FOUND! My Holy Grail Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo has become a big thing these days. It extends a blow out, protects your color by allowing more time between washings, adds texture and fullness, and colored dry shampoos can hide roots and gray hairs. It seems that every brand has one, and it feels that in the past couple of years I have tried all of them.

I have had tried few hits, but they eventually become misses for me. Salon Grafix was budget friendly and didn’t make my hair ashy, but it made it feel a bit gummy, look flat, and if I by chance scratched my scalp I had brown goo stuck under my fingernails for the rest of the day. Suave and Tresemme were okay, but both left my hair a tad ashy and the smell was so strong it would give me headaches, especially when I would sweat.  Oscar Blandi made me ashy, Ojon wasn't worth the price or effort.  Klorane is pretty fabulous, but the pricetag and the small container made it ridiculous.

The other day I was in CVS killing time, wandering from aisle to aisle. In drug and grocery stores, you can often find the best products on the bottom shelf; these are the products that the shop always keeps in stock because they have a cult following, but aren’t hip or trendy or have a high price. Looking at the bottom shelf in the hair aisle, I see a can for Psssst.

Oh yeah, I used to use this stuff back when I was a visual merchandiser! I used to keep a can in the store bathroom so if I had to work a crazy long shift and then look polished for a training or corporate visit, I could use it quickly to look less greasy. Hey, back then I had various shades of dark hair and don’t recall ashy roots from it, maybe it will work for me now. Oh and hey, look at that nice low price!

WHY DID I STOP USING PSSSST???? This stuff is AMAZING! One of the lightest scents of any dry shampoo I have used, a very fine but full mist that prevents white patches, a formula that dries super fast so you can almost immediately brush or fluff, no stickiness, gumminess, no color staining my neck in a rainstorm and no ashy roots. I don't have to apply it before bedtime.  Oh, and the price is nice.

I stopped using it because back in 2001 the idea of dry shampoo was gross. It was used for bedridden folks, people in hospitals and nursing homes who couldn’t bathe themselves. It was a little-known secret, a can that was hidden under the sink with the cleaning supplies. Then dry shampoo became cool, and when ordinary things because cool things, all the cool brands make versions of it and pay big bucks for good advertising (and blog sponsorship). So I tried the ones made by chi chi salons in New York, the ones sold at Sephora, the ones my favorite bloggers swore by, the ones Allure toted as the best, the ones that the ads said rivaled the chi chi New York salon versions.

Well, I’m back to the original, and I’m not hiding it under the sink. I use it second day to make my hair look like first day. After a long day, I add it to my bangs to keep them from getting piecey and gross. I can look professional on Day 3 without a proper shampooing. I can walk instead of taking a taxi to an event after work and make my hair look good again with a few puffs and a fine-toothed comb (did I mention they have a purse-friendly 1.75 oz size?).

Oh, and the price is nice.

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  2. Glad you found something you like! I tried Pssst a few years ago and it was a total bust for me. It didn’t absorb any of my oil and left my hair weirdly gummy and stringy. I do love Klorane, but yeah… Not at that price. I make my own powder now and refill in an Oscar Blandi bottle for application and just deal with the slight ashyness (my hair is slightly lighter than yours).

  3. Now that I’m exercising more often, I have to shower more often. And since I’m 100% gray and get my hair colored every 5 weeks, I try not to wash it unless absolutely necessary, so dry shampoo on the days I don’t exercise is critical. I’m reasonably happy with my Suave, but hate the smell – gives me a headache. Will check out this psssst.

    Now I need a tutorial on how you use it, please !

  4. Purse friendly ?! that’s interesting. I use Batiste dry shampoo – it works for me but the size it too big to carry around with me..

  5. Darn you, Allie – you made me think that you found something even better than my beloved Pssst! 😉

  6. I have tried every one I could find–and I always come back to Psssst and Klorane. Depending on the state of my cash flow 🙂

  7. I’ve tried several of the dry shampoos pictured above, and right now my favorite is a new one, Paul Mitchell Dry Wash. It’s not as cheap as drugstore brands (I’m able to get it at hairdresser cost), and I still use Allie’s tip to spray it at night, but it smells good and doesn’t clog. Smelling good is super important because bad fragrances drive me nuts.

  8. When the dry shampoo thing first came along, I actually tried this because I’d heard it recommended and the price was so right. But it stopped up on the second use and I couldn’t get the sprayer to work again. 🙁 Maybe I need to give it another go with the purse size?

  9. I will recommend the Rockahollic also Rusk have a Prety good Dry shampoo. To avoid the ash look and give the product a hand you should use your blow dry and give it a little shake with your hand after applying the product.

  10. Love dry shampoo! My only problem with Psssst! is that when I tried it several years ago, I found that the cans tend to leak, so all of a sudden, you only have a few applications. Maybe they’ve since improved it, and I hope your experience is better than mine.

    My absolute favorite for home has turned out to be Batiste. It’s a little pricier than Pssst!, but I’ve never had the leakage problem. The fragrance (you have several choices) absorbs fairly quickly, and while Batiste goes on whitish, some rubbing in, followed with a quick boar brush a minute or two later, does the trick. My favorite non-aerosol for traveling is Klorane’s version–no fragrance but yeah, I use it sparingly because of the cost.

    1. All dry shampoo tend to evaporate, specially if you leave it on the car or another warm place, how ever they have smaller cans now that is perfect if you don’t us it much

  11. Confession: I have ordered that exact dry shampoo online because I couldn’t find it in stores. I, too, have shopped around and not found one nearly as good. I just bought a random bottle at Target last week that I’ve yet to try but I fully support your decision to go back to Psssst. And if I recall correctly, it is like $6. Amazing.

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