Soma has bras in bands from 32-46, cups A-H, and clothing and intimates XS-3XL

I'm a big Soma fan. I recently had the chance to visit their corporate office in Florida (recap to come) and I learned even more about their design, technology, and innovation. As a woman with a large bust, I'm super picky about my bras and some of my favorites are from Soma; read my latest favorite bras post which features Soma and other brands. Soma does such a good job marrying style, support, and comfort. My picks:

  • Stunning Support Balconette Bra – This gives me lift and great shape while being pretty and comfortable. This has a lace pattern but it's invisible under light-colored and lightweight knits. This is a great everyday bra and t-shirt bra. Here's my original review.
  • Stunning Support Strapless Bra – This is MY FAVORITE STRAPLESS BRA. It deserves all caps because never before have I owned a strapless bra that lifts, gives shape, and is comfortable for several hours. For years I shopped based on bra, but now I can wear spaghetti straps, halters, and off the shoulder looks without issue.  Here is my original review from earlier this year.
  • Cooling Full Coverage Bra – I did a review of the Cooling Balconette and it's great, but I've since tried the full-coverage version and find the fit much better for my shape. And it really does keep you cool – I wore this bra all day to a music festival in the heat and sun and didn't end up with under-boob sweat, chafing, or feeling as though my bra was a heavy sponge.
  • Sensuous Lace Unlined Bra – Usually, the larger the bust size the uglier the bra. This is a truly beautiful bra that comes in larger sizes and also provides support. If you want something a bit sexier without sacrificing lift and shape, this is a great choice.
  • Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra – I have had the chance to try many bras from these new trendy online-only bra companies. Each time I get what is usually the only style for a larger bust, I try it and think, “This is their sad attempt at Soma's Vanishing Back Bra.” This bra is uber comfortable, it's completely invisible even under fitted knits, comes in some beautiful colors and prints, and is just so smartly designed. Little things, like the strap adjustment is in the front, not the back. If you look inside the cup you'll see three sections; each one offers a different level of stretch to ensure lift, support, but a natural shape. Even though it goes up to a G cup and 44 band, the straps aren't all big and bulky so you can wear it with thinner-strapped tops and dresses. This bra is a must in almost every woman's lingerie drawer.
  • Lightest Lift Perfect Full Coverage Bra – Now, this one isn't perfect for me, but it's a freaking fantastic bra. It's so light, like the weight of a pair of underwear light. It's pretty, and I'd say up to a DD cup it offers great support and shape. It does fit me and gives good shape, but I personally prefer more lift. But this bra is seriously worth a check.
  • Enbliss Wireless Bralette – Again, if you're a smaller bust (even if you're a larger band), this is a great bra. This is a good sleep bra, lounge bra, and offers enough support and shape that it can also be your long flight bra, quick run to Target and bump into your ex bra, and vacation bra. Every woman I met on the Soma trip swears by this bra. I'm just a bit too large for it (I wear a G in Soma bras).
  • Enbliss Bra Tank – The same thing as the bralette, but a full-length tank.  It's a refined fabric so you can wear it under pieces but also let it show.  My friend Tanya loves it for travel with leggings and a long cardigan. I think it would also be great for lounging or tucked into full pants or a full skirt.  It comes in colors but also a few skin tones too to over modesty under sheerer pieces (perfect with a pointelle or open-knit sweater!).

For those who have not shopped with Soma online before a few facts:

  • If you are a member of Shoprunner, shipping and returns are always free at Soma. If you join their free Love Soma Rewards program, you will occasionally get free shipping and the more you buy from Soma, you will always receive free shipping. Click here to learn more about the Love Soma rewards program; click here to learn more about Shoprunner which is free and works for a variety of retailers.
  • Returns must be made within 60 days and be either in original condition or defective. You will receive a prepaid return label with your purchase; if you use it $7 will be taken from your return. You can also make online returns for free at any Soma boutique.
  • International orders, please visit this link for the information on how to make returns.
  • I highly recommend visiting a Soma boutique to get a professional fitting. Our bodies change so much with diet, activity, age, and life changes that we should be fitted a minimum of once a year. Even if you're still wearing the same clothing size, it's likely that your bra size has changed. If you do not have a Soma near you, they have a cool tool called INNOFIT which lets you find your size in the comfort of your own home. Read my Soma INNOFIT review.

Shop My Picks:

I hope you get to take advantage of this amazing promotion. Do let me know what bra you get, and to help fellow Wardrobe Oxygen readers, if you're comfortable, in the comments share your favorite Soma bras!

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  1. It worked for me, late Sunday night Central time. YOU RULE Allie! Nothing like a high quality bra for under $25 shipped! I tried the Vanishing back although I’m also very intrigued by the Cooling bra after the summer we’ve been having.

  2. I’m having so much trouble with Soma’s website that I called customer service and couldn’t get through.

  3. Fortunately, I took your advice to get an in-store fitting before ordering — because the website has been so buggy today, they honored the promotion in the stores. I got a “vanishing back” bra but I’m particularly happy with the bralette. It’s nice to have a bra less structured for casual times, but that still has some control. I agree that there might not be enough support in the bralette for women with a larger bust, but as a D cup I felt comfortable.

    I hope that some other women got a chance to purchase! The website problems are very frustrating, I can imagine.

  4. Nothing for me either. I feel like a sucker for jumping on this. As we all know, if it seems too good to be true….I will try again of course and then resent feeling like a sucker. Maybe it will work this time…

  5. So much for the Soma sale. I guess I arrived too late for the party. They have sold out of every bra in my size (44C).

  6. I guess the word is out about the Soma sale. I’ve been trying for about 30 minutes and I’m in an endless loop of logging in, entering the promo code, and entering my payment method. The most recent error said that my payment method wasn’t sufficient enough to cover the $5.95 shipping. It scared me enough to check my bank statement and I was relieved to see it’s a problem on Soma’s end. Now I have a “site maintenance” screen. I must be too late to the party. 🙂

  7. I ordered the vanishing back full coverage bra! Beautiful colors! And thank you for advertising this sale – I was happy to click through your site to purchase.

  8. This is everything. Thank you so much for putting fun and practical content out there. I’ve been following you for a year here and on insta and I enjoy getting outfit inspiration and living vicariously through your travels. I never comment on the blogs I follow (does that make me a lurker? Gross) but this post about finding a good strapless bra for busty gals is like the holy grail for me. I also read your post about how blogs make money and it actually made me feel more empowered and aware as a consumer. I’m happy to put my money toward the influencers I enjoy and trust. That’s you! Thanks!

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