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Today I am working from home. Last night Emerson was major fussy… okay bad word choice. Emerson wasn't sleepy while I could hardly function. Around 10pm my body was going into Shutdown Mode and she was ready to boogie. She was happy, cooing and smiling and dancing around and I barely had the strength to remove my contacts. Oh, she was also super hungry. So we lay down in the bed to have her eat and she ate her fill, got burped and wanted more. Fed her more from the other side, burped her, changed her… and she wanted more. And by now it was past 11pm and I was empty – milk-wise, mentally, spiritually. I was walking Emerson around the room, talking to her. I asked her if she could please take a little nap, maybe until 3am and then we could eat and play to her heart's content. She loved hearing my voice but wasn't very interested in what I was saying. πŸ™‚

And at this very moment my husband came upstairs, all knowing and scooped up Miss E for some Daddy time. He took her downstairs, gave her a bottle. After only an ounce she seemed finally full, and passed out in the Boppy swing while he dozed on the couch and I was completely conked out upstairs in the bedroom.

At 2:59am I wake with a start, I hear Emerson crying. Not fussy, but full out bawling. I get up, yep I hear her downstairs crying. I walk out the room and down the stairs and see her passed out in the swing and my husband passed out on the couch. “Was Emerson just crying?” I ask my husband. He looks at the clock. “Uh no, I think she's been quiet and asleep since before midnight.” I KNOW I heard her crying, and heard it when awake as well as in my dream. How freaking weird!

At that moment, she wakes up, gives me the biggest grin ever and coos good morning. I pick her up and the three of us go upstairs. She eats a bit, passes out immediately and doesn't wake again until 7am. No crying. I wonder what it meant to hear such a thing, and believe so strongly that she was upset. Not in trouble or pain, but more the cry of “I am hungry and I may have a dirty diaper and I want assistance NOW!”

Anyway, getting those few hours uninterrupted before the crying, and a couple more after was soooo what I needed. A week at work without regular sleep really can kick you in the pants. By Thursday I am almost completely out of brain cells. So it was nice that my supervisor let me work from home today – I didn't have to get up at 5am and yes, I do tell WAHMs to look nice, but since this is one day I am in my teal NY&Co dress from the summer with a Bravado tie dyed nursing bra underneath and green chenille puffy grippy socks. I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop working on a presentation while Emerson sleeps in the swing next to me. Yeah, no pictures of this getup! πŸ™‚

This weekend looks to be pretty fun. Saturday we will be hanging out with my best friend and her fabulous fiance. Sunday I am going wedding dress shopping with this same friend (who is getting married Labor Day weekend – I am her Matron of Honor) and my sister. Sunday evening I am meeting with a couple who may have me be their wedding officiant for their big day in early April (for those who don't know, I am ordained through the Universal Life Church and have married two friends thus far, a third in November and offer this to other couples in the area from time to time). No plans for tonight which is pretty nice… though that may change. So I will try to take pictures and recap on Monday. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Mommy hormones are strange things. My mother had twins, and then three years later had my youngest sister… one day she had a babysitter stay in the house with the sleeping baby (my youngest sister) while she, myself, and the twins (now three) worked in the yard. After a while the baby woke up and the babysitter brought her out to us in the yard, and my mother screamed at her “for leaving the other baby in the house by itself.” We had such a time convincing her that there was only one baby, and her twins were standing right next to her. πŸ™‚

    The mind is a strange thing.

  2. When our oldest was a couple week old baby I had fallen asleep with him laying on my arm on my left side (he would stop breathing in his sleep and I was so anxious about it that I figured that my movements would jog him into starting to breathe again), I fell asleep and woke up to him really crying laying on his back in between my husband and myself (on my right side), I was dead asleep and have no idea how me ended up in between us. We had a baby bed attached to my side of the bed so he was handy for nursing….I was not a mom to get up out of bed and I was so freaked out. All I can think is I moved him at some point and was so tired I just didn’t remember it. I was lucky because both of our boys slept in four hour blocks of time unless they were teething….then it was nurse all the time – not out of hunger but out of comfort.

  3. One time I heard my baby crying BIG TIME over the baby monitor, only to walk into his room and he was sound asleep… it turned out we had picked up someone else’s baby over our monitor. My husband and I were totally freaked out – I had goosebumps from it. Maybe that’s what happened? I tried not to think about what those neighbors might have heard had they inadvertently picked up our sounds over their monitor. And then we moved ;^)

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