Fall Capsule Wardrobe Inspired by cabi

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fall capsule wardrobe featuring cabiWhen sitting in the audience at the fashion show for cabi's Fall 2017 Collection I couldn't stop creating outfits in my head. Sure, cabi mixed and matched their collection in a variety of ways for the runway, but I was seeing a life to many of these pieces past their current collection and into my wardrobe… and the wardrobes of many of you. Incorporating a few simple pieces likely already in your closet or easily found at retailers in a variety of pricepoints, I've made a capsule wardrobe showing the versatility of cabi's current collection.

I based this around the Lydia Blouse and the Standout Skirt because I own both pieces and added both to my wardrobe because I saw the versatility in them. When I wore them for the introduction of the fashion show for cabi, I had a few readers reach out asking me how to style these pieces for every day. Some of you weren't comfortable with such bold pattern mixing, or wanted to see how such statement pieces could be staples this fall. The staples I incorporated are all ones I own already in my closet (or similar styles currently available at online retailers).

A fall capsule wardrobe inspired by the Cabi Fall 2017 Collection. Featuring pieces from the latest cabi clothing line alone with wardrobe basics, this capsule wardrobe offers more than 20 different looks for work, weekend, and beyond. Click to see photos of all the different combinations and styling tips from Wardrobe Oxygen

Shop the Capsule:
breton top | grey wool sweater | printed blouse | black turtleneck | black skirt | printed skirt | printed jacket | navy jacket | black jacket | ivory pants | jeans | black leather-trimmed leggings | purple scarf | orange scarf | pearl necklace | pearl bracelet | gold necklace | leopard shoes | black Chelsea boots | black pumps | purple shoes | black boots

Below is a gallery I made of 20 different outfits created from this capsule wardrobe.  While there's only 20, I think this combination could easily create several more looks, especially when factoring in staples already residing in your wardrobe, or additional cabi items you may own.  Click on any thumbnail graphic in the gallery to see the full-size images and descriptions. Hover over the images to find arrows to advance and go back within the gallery. If there's an ad in the way, x it out to read captions. Click the X at the top right of an enlarged image to close the gallery and return to this blog post.

Click to View the Outfits:

Because of the wild patterns and pops of colors added to this capsule, the base is quite neutral – black, grey, navy, denim, and ivory. Jewelry is gold and pearl – subtle and classic to balance the prints. While there seems to be a lot of prints, all of them, including the scarves, are classic prints that will transcend trends and be wearable for many seasons to come. If this color story isn't for you, I hope you can glean inspiration from it and envision a similar concept in colors that better suit your complexion, wardrobe, and personal style.

Fall is going to be here before you know it.  While I'm writing this while wearing shorts and a tee shirt, I am slowly getting into the fall mindset and this capsule wardrobe is helping.  Some pieces can be worn now and this look can be winterized with the addition of thick tights, heavier knits, flats replaced with boots, silk scarves replaced with cashmere.  I own a few of the pieces featured in this capsule wardrobe; don't be surprised to see outfit posts throughout the fall incorporating these pieces into outfits I laid out above, or possible other combinations!

This post was not sponsored by cabi, nor did they know I was going to write it. I was just inspired and think in capsules!

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  1. I just received my cabi purchases from this capsule- thank you for the referral to your cabi stylist, Lisa Holt! I shamelessly copied every item that you pictured and Lisa and I worked out the sizes long distance. They fit perfectly and I love the fabrics- perfect for looking polished yet comfortable! This is perfect for my fall work wardrobe! You are a genius! I ordered the Cole Hann and Purple shoes as well. I will fill in with the pants locally. Thank you!

  2. I want them alI!!! love the cabi fall capsule styling- great job!. Unfortunately I can not get a cabi stylist to contact me via the website. I am in Nashville TN. Are there any other options to purchase?

  3. I need to find a Cabi stylist, I like a number of things. I don’t own anything from this line, may have to change that. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the feedback! It takes longer, but I think it makes it more valuable and easy to see the combinations! Capsules are by far the most time consuming sort of post, but they are really a fun challenge to do; it’s even more fun when I get to incorporate new technology and gadgets!

  4. Love the capsule! While I don’t have any Cabi I can sure use the outfits with things in my closet now.

  5. These are great and good motivation. I find I, too, think in capsules. This also helps me when I shop as I try to think of at least three ways I can wear a new item and integrate it into my existing wardrobe before purchasing it. My friends who are the least successful in shopping and generally the most unhappy with their wardrobes seem to lack the ability to think in capsules. Sometimes when I shop with them, I will show them ways to put outfits together and they act very amazed at this ability, which seems innate to me. I do not remember being taught how to do this. I just do it. I am interested in Cabi. At my nail salon, they frequently have shows, but I thought I would be sized out, as most of the samples at the shows are in “size tiny.” I will more thoughtfully look at the brand’s offerings next time.

    1. They go up to XL or 16, with some offerings in long length. This is really a brand where it benefits you to try things on, find a stylist in your area, let her know you are a certain size. I rarely wear an XL in the brand, usually just non-stretch tops to accommodate my bust. Pants I am sometimes a 14, sometimes even a 12 though I am never a 12 at any other retailer. A lot of their tops I could wear a variety of sizes, it would just give a different effect without gaping or pulling. I’d like to hope by them choosing me as their featured blogger this season that they’re trying to show that not all who wear cabi have to be slim, and hopefully stylists will increase the size range they order for parties. I think it’s a real opportunity for stylists to grow their individual businesses if they learn how to style women who are 10-16 or even 18.

  6. Some of these outfit options are easy peasy for me to figure out, but some of the pattern mixing looks are more challenging to visualize and I would not have thought of them. Good inspiration Allie! Thanks.

  7. Love this! Thank you for pulling these looks together and sharing! It is incredibly helpful! I’m going to check out the entire Cabi capsule. I’ve purchased a few items from Cabi parties over the years and the quality is excellent. I’m still wearing all of the items years later.

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