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Kimono Jacket: Tildon | Tee: Old Navy | Jeans: c/o Liverpool Jeans Company | Shoes: Miss Sixty (similar) | Navy bracelets: c/o lifetherapy | Silver cuff, necklaces: random mix I've had forever | Earrings: Nordstrom (similar) | Bag: Banana Republic via eBay (similar) | Cute child: Mah Bellay

Part of me thought about having the blog silent today out of respect for the tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday. But then this morning as I was getting overwhelmed by more news on Twitter, I went to my Feedly app to distract myself with lovely blogs by talented writers and stylish women and men. And I realized, we all have different ways to cope with a situation, and sometimes we just need a distraction. Maybe it's a reality TV show on Bravo, possibly a pedicure and latte, or maybe it's visiting blogs on a lunch hour and distancing yourself from the news for just a little bit.

When I bought this tunic/jacket/thingie I felt very Stevie Nicks in it, but when I saw pictures of when I wore it this past weekend, I felt a bit more old school Carney Wilson. However, it's so darn fun to wear, Karl told me I look sexy in it, and it's free and breezy and flowing and dramatic when I move. This top is actually one big rectangle with a slit down the middle and four holes to thread the belt. It's really getting my sewing juices flowing, thinking I could make something similar. I'm also thinking I may try this with a leather belt for a different look. The belt holes are a bit high so the belt can ride up to right below my bust (as you see in these pictures), so by making it myself I can have the belt at my natural waist for less riding. However I don't have the skill to recreate the cool beading!

Oh these shoes… when I got on my ankle bootie kick, I set up an eBay alert to let me know when Miss Sixty Jaiden boots in my size were up for bid. I broke the heel on my first pair, found my second pair on Gilt (thank you Fi for the head's up!), but they got beat up pretty quickly with winter wear. I found my third pair for a song on eBay and set up an alert to let me know if another pair in my size went up for bid. Day after I set up the alert, these came up for an insanely low price, brand new. I thought they would be great for spring. Nope, they looked atrocious, like horse's hooves or bandaged feed. So they sat in a box waiting for me to get around to putting them back on eBay. This weekend I decided to try them with this outfit since black shoes looked too severe… and I kind of liked it. And they're just as comfortable as the black ones (though a slightly different heel and shape). So comfortable, when I went to my cousin's this weekend, I ended up taking a pretty long walk in them and didn't have unhappy feet. Talk about shopping your closet!

And the key necklace?  I don't know why I didn't think about it before, but it's the key to the cedar chest in our bedroom.  This weekend I thought… hey that would make a pretty badass necklace and I'd always know where to find it!

I remember when I was little, we went to a yard sale and I found this hot pink and white acrylic ribbed turtleneck sweater and I felt in love HARD. If I recall correctly, my mom tried to dissuade me from getting it but I felt I needed it in my life and I can remember wearing it a lot. In my child brain, I felt it was so beautiful and cool, but likely it was itchy and stained or ill-fitting. My friend Jazz gave me a box of her daughter's clothing that she outgrew and in that box I found this sweater and just by looking at it I bet it was to her daughter what that pink and white sweater was to me. A couple of the crystal buttons are missing and it's more worn looking than anything else in the box, obviously loved. I just opened the box last week, realizing Emerson is finally the size for the clothes, and didn't put out this sweater since it's getting warmer. Yesterday during her supposed nap, Emerson rooted through her closet and found this sweater and put it in her drawer because she found it, “magical.” And though it will likely be warm today, she wanted to wear it, and I have a feeling it will be worn quite a lot in the coming months, even during blistering hot days. And like my mom, I won't have much control over the situation, and like my mom I will realize it doesn't really matter what she wears as long as she is happy.

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  1. Hey there! This is the most RANDOM post ever, but I’m just going to put it all out there: I used to have this kimono but my best friend borrowed it and lost it in Vegas last year(aka- gone forever!). I loved it so much and have been trying to find it forever (poshmark, ebay, etc). If you still have it and don’t wear it anymore, I would love to buy it off you! If not, no worries– it looks great on you 🙂

  2. First of all, I’m with you on your position towards Boston. I’m horrified by what happened and have been thinking of the victims and their families nonstop (yet, feel myself being desensitized with all this violence, which alarms me as well). I’ve been preoccupied by what happened and blogging has helped me to keep my mind clear. Second of all, I LOVE this outfit. You look amazing – your husband is right!! Third of all, Emerson is DARLING in that shot of you two together. I can’t believe how much she looks like you. And her hair is so thick! Jealous 🙂

  3. I did the same thing this morning. I was hesitant to post on my blog today but I woke up and the first thing I did after checking the news/ twitter was head to Bloglovin’ as a distraction. You’re right, we all cope in different ways and I think it is always nice to have a small distraction. PS. I LOVE your shoes!

  4. I have several tunics like that, I just adore them, they are very forgiving. I don’t belt them however because I have huge boobs and I hate the way it really makes them look like two huge mountains like that… I wear them free flowing. I call them my Mr. Roper mumu’s though,lol! I always tell people that when we retire I will wear Mrs. Roper mumu’s (except mine will have glitter and sequins and rhinestones- the gaudier the better) and no bras an flip flops. And I might dye my hair purple.

    1. Girl, I will be Mrs. Roper with you. I’m envisioning making this long, adding some embellishments, stitching up the sides and wearing red false lashes like Ilona Royce Smithkin (check her out on Advanced Style, she’s amazing!)

  5. Yes, I feel the Stevie Nicks, who can do no wrong. You both look fabulous, and provide an uplifting moment on a difficult day. Thanks for this.

  6. This looks insanely fabulous on you. Really.

    Also, I would love to know what fashion-y blogs you subscribe to!

  7. Hey Allie,

    Before I read your post I fell in love with those shoes, in my opinion they look great on you and I could see them with more of your outfits. Maybe it’s a real life version pictures thing, but in pictures I think they look very chic and cool, not at all like bandages! Though the cutest accessory has to be Emerson. I also had a sweater that was a hoodie in mustard that I got as a hand me down from my male cousin which I wore constantly, even in summer, which my Mom hated! I think Emerson has much better taste than I did!

      1. I had originally typed that I saw these shoes with some of your maxis, but then thought it might sounds weird to be planning your wardrobe!!

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