Shopping Hits and Misses: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

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What I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, a review of my purchases and which were hits and which were missesMost of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases have arrived and it’s a mix bag of keeps and returns. Not only that, I am still waiting for half of my order (the items that were ordered first too!). Below, what I purchased at the NSale and received, and whether it was a hit or miss:

Halogen No-closure Blazer

I ordered this in XLP, in the now out of stock pink color. I have a pale pink blazer but it’s a hair too small. But I wore the HECK out of it and miss the color in my wardrobe. This looked like a good replacement; I have a similar blazer in a shorter version (see me wear it in this outfit post).

This is not a worthy replacement. This is millennial pink, which is very close to my skin color and without skin contrast, I think it looks a bit dull and dreary. Without a collar or button, it ends up looking a bit like a lab coat. While it fit fine the longer length and simplistic style didn’t’ give a stylish or polished effect on my body. Miss.

Kate Spade Bright Idea Stud Earrings

There’s many times when I wish I had a bit of sparkle on my ears. I’ve bought fake diamond studs but always feel weird wearing them; they seem too fake and too obvious for my personal style. These looked like a good alternative, obviously fake but not too in your face. I chose clear/rose which I figured would go with silver and gold and not look like a wannabe gemstone.

I love these. They’re the perfect size, perfect bit of sparkle, and just a little something that can work with most any outfit. Hit!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Collection

Right now this set is out of stock and I’m not surprised. For a nice price, I got my absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner in big bottles, with not just one travel-sized can of my absolute favorite dry shampoo, but another little bag that had a second travel-sized can and a travel-sized can of their hair boost. I love this shampoo but it’s so expensive I only get it for Karl’s birthday and my birthday; this was a really great value.

Hanky Panky Retro V-kini Briefs and Retro High-waist Thongs

I always stock up on these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’ve written about my love for Hanky Panky before, and this order hasn’t caused my love to waver.

Halogen A-Line Leather Skirt

I thought I ordered this, and then I looked back and somehow didn’t and frantically went back to order it and there was already limited sizes left. I got the cognac in 14 petite and black in 16 petite. I’ve ordered Halogen leather before and find it very high quality, soft, stylish, and always a good buy during this sale.

The 16 petite is a bit too big, and will be way too big after stretching with wear. However, the 14 petite was so small I couldn’t zip it. While the leather is nice and soft, I found the cognac color to look a bit cheap and off and not shiny like the photo. There’s a wide band at the bottom of the skirt and I felt that seam sort of ruined the line and concept of the skirt. The a-line is pretty perfect, it didn’t make a lampshade over my belly and butt, but wasn’t as fitted as a pencil skirt. It has pockets, well constructed, lined, but just nothing that made me get excited. Miss.

Trouve Wrap Blouse

I ordered this in the print, in XL. I saw this as one of those unique but not too unique tops I can pair with jeans or maybe even pants for the office. And it’s exactly that. The top is now sold out, but if it comes back… don’t expect luxe high quality. But it’s a nubby crepe-finish polyester fabric, has a snap at the neck, the belt is attached in back in a way that gives it a nice shape, a tie inside. I add a safety pin because it’s a little too low in front for my comfort. But it’s cute with dark jeans, cute with navy trousers, and I even liked it with white jeans. A taller person may find it too short waisted but for me it’s a cute novelty top for three seasons of the year. Hit!

Cole Haan Heidy Pointy Toe Flat

Unfortunately this shoe is also out of stock. They’re a nice calfhair leopard print, the low heel makes them more flattering on me than standard flats, and I like the pointed toe. However, I’m not sure if I will keep these. My foot fits nicely in them, but there’s no cushioning, no support, and a stiff back that will need to be broken in. And I don’t know if it will even break in, or just make the back of my ankle miserable. So they’re wrapped up in their box in the corner of my bedroom for now, and I’ll try them again when my blistered ankles (details on why coming soon) are healed. So… hit? Miss? We shall see…

Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Sweater

I ordered this in navy, and XL. It’s soft, it’s cool looking… and the sleeves are literally a foot too long. I had to cuff the sleeves so much they almost touched the top underside of the bell overlay. And the bell overlay completely covered my hands. So if you’re a small size or tall with long arms, this is a great sweater. If you wear an XL because you’re heavier and not because you’re tall… this is a miss.

