The Universal Standard Denim Drive is Back!

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Universal Standard Denim Drive sale 2023: all the details and recommendations on which styles of denim and how they fit by Alison Gary of Wardrobe oxygen

Have you heard about the Universal Standard Denim Drive? It's an annual event that Universal Standard hosts where you can save big with denim styles on sale for as low as $35 and a reward for recycling your old jeans. This event is only through December 3rd, and I have all the details below along with some of my thoughts on US denim, as I have owned and tried many of their styles.

For reference, I am 5'3″ and usually a size 14 petite in jeans. I have a round rear and belly, strong thighs, and solid calves. Usually a 27-28″ is a nice ankle jean on me, 29″ is full-length with flats, and I can usually do up to 32″ depending on the height of my shoe's heel and/or platform. More often than not, I am an XS or size 12 in Universal Standard with it being snugger or looser depending on all the factors our bodies can experience in a season.

Save 10% at Universal Standard Sitewide

Universal Standard provided me with an exclusive promo code to get 10% off sitewide through December 3, 2023. Use promo code INFS-BFALISON10 at checkout to save an additional 10%. This is ON TOP of any sales going on for Black Friday/Cyber Monday as well as the low prices on jeans and denim fashion for the Universal Standard Denim Drive. This code can be used on more than one purchase and on all product on the US site.

How To Get Universal Standard Denim for $35 through Their Denim Drive:

Visit this link to access the Universal Standard Denim Drive. You will see a menu on the page breaking down denim styles by price – $35 denim, denim under $50, denim under $75, and so on. There is also a category for new denim and the best deals in the Universal Standard Denim Drive.

Universal Standard is offering steep markdowns on 100+ essential denim styles available in 22 sizes: 00-40. Styles for curvy figures, styles in different inseam lengths, different rises, different washes, and different leg openings. This sale goes beyond jeans to other denim clothing offered by Universal Standard such as shorts, jackets, and dresses.

How Long Does the Universal Standard Denim Drive Run?

The Universal Standard Denim runs until December 3, 2023. Styles and sizes will run out so don't delay. If there is a style that intrigues you, now is the time to buy. IMO, this is the best denim sale that Universal Standard offers all year long. There is no need for a promo code; items part of the Universal Standard Denim Drive promotion are priced as marked (you will see the discount in red on the US website). However, I have a code for 10% off in addition to these amazing prices! Use promo code INFS-BFALISON10 for 10% off any Universal Standard order now through December 3, 2023.

Fit Tips for Shopping Universal Standard Denim

I've owned several pairs of Universal Standard jeans over the years and my biggest tip is to size down. For example, if I buy a pair of jeans from Talbots I'd choose a size 14 petite. If I get a pair of jeans from Madewell, I go with a size 32. Gap, I am sometimes a 33. With Universal Standard, I go with size 12. Don't think this means Universal Standard jeans are tight or uncomfortable.

When shopping Universal Standard… I recommend checking out their size chart for the best fit. Each product page has a size chart specific to that cut and design. Customer reviews are plentiful and can assist you in deciding between two sizes, and if wash/color determines fit (which is true with any denim brand).

What Universal Standard Denim I Own (and what I really think)

I've already shared above some of the Universal Standard denim I own. Still, after all these years and having US one of the few brands that make denim that fits my body well (first skinny jeans I ever owned that I didn't have to hike up each time I rose from a seat), I've tried or owned several of the pieces that may be included in the Denim Drive sale.

A collage of six photos of Alison wearing Universal Standard jeans.

The collage above shows me wearing six different pairs of Universal Standard denim that I wear regularly. On the top row from left to right I am wearing the Dylan in size 10 (with the Universal Standard Eco Relaxed Core crewneck sweater in XS), the Classic Bae in size 12, and the Joni in Soft Black, size 12.

The Bae jeans are almost an ankle length on my figure; I really liked them in summer with sandals and Birkenstocks but come winter they're a hair too short/hair too long to look quite right. The Jonis are pretty perfect. The Dylans I exchanged for a size down but still think I may have the tailor shorten a bit so they don't look so much like I literally borrowed them from my dad's closet.

On the bottom row, it's all Seine jeans. The left are the Seine midrise, 30″ length, color Dark Indigo. In the middle is the Seine high rise, 30″ inseam in Distressed Blue. On the end are the Seine High Rise, 27″ length, color Dark Indigo. As someone who is 5'3″ I wanted to show the lengths to help you when shopping.

A collage of Alison wearing the Universal Standard Farrah jeans with a red long sleeved v-neck t-shirt also from Universal Standard

To announce the Universal Standard Denim Drive sale, US gifted me two pieces of denim that are part of the sale, my choice. The first pair I chose was the Farrah High Rise Flared Jeans in Distressed Vintage Blue in size 12 since I love these jeans but my 10 right now aren't as comfortable. With it I am wearing the long-sleeved V-Rex t-shirt in XS.

A collage of four photos of Alison wearing the Universal Standard Etta Jeans with a green crewneck sweater also from Universal Standard

The second pair I chose was the Etta High Rise Straight Jeans in Aged Indigo in size 12. I previously had these jeans in 14 which was too roomy. With it I am wearing the Eco Relaxed Core Sweater in XS. You can see a Reel of me wearing two denim looks on Instagram. In the video, I focused on the stretch and bounceback and comfort of these jeans.

