Ask Allie: Lingerie and Loungewear for Large Busts

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Dear Allie,
You have big boobs like me, what do you wear as pajamas? This might be TMI but I hate pajamas because they don’t lift my boobs and it makes me look sloppy and definitely not sexy. My boobs are too big for PJ pants and a tank, and in a nightgown my boobs are down to my tummy. What do you wear?
Thanks, Ashley
Hi Alison:
Love your style but would love to see what you wear for loungewear. After work or for bed, what do you wear that is stylish and flattering to your body? I know you can’t be wearing sweats like me, I need inspiration from a fellow woman with curves!
Please help, I am in a new relationship and want some lingerie that isn’t corsets and g-strings but everything is either made for girls with small breasts and firm young bodies, or else for porn stars. Is there any happy medium? Any suggestions on brands that would make me feel pretty and not trashy?

Oh my dear women, I feel your pain. The Victoria’s Secret catalog arrives in your mailbox, you flip through page after glossy page of beautiful women in comfy pajama pants and tank tops, cute printed pajama sets, feminine chemises and you think, “What about me?” While their loungewear is gorgeous, it’s geared towards the firm or the slight. Loungewear trends aren’t kind to a woman with curves – knit and flannel drawstring pants aren’t terribly flattering, and a shelf bra in a standard tank can be downright ridiculous on a woman larger than a C cup.

With this new post-baby body I have been on the search for loungewear and sleepwear – pieces that are feminine and flattering but I can still answer the door or enter Emerson's room when she has a nightmare. Garments that are comfortable, but also supportive. It has been a challenge, but there are some brands out there that create such sleepwear and loungewear:

Two Figs:
Two Figs is a San Francisco-based brand of sleepwear specifically created for women with breasts of a D cup or larger. Founder Deb Figge had the same desires as us – loungewear and sleepwear fit and flatter a woman with a large bust. The pieces are sized by bra band size (1= 30/32 band, 2=34, 3=36, 4=38).

Two Figs Empire Camisole and Short White

Two Figs was fabulous enough to send me their Two Figs Empire Camisole and Shorts to review and I have to say I am highly impressed. The camisole has a structured shelf bra inside that truly fits and supports my 36E bust. The straps are adjustable for a custom fit. The lace band below the bust whittles the waist and creates a true hourglass frame. The stretchy silky fabric glides over curves and doesn’t roll at the hem. The shorts are adorable – retro-inspired tap pants that don’t cling to the bum and hips. I loved the separates – this camisole would be equally adorable with a pair of silky or modal pajama pants for a true loungewear look. While this collection is sexy and feminine, you don’t have everything on display and your curves are properly supported and flattered.

two figs lingerie

Composed of custom Swiss lace and lustrous materials, Two Figs’ collection of camisoles, chemises, gowns and bottoms is engineered to satisfy the expectations of the woman who has long deserved more from her sleepwear. The quality of Two Figs is stellar, the style classic yet feminine. Two Figs is available in specialty lingerie boutiques – see their site for locations

While researching this topic I also came across the brand Bijte, a US-based lingerie brand created specifically for busty women. Bijte specifically caters to women who are not plus size, but have full busts. Bijte garments are designed to fit women sized 4 – 14, with cups sizes from C to F.

bijte lingerie

While their pieces are considered to be more along the lines of lingerie than loungewear (they specialize in camis, babydolls, boyshorts, briefs, and thongs), pieces like their Triangle Lace and Silk Mesh Cami could be paired with traditional lounge pants for a comfortable ensemble, or worn with the boyshots for a sexier look.

One great thing about being a nursing mom was finding bra tanks that actually fit my large chest. I could be one of those women in plain flannel pajama pants, a tank, and fuzzy slippers sipping coffee and reading the paper on a Sunday morning! The thing is, nursing tanks LOOK like nursing tanks. Often you can see the cutout through the top layer of the bodice, and there’s those plastic clasps right there on the straps. Glamourmom realized that women loved their tanks even if they weren’t nursing and made a non-nursing version. They look like traditional bra tanks, but have a built-in soft cup and fit up to DDD cups.