Eileen Fisher Silk Tee

I didn’t even try this silk tee on because it looked so much like something made by Under Armour I was turned off. It’s just not something I need in my life. I’ve had silk knit tees before, but they weren’t made with this same knit. This knit isn’t my jam. Miss.

DKNY Down Alternative Comforter and Nordstrom At Home 400 Thread Count Sheet Set

Nordstrom isn’t just for clothing; they have great bedding and home products and the prices can be quite nice during their Anniversary Sale. We’ve had the same quilt on our bed for many years and while I positively adore it and will never get rid of it (it was also an Nsale purchase, you can see my bedroom and the quilt in this post), I’ve missed having a comforter. And I really love the feeling of an all white hotel bed, though with our comfy mattress and our comfy Casper pillows. So we decided to splurge for this sale and got the queen sheet set ($73.90) and king-sized comforter ($96.90).

This was a way better purchase than the leather skirt or a new pair of shoes. The quality is really nice, the comforter isn’t too heavy, it’s all crisp yet smooth and luxe. I came home from Tennessee Saturday and these were sitting in the dining room. I threw the sheets right into the wash and made the bed before Karl and Emerson returned from a party at our friends’ house. The combination of a hotel-like experience in our own bedroom was utterly decadent.

BCBGeneration Leopard Dot 200 Thread Count Sheet Set

It’s hard to find cotton printed sheets, especially in twin sizes. Emerson has a very specific design aesthetic for her room and likes black and white animal prints for her bed, to go with her black and white and bright colors IKEA duvet. We found a nice snow leopard blanket on Amazon a while ago, but the cotton zebra-print sheets we also got on Amazon are crap and have faded and gotten threadbare far too soon. $19.90 for a 100% cotton sheet set is a great price no matter where you go so I took a chance on these. They are really nice quality, saturated color, and don’t get too wrinkled after washing. Emerson finds them much softer than the ones we got on Amazon. I know some people like microfiber sheets, but they make Emerson sweat too much so this is a great alternative in a fun print that isn’t too mature.

I still have the blogger-loved Barefoot Dreams cardigan and the Halogen Long Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan coming my way, as well as a pair of shorts for Karl (supposedly they’ll come this week), but so far my Nordstrom Sale purchases are a mixed bag. And that’s pretty much what I expected. I really didn’t want to love everything. Well I did, but my wallet didn’t! All in all pretty happy with the results of this sale and looking forward to completing my fall wardrobe!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. You are single handedly responsible for making me a Nordstrom shopper, and the Nordstrom folks should be thanking you profusely. Before I started reading your blog (roughly 2010), I had this vision of them as a stuff, extremely expensive store, and you changed that perspective. So, thank you for that. And thank you for, as always, giving honest reviews. I didn’t find as much as a usually do at this year’s sale. I’m looking forward to seeing your review of the Barefoot Dreams cardi!

  2. As usual, a great post! This is the first time I have ordered from this sale – I have been wanting the Barefoot Dreams cardigan for a few years now, and I finally ordered it. I also bought replacement stemless wine glasses. Mine always look cloudy!
    I also wanted to thank you for your recent shorts post! I typed a comment to that one, but apparently never actually posted it!!?? Anyway, I have been following your advice to size up in shorts for a couple years – and sharing it with anyone who will listen. I am so much more comfortable in shorts now. Also, I ordered the J Crew factory pull on shorts and love them. They are so easy but so much more polished than gym shorts. And the pockets are a huge bonus.

  3. I need to try those Retro Hanky Panky underwear. I even found a department store that sells them in Canada- which will save me shipping and duty taxes. Win. I’ll order a few pairs to try them out. They are one size though? Is that even possible for underwear?

  4. I have to say, I’ve been more disappointed than impressed with the things I’ve received from my (rather large) Anniversary Sale order. A lot of the clothes have felt a bit cheap/flimsy. Though I do love their sheets (I stock up every year) and am going to order those Kate Spade earrings. Otherwise – mostly misses. Bummer (though my bank account isn’t complaining).

    1. Agreed. Even the Halogen blazer I got isn’t as nicely made or as nice of fabric as the shorter one I own from the same brand. Cole Haan is usually one of my go-tos for comfortable shoes and while these on the outside look very nice, inside they’re really meh. I’ve had such luck in the past, I put a lot of time into going through the sale to share picks here, but I don’t know if I’ll do it in the future if the options are as lackluster as they were this time. 🙁

  5. I haven’t even checked out the sale this year. I decided I didn’t really need anything except waterproof booties but decided to keep on waterproofing my regular known-to-be-comfortable booties rather than buying an unknown pair. So sorry about your leopard print shoes. Usually Cole Hawn is extremely comfy from the get go. I searched for years for my leopard print flats because I needed suede; not calf hair. Calf hair can’t be waterproofed and are at high risk for damage in wet weather. I finally found mine at Aerosole and love them.