Do you own Universal Standard jeans? Have any pairs you love or fit tips for the styles part of the Universal Standard Denim Drive sale? Please share in the comments to help other members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community make smart purchases during this do-not-miss sale!

Please Note: I've shared details about the Universal Standard Denim Drive in the past. Instead of crafting a new article and link each year, I update my original link to retain the original comments which include some fit tips.

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  1. I got the Seine jeans in 2019/20 and liked the fit and look, but was super disappointed when the elastane “broke” in the fabric hardly a year later. You know when cheap jeans get that popped wavy look in the fabric, esp around the butt and hip area. Seen it happen a lot in thinner Old Navy jeans but wasn’t expecting it with the higher price point US jeans. The fit was very nice while it lasted.

    Went back to Madewell and Gap jeans after that.

  2. Thanks to Alison, I am also obsessed with the Farrah jeans! I loved them on her but was hesitant to order them as I’m 5’6″ and a different size/shape so feared they wouldn’t be as magical on me. I’m so glad I took a chance as they are wonderful jeans – as comfortable as they are fashionable! I wear mine with my Adidas superstars and ballet flats and now that the weather is cold will likely wear them with flat Chelsea boots. I’m going to order a second color today. For sizing, I used the US chart’s hip measurement. My waist size fluctuates dramatically with the hour/day/week and these jeans fit comfortably regardless of the fluctuations. I also own the Etta’s and find them equally as comfy – I sized down in those as suggested.

  3. Thanks for the review! i just found these jeans a few months ago. I love them to death! They are so comfortable. I always buy a 16 and they really loosen yup during the day. I’ve lost a few pounds and i’m going to try a 14 nd hope they are as good. Love your blog!

  4. I’ve worn my last Siene mid-rise jeans to death and I need to ask… what is the rise like on the Joni? Mid-rise was perfect on me, but I have a dramatic waist to hip ratio. I’m the same height as Alison and take a size 16 in UV jeans!

    1. Just checked and I don’t need an answer any more. Because at the bottom of each item’s description, there’s a REALLY comprehensive measurement chart, with the measurements of the garment for each individual size. This is so, so helpful. Especially with the Joni, where the “high rise” measurement is different for each size. Based on this I feel confident ordering the Joni for me!

  5. I am so happy to have so many different choices in jean styles — from US and elsewhere! For the longest time all we saw was skinnies, which IMO aren’t the most flattering style on me. Having said that, my favorite pair of skinnies is my Seines. Amazingly stretchy and comfortable. And I did size down. Excited to try the Baes I ordered, and I love the way the Farrahs look in your pic so I may have to get some of those, too!

  6. I ONLY wear US jeans now, and I found them through you!
    In fact, I find that I’m happiest in my clothes when I have on US items more or less head to toe. It’s almost weird! I’m right now wearing black US next-to-naked leggings and a black foundation crew, under a sleeveless dress (not US, LOL) with a grey US featherweight merino cardigan on top.
    Yesterday was my US overalls.
    The day before,Logan Jean’s and a foundation turtleneck…
    On it goes.

    Long story short, I live in US, especially the jeans, and this sale should not be missed.
    I took advantage of the low price to try a new style– the seamed jeans, and I’m excited to see how they work.

  7. I love the US denim drive! I looked but couldn’t find out – do you know what they actually do with the denim they receive? They just say it gets “recycled”. I ordered a pair of the crossover button jeans, they intrigue me, so stay tuned. I also am a sucker for their mystery bags, so I ordered one of those too. Thanks as always for giving us such in-depth information and being so thorough in all of your research! Happy Monday! 🙂

    1. I reached out asking that exact question and didn’t get a specific. Last year they worked with two different recycling companies that were well established, maybe this year the companies haven’t yet been finalized? If I get any specific details I’ll update this post accordingly.

  8. Thank you very much for this article. You both look awesome! I’m really intrigued to try the seine high waisted jeans. I’ve lost a ton of weight this year and I’m not really sure what size to order. I think I’m an 8 in Liverpool and Loft so I was thinking of trying a 6? I think both those stores have vanity sizing – does that sound right? Also, I’m wondering if you could let me know about the fit of the waistband? I have a hard time wearing most pants right now because I ruptured a disc in my back and I find that the waistband sits right on the problem spot. I need something stretchy – I’ve had success with wit and wisdom and the Liverpool pull on jeans. I would be grateful for your input – rebuilding a wardrobe is hard, especially with a ruptured disc!

  9. This is o cool! I have a small Universal Standard collection in my wardrobe that I love, and I am slowly adding more pieces. I see that there are two high-waisted styles, the Seine and the Riviera. Do you know what is the difference between the two styles? I can’t seem to figure it our from their descriptions on the website.

  10. I love this photo of you and your sister! Thank you for all the amazing content and resources, fashion related and other. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and updates; it is one of the best parts of my day. I’m excited to make my first US order.

  11. I ordered a née pair of distressed high waisted Seine to replace the pair I’ve literally just worn out. I find the distressed washes more comfortable and a better fit than the dark, solid washes. I wear these jeans dressed up with my pointed toe flats and a glam top and jewelry for holidays and with my favorite concert tee and Chacos everyday. They are truly the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever had. The dark indigo do not fit me the same way and it’s disappointing because I’d buy US jeans in every style if they did!

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