Throwback Thursday: Midnight Showing

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throwback thursday
Oh the hair!
Oh the hair products!

Oh the Revlon Toast of New York lipstick!

Oh the Swatch watches!

My friend sent this to me and I just HAD to share!  It was the summer of 1990 and for a teenager the coolest places to be were the pool and the movies. The movie Dick Tracy was coming out and we decided to go to the midnight showing on opening night. I mean, hello Madonna and Warren Beatty! Our ticket was the tee shirt we were wearing; I can recall other midnight showings that were big to-dos with tee shirts and fancy details. I did some Googling to see if I could find more info on the shirts and found one for sale on Etsy.

I remember this picture being taken in the upstairs hallway of our house. That’s me in the middle, it’s hard to tell with the hair surrounding me, but I was growing out a short black Roxette-inspired ‘do. That’s my sister on the left and my friend Kim on the right. I believe Debbie and I were trying to do cool/sexy faces.  Happy to say we’re all still friends to this day, and we have MUCH better hair!

Random aside: I don't remember much about the movie… knowing me I probably fell asleep 30 minutes into it.  For those who don't know me IRL, I can sleep anywhere.  The louder and the more ridiculous, the more likely I will pass out.  I have slept through concerts, movies, fireworks displays, fraternity formals.  I remember doing a psych experiment in college to get extra credit for class.  They had me lie on a table with a blanket over me, turned off the lights and left the room saying they would be right back.  The experiment was to see how long it took for students to fall asleep; it took me less than a minute.  My husband always jokes about how we saw Jimmy's Chicken Shack at some little hole in the wall in Ocean City.  The stage was about the size of a dining table with a bar along one side with stools, so close that the bassist's elbow brushed against it.  I sat at that bar, and after one song I fell asleep.  I guess one of the band members' mom was sitting next to me and she was NOT impressed by my amazing sleeping talent…

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  1. I fell asleep at my first concert at age 11. New Edition, Bobby Brown and Al B. Sure. I curled up in a GIANT stadium and went right to sleep. Years later I remember going to see Jimmy’s Chicken Shack too. However, I did NOT go to sleep that time. There was a mosh pit and crowd surfing. I had to protect my head (read: protect my big late 90’s hair which was slightly smaller than my early 90’s hair)!

  2. It’s unusual for someone so young to fall asleep so quickly. Have you ever done a sleep study to see if you have sleep apnea?

    1. Nope, because it’s usually because I am staying up too late/too low on sleep anyway and when I do sleep, I get rested sleep. I was even like this as a child, my mom often tells of how it would be me and my sister’s bedtime and even if we were at a party, we’d find a quiet corner or go under a table and go right to sleep.

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