    I did try to take advantage of swim suit sales this summer and bought a leopard print tankini from Ralph Lauren thru Macys. The quality was excellent and loved the style. Alas, the girls were exploding out of the top and not in a good way… more “avalanche” than sexy flirty. Alas, by then, the next size up was out of stock. Maybe next year…

    1. I think with online shopping options, sales can’t be as amazing as they used to be. I even have a post coming up next week on how to save money when shopping online and very little is about scouring sales. I mean, Google what you want and you very well may find it any time of the year at a reduced price on 6pm, Amazon, Overstock, Nordstrom Rack, or even brand new on eBay for less. You’re smart for just working with what you have, that’s the key to maintaining style and money in your wallet!

      1. I’ll take a look using your tips… I really liked that swim suit and the fabric felt fabulous. The all over leopard print kept the eye wandering and not focusing in on any one area (except for the boob fit issue).

      1. I spray them with a waterproofing spray (Penguin UltraDry protector is what I have on my self right now). I triple coat them paying extra attention to the seams and along the line of the sole. Follow the can directions. Since I live in Seattle, I routinely waterproof all my shoes and boots.
        It won’t keep you dry stomping thru puddles but will protect your shoes on most rainy days. If I ever notice dampness, I’ll re-treat them. I’ve never had a problem with the protection changing the color of my shoes, but even if I did see a little color change, it sure beats the damage from water.

        I hope this helps.

        1. This helps very much–thank you!! I live in Arkansas, so our weather is not usually nearly as wet as yours, but I’d like to treat my favorite boots. I had to toss a great pair of ankle boots last winter after a very wet visit to San Francisco. Thanks for replying!

  6. Hi – wanted to let you know I went ahead and ordered and received the V. Camuto longer black jacket and it was horrible…due to no lining the fabric draped in a weird way and sort of would cling to whatever was under it…no real shape and the side slits were way too high…absolutely no question it was being returned. I did see this jacket on line but it snaps, not buttons. Have had a previous jacket that snapped and I always felt like if I left it open it looked odd, not like if there were buttons and button holes. Any thoughts? I really want a black crepe, lined, longer (maybe half way between my end of my thigh and knee or close to my knee) 4 season jacket/duster. Any recommendations unless you think this one can fit the bill…even with the snaps instead of buttons:
    Also will everyone tell me to take my coat off? ha

    1. Oh that’s too bad about the VC jacket! I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s pretty, but like you, the snaps often look a bit weird when not snapped shut and I find collarless jackets like these will stay closed and now flap open to show clothing underneath. To be honest I’m not seeing what you’re looking for at Nordstrom right now. To keep it from looking like outerwear you need some sort of detail that will give it shape, show the drape, or give the effect of a blazer. Buttons and a lapel, a self belt that’s attached in back, a waterfall front, a lightweight fabric like crepe or silk. A shorter bracelet-length sleeve also helps it not look like outerwear. Eileen Fisher has a few but they may be more unstructured than you like so I didn’t link to them. Talbots usually does this kind of jacket really well but they haven’t brought out their full fall collection yet. I recommend checking them out near the end of August, you may find what you’re looking for.

      1. Hello again- You are correct…I think I am trying to hard to find something in the sale that works…this isn’t perfect because there are snaps and also no collar (another concern I had but didn’t say as I had gone on long ENOUGH, ha, but you feel same as I do on this) so going to pass. Funny you said Talbots because I had one YEARS ago from there, wore it to death but they have not had such a duster type jacket in years…I check every season…I see some from various lines in a knit but that is not what I want…prob. cheaper to produce in that fabric vs a crepe or wool. Thank you again.

    2. Is that something you can take to a tailor to add buttons and button holes to? Or just buttons if you never button your jackets?

      1. I think it would prob. be too pricey to have the snaps removed, find buttons, have the buttons put on and buttonholes made ….wish I had kept the old one I loved and just taken it to a seamstress or tailor and a new one made…oh well..sometimes when things like this get to difficult I try and tell myself it is just not meant to be…

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