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Blouse: Jones New York c/o Gwynnie Bee | Jeans: NYDJ | Shoes: Cole Haan | Necklace: Cameron Pendant c/o Kristin Biggs, Stella and Dot | Watch: c/o WatchCo | Bracelets: c/o Lifetherapy, Nordstrom, had forever | Glasses: c/o Coastal.com

This top is perfect for this weather – billowy and breezy for the commute, but enough coverage that I don't freeze to death in the office. This is totally the kind of top I buy, wear once or twice, and tire of the print because it's too memorable. Love that with Gwynnie Bee I can wear it once or twice, and then return it for something new without buyer's remorse. Interested in trying Gwynnie Bee?  Use this link, tell them Wardrobe Oxygen sent you and get a 30 day free trial of the program.

I just got these glasses Friday evening but have already fallen in love. When I got new glasses back in December, I wanted something classic, stylish without being trendy, something appropriate for work as well as every day. My Issy and La “Gloss” frames are perfect for that, but now I want more frames, and fun frames. I love the bold look of these, and it's exciting to find frames that are big enough for my ginormous noggin. I did get these frames for free (review here), but I would totally order from Coastal.com again. Great prices, good service, and shipping is lightening fast. In fact, if you go to this link (not an affiliate link, not getting paid to share, just me being jazzed about sharing this with you) and pick any of these frames and add your prescription and use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE you get… well your first pair free! You do have to pay for shipping (which is around $9.00), but what an awesome steal of a deal. It's always good to always have a spare pair or a fun pair that gets you out of your comfort zone.

Speaking of great deals, I have been wearing my Lifetherapy bracelets quite a lot and get so many compliments on them.  They have offered Wardrobe Oxygen readers 20% off on ALL Lifetherapy products (body care as well as jewelery).  Use code WARDROBEOXYGEN at checkout; this code is valid until 7/1/2013.

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I am so scared of white jeans. I am a spillaholic. Maybe this will be the fear I conquer this year. You look great Ali! I love having options with my glasses. I always felt boxed-in because I needed glasses, but I now have three pair I rotate out plus a giant pair of prescription sunglasses. It is amazing how just swapping frames for the day can change your mood.

  2. I have to experiment more with accessories. I feel the same about prints and wish we had that clothing service in Munich. NO SUCH LUCK! I’m already working on a project or i would start that kind of service just to be able to wear prints. My tolerance of a printed clothing pieces is about two outings and then I never want to see it again (except for scarves). Maybe it is just the prints…

  3. Love this! I just received my Cameron pendant and the reason I bought was twofold. One, I first saw it here and loved it and two, it reminds me of the chicken foot necklace Vivien wore in ‘Pretty Woman’!! BTW….Stella and Dot have the most fabu jewelry…..the pieces are all substantial and fantastic!

    1. Thanks Susan! Got a good cut and subtle color (just partial chocolate lowlights and caramel highlights), and I have been washing it less. Last time I washed it in the shower was Friday, since then I haven’t brushed it, and have just been using Psst! dry shampoo on it. This morning I did use the curling iron on a few sections and combed the ends to get rid of bedhead, but I am trying to not touch the scalp except to rub in dry shampoo, and let the natural wave/craziness come out. I’ll have to likely wash it tomorrow, but I want to get to where it’s only once a week this summer, because the combination of letting it go free and not touch it and humidity of DC can make it pretty fab summer hair!

  4. Love the black and white look, I have been doing a lot of that this spring. Those glasses look awesome on you!

  5. Finding perfect blouses like that can be harder than it looks! For what seems like a categorically breezy garment, they can be pretty clingy — which is not always what we want, right? Anyway, you absolutely nailed it. Love the pop of color with your bracelets and watch. 🙂

  6. My frames are very similar. I got them from Zenni and they were only $24 with the prescription. They are number 608421.

    I love your black and white outfit. It’s always a great combo in my books. Your necklace, however, reminds of a limp chicken foot.


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