Cashmere Tunic and Skinny Jeans at the District Wharf

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When traveling home from Charleston I was thinking about what I am most comfortable wearing when on travel. Heading to the airport I usually wear a blazer with a bit of stretch, a refined knit top, knit pants, and a cool scarf. But when I am heading home I am more relaxed and usually just want to be able to throw something on but not LOOK as though I just threw something on.

Knit pants or stretchy jeans, the heaviest shoes I packed, and something slouchy, soft, yet purposeful looking. As soon as I got home from Charleston I googled “Off the Shoulder Cashmere Sweater.” Something longer, something oversized, something not black but still neutral.

what to wear to the airport over 40

Searching I found Naked Cashmere. This looked oversized enough that it would fit even though I am usually a 14W with sweaters. At first glance, none of the colors appealed to me, but I thought for travel “Musk” (the color I am wearing here) would be a good color that would look luxe with black, grey, white, cream, and denim. Long enough I could wear with leggings and not appear half-dressed.

over 40 travel outfit

No, this sweater isn't cheap but not bad for cashmere and I am of the mindset in 2018 that I am buying far less, but making smarter decisions.

the wharf dc
the wharf dc swings

And I am super duper impressed with the quality of this cashmere. It's ridiculously soft, lofty, high quality, nice and thick and hasn't gotten fuzzy or pilled. Sure it's less than a week old but I've already worn it three times. Sunday night we spent at the DC Wharf (review to come) and it was great to have this sweater in my suitcase to throw on the lounging in the room, and I even threw it over my gym tee and leggings to look more pulled together when we went down for the hotel breakfast.

swings at the dc wharf

I like this sweater enough that I would again buy from Naked Cashmere. And yes, this sweater is extremely oversized; while it's likely less off the shoulder for larger figures this sweater could comfortably fit a 16 and depending on your shape, an 18 (the brand considers an L to be a 12/14).

naked cashmere sweater review

These photos were taken at the District Wharf, a new destination in Washington DC along the Potomac River. President George Washington envisioned this federal city as a political capital and maritime center. In 1791 Pierre Charles L’Enfant designed the street layout of what is now Southwest Washington DC with a major inland seaport. Early in the 19th century, the Wharf enjoyed popularity as a site for fine residences and businesses, including the opening of the Maine Avenue Fish Market in 1805. The Maine Avenue Fish Market is America's oldest operating fish market. With its grand opening in October 2017 and still being developed, the District Wharf is a great place for water activities, fine dining, shopping, and living, along with a wide variety of live music, cultural events, and festivals.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Interested to know how you care for your cashmere. Do you hand wash?

    The potential faff of caring for cashmere always puts me off.

  2. The sweater is gorgeous but too expensive for me.

    Nevertheless, I want to ask you about deodorant. When wearing an expensive knit garment next to your skin, do you worry about deodorant damaging or staining the garment? What product(s) do you use? Do you hand wash or dry clean?

    Thank you!

    1. I don’t, I haven’t had much issue. I was using natural deodorants but I started smelling like cat pee no matter which brand I tried so went back to the old stuff. Right now it’s Certain Dri at night and the occasional Degree during the day. For cashmere, I let it air out, spot clean hand wash, and then dry clean.

  3. And what building houses the wonderful stairway with the luminescent globes on cables?

    You look so wonderful with bangs. Please keep them for awhile.

  4. Super cute look for travel (or for anything, really). But those heels! Adorable, but are they actually comfy for long walks through the airport (and for sitting for hours)? Genuinely curious because my feet *have* to feel great for travel, which so often means sneakers–so even if they are ‘dressy’ (non athletic) sneakers, the look is instantly more casual.

    1. For this look the travel was by car but usually I wear a pair of ankle boots with a low block heel. I love L’Amour des Pieds for super comfy boots that don’t look frumpy. Cushioning, arch support, plenty of room in the toebox, and buttery leather. My current pair isn’t available but these are the ones currently on sale at Nordstrom: http://bit.ly/2DMCUFU

  5. Hi Alie – you look great in that sweater; beautiful. I have almost given up on cashmere as so often too cheap/pilly. And looked at some other sweaters on the site and they do have a “luxe” look as you say.

    I really enjoying reading your blog – and I’m a bit frustrated by the constant pop-up ads. I am constantly clicking so that I can read the content without being distracted. Is there any way to get rid of these to up reader enjoyment (don’t notice this as a problem on other sites)?

  6. I love the sweater! One thing I’ve noticed is you occasionally do an off the shoulder look. How do you manage the bra strap problem? I’m big enough busted that no bra is not an option, but you never seem to have a bra strap showing (or saggy boobs). What’s the secret?

    1. A strapless bra! I need to do a lingerie update post but I’ve found one that holds me up and is comfortable for several hours (yesterday I wore until maybe 4pm). I’ll go see which one it is but think it’s either Fantasie or Chantelle a molded cup style from Nordstrom.

      1. Oh yes! Please do a lingerie post! That would be very helpful to me, especially if there are some budget friendly options.

    2. Thank you for the question, I was thinking the same thing.
      Alison-thank you for the prompt reply, looking forward to the post. A comfortable strapless bra… who would have thought such a thing actually existed!

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