What I Wore on a Friday in April 2010

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I am sitting in a living room chair in a coral colored scoop neck tee from Gap and black yoga pants from Old Navy.  I figure I will be wearing this until noon, when my husband gets home from his photo shoot and I can go to the grocery store and get some provisions for tonight's women's circle at my house.

I wanted to send a big congratulations to Boutique Girl from the blog, Things a Boutique Owner Sees.  She gave birth to a little girl.  Best wishes to you, and your family!  I love blogging, it's fun to connect with people and make new friends.  Boutique Girl and I met through this blog, I started following her blog (and gosh I would love to hop across the pond and check out her fab shop!), we became friends on Facebook and got to know one another more as people and not just blogging personas.  When I gave birth to Emerson, a fantastic woman I met through blogging sent me a gift of a few CDs of children's music – cool music by cool artists that her cool kid enjoyed.  When I knew Boutique Girl was expecting, I sent her a few CDs of our favorite music for Emerson.  It's cool how I will look at my Facebook friends list and see that a good dozen of those friends I truly consider FRIENDS and I met them through my past five years of blogging. 

As a person who reads and loves blogs, I know how it is to feel as though you really know the author – that person is like a friend in real life (IRL) to you.  Well do know, as a blogger I see those recurring screennames who comment.  I visit your profiles and your blogs if you have them, and I see you too as real people and friends.  I blog because of the friendship and the sense of community, and I think it's a pretty fab community!

I see so many bloggers who have had get togethers with other bloggers in their town.  I have met bloggers for shopping trips and coffee, had sushi and tea with readers, met up with readers in their home towns when I have traveled for business.  It's really cool to put a face (and VOICE!) to a name and a site.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  And for you lurkers on any blog… today consider leaving your favorite blogger a comment.  Let the author know how her blog entertains, inspires, or educates you.  You never know, that one comment may develop into a true friendship IRL!

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  1. OK, right after reading this post, I went to my Facebook account…and your profile popped up as a friends suggestion. Weird…I’m assuming it has something to do with your blog and my fb account being sites that I frequently visit.


  2. Okay, yes, I am usually a lurker on all of the blogs I read. Yours is actually one blog that I have made several comments on, so you should feel special! 🙂 I do really enjoy your blog and have been reading it for a couple of years now. You have given me great ideas for everything from how to wear things in my closet to how to organize my closet to “green things!” I love your blog and am glad to see you getting back into the groove of writing!

  3. I have commented only a handful of times Allie however I have been visiting your blog(s) since 2005/06 and love them and look forward to your posts. It now feels as though I know you IRL. Probably yours was the very first fashion blog I visited and have picked up quite a few pointers though I don’t deal with weight or much size issues. One of them being I had hated buying and wearing wool sweaters until I read about Merino wool from your blog and now I have stocked up on good quality sweaters on sale thanks to you.
    Keep the great work.
    Best Wishes,

  4. To the first Sarah above: congratulations on your weight loss! Go you!
    I know what you guys mean about Allie’s blog. I am always happy to see that she posted something. And I’m loving watching Emerson grow up, since I’m apparently not having anymore.

  5. Hi there! I’ve been following your blog (silently) for about a month now and I always look forward to your posts. I’m in the suburbs of MD and it’s nice to know that another fashion blogger is nearby (even if we’ve never met). It also helps that I love your style! 🙂

    My blog: excavatingkscloset.blogspot.com

  6. You inspired me and I always enjoy what you write. 🙂

    I’m glad you stop by and check things out… maybe one day we’ll go shopping together.

  7. I’m a lurker so I’ll comment at your urging. I love reading your blog. I appreciate your “real life” view of fashion. I have really learned to dress myself better after reading blogs like yours and some others ones I’ve found. It is hard… I’ve lost 91 lbs and I have no clue how to dress this body.

    BTW – I’m also a very new blogger. I just started my blog – Fat Little Legs – to chronicle my weight loss journey and my quest to run a 5k.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this site out here!!!

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