Don’t Buy the Boots

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Don’t buy the boots if they are made of that weird suede that has a white tinge. You know what I mean, that cheapy suede that’s thin, strangely dyed, and shows you got them for only $50.
Don’t buy the boots if they are so loose you don’t have to use the zipper.
Don’t buy the boots if they are suffocating your calves or leave red indentations on any part of your leg.
Don’t buy the boots if you don’t love all the details. Just because they’re cheap/comfy/fit your legs doesn’t mean you should wear 85 buckles, fringe, embroidery, strangely-shaped heels, appliqué, a funky color or anything else that isn’t quite right.
Don’t buy the boots if they don’t go with your closet. Cowboy boots for a woman who prefers Helmut Lang, biker boots for she who loves classic elegance, brown for a wardrobe of all black… you get the idea.
Don’t buy the boots because a magazine said you must have a pair of boots to be stylish.
Don’t buy the boots just because Olivia, Lauren, Katie, Blake, or even Kendi owns them.
Don’t buy the boots if you feel as though you’re in costume when you wear them.
Don’t buy the boots if you can’t think of three ensembles already in your closet that will work with them.
Don’t buy the boots just because they match your purse.
Don’t buy the boots if you have any hesitation.

You don’t need a pair of boots to look cool, stylish, trendy, fashionable, or fabulous. A pair of ill-fitting, poorly-crafted, or inappropriate boots will only make you look awkward, unstylish, and possibly tacky. I say this as a woman who has owned purple suede kitten-heel boots just because they fit her calves but not her personal style. As one who has purchased the pleather boots with the too-thick heel and the too-square toe just because they had a good fit and price. And as a woman who notices the attire of other women on the street and too many times sees a gorgeous woman in a lovely ensemble ruined by a pair of boots.

You don’t need the boots. Buy the boots if they are perfect, if you love them, and if they make you look and feel amazing. Otherwise, take pride in knowing yourself to not fall for every “must-have” trend.

There’s nothing more chic than knowing when to say no.


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