Soma Intimates:
Soma Intimates prides themselves on lingerie and loungewear that is not only beautiful, but comfortable. They have a line of sleepwear called Cool Nights that keeps you cool and dry (wonderful for hot flashes or if you’re like me and sleep next to a person that radiates a ton of heat). The camisoles in this line have soft cups built in for shape and soft support.

soma intimates

All sleep camis, gowns, and chemises from Soma Intimates have at least an empire waist and gathers for some bust shape, if not a soft cup bra.

Bravissimo is a UK company that specializes in lingerie, sleepwear, and swimwear for women up to a KK cup. Though they are in the UK, they do ship to the US (read shipping and return details prior to ordering).

bravissimo silk nightdress

Pieces like their Lace Nightdress and Silk Nightdress are feminine and flattering while offering a built-in wire-free bra. Their pieces are sold by bust size for a custom fit.


Do you have a large bust? Where have you found flattering yet supportive lingerie and loungewear?



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  1. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality information. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. So true! I like the camisoles from Felina because they are sexy without being revealing and they also offer some support. I often wear a cardigan over top so I can be more presentable in front of the kids, or if UPS makes a delivery, etc. 
    Also I love their bras and panties. I first got them at Nordstrom, but now buy straight from the source.  They carry a wide size range which is awesome because I don’t wear a size that most stores carry (32DD/DDD — G when I was nursing!)

  3. thank you! i’ve suffered from this bodily cognitive dissonance ever since i could i remember. i  mean, wouldn’t a woman who rocks a sexy body want to encase it in tastefully sexy garments (not every well-endowed woman is looking for fredericks of hollywood…)? thank you for lighting the way!

  4. I came across an unexpected great find at a thrift store for $3.  I wonder if it would work for others?  I don’t like to wear a bra type thing for loungewear, but I hate “nipping”.   I picked up a Middle East type dress/tunic made of 100% silk.  It’s a thick, cottony feeling silk.  It looks handmade but I’ve seen others made in this same style. 

    It completely covers my bust, has comfortable long sleeves, slips easily over my head and the side seams split beginning at my thighs.  I LOVE sleeping in it.  Silk is warm and also naturally breathes.  And the best part is that somehow the fabric covers and camoflauges the “nipping”. 

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  I hate going around w/o a bra because my chest is just too big for “normal” nightgowns and lounge wear.  Litterally, the straps on the old navy cami’s cry when they see me coming!  Now to somehow slip this email under DH’s pillow without being too obvious.  😉

  6. Thank you so much for doing all this research!  I am looking forward to checking out some of these sources.

    I can’t add much but Agent Provocateur has a few robes and nightgowns that fit my size 16 figure.  They’re not really lounge wear for wearing around the kids, they are nice for wearing around a husband.  I even found a garter belt, which is nice to wear when alone with your partner.

    I think you’ve mentioned this before but there are also swimsuit companies that make suits by bust size and offer support so you’re not sagging on the beach.


  7. I have a relatively large bust for my frame (32 DD) but I have yet to reach the point where I care about what I wear for loungewear (think I am slowly getting there :)- I tend to lean towards sports bras and hoodies to cover the boobs up much to the disappointment of my husband haha. Maybe I will check out these brands and see if they are comfy…

  8. I want to send props to Bravissimo.  I haven’t bought loungewear from them, but I do have a number of bras from them (bought when I lived in the UK) and mail ordered a swimsuit over the summer (back in the US) that fits wonderfully.  I can only imagine their loungewear is as comfortable and well-constructed.

  9. Oh, I am SO glad you addressed this. I’m between a C and D cup and all those cute nightgowns at VS wouldn’t begin to cover me. The one that works for me is:


    I have 4 or 5 of these in black (but now that I see this perifrost color, I’m ordering another one!) and they are highly flattering. The lace bodice is stretchy and supportive. And the way it’s fitted just under the bust (the smallest part!) makes it very attractive. My husband loves these. About 15 years ago he said that if I’d quit sleeping in over-sized t-shirts he’d keep me in pretty lingerie. We’ve both held up our end of the bargain. 

    I’m going to be checking out some of your suggestions. Thank you again. I don’t comment often but I read your blog faithfully. It’s so helpful to have someone who is short and curvy share what works. 

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