Friday Favorite: Sweet Almond Oil

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Wardrobe Oxygen: Review of almond oil and its benefits for skincare and dark circlesI’ve had seasonal allergies all my life. As a kid I got weekly allergy shots  Once I was an adult I decided I’d rather suffer some sniffles and take OTC medications. Take this and being someone who does best with 9 hours of sleep but usually get 6 and I am a person with dark undereye circles.

I’ve tried dozens of creams, concealers, highlighters, and beauty hacks to hide them, but they weren’t just dark but also puffy. I gave up, deciding it was just a fact of life. Then one day Karl decided he too had dark circles. For every hack he Googled I replied, “Tried it, didn’t work.” That was until he got to sweet almond oil. You know what? I never tried almond oil. So we got a bottle.

Every night, Karl takes two drops of sweet almond oil and pats it under his eyes. I pour about a dime sized puddle in my palm and tap it under the eyes, but also rub it into the skin over my moisturizer. (I switched from night cream to Colleen Rothschild moisturizer, read my review of the product here.) Any extra almond oil on my hands I rub into my elbows.

Wow, this stuff really works! It works better than any of the fancy eye creams I’ve tried.  It's better than any other home remedies, even better than nine hours of sleep!

But not only that, my face as a whole has benefited from the sweet almond oil, and again better than any of the fancy night creams I have tried over the years. Over a night cream, it felt too greasy and heavy; on its own it seemed too light for my dry skin. Over a day moisturizer it was utter perfection. I wake up and my skin is amazing. It’s super soft and feels plump, but not greasy. It absorbs so well I don’t need to use toner or water in the morning to feel fresh. And fresh it is, no creases, no AM dehydration, I end up touching my face often because it feels like child skin. Like Emerson’s face, but not so thin and delicate, if that makes sense. And not only are my dark circles reduced, my face in general looks more evenly toned and I find I’m using less concealer and feeling more comfortable going completely bare-faced in public.

What’s awesome, is a 16 ounce bottle of sweet almond oil costs less than $20 on Amazon (this is the exact one we use) and it’s not just an eye cream and night cream. It can take off makeup (saturate a cotton round, hold it to your eye for a bit and gently wipe), tame split ends, work as a hot oil treatment for your tresses, soften cuticles, and help with psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff. Put a drop in your foundation to make it more moisturizing without losing coverage. Since it absorbs quickly, it’s great for moisturizing your feet or places where you don’t want to be slippery. Many consume it in smoothies and other recipes for its health benefits. A quick google of “sweet almond oil health beauty” and you’ll find tons of ways to use this reasonably priced and easy to find product.

I love that a natural product accomplishes more than all these potions, lotions, and creams I have tried that are chock-full of chemicals. I love that it’s so versatile and reasonably priced. And I love that of all people, my husband is the one who turned me on to my favorite beauty product!

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  1. Have you tried the oil cleansing method? I love it for my extremely dry, very fair skin. I put a few drops of essential oils in a small bottle of olive oil, and it’s a wonderful cleanser/make-up remover. After a while of success with that, I tried putting a few more essential oils (ones that are supposed to promote healthy skin), in a small bottle of jojoba oil as a moisturizer/facial oil. The results have been amazing! In my late 30s, I have the best skin of my entire life. The funny thing is that the same combinations that I use work beautifully for my 11-year old daughter who is just beginning to deal with pimples and blackheads. I’ve heard wonderful things about sweet almond oil, so I’ll definitely put that on my list to try. Since I began using oil cleansing and the other oil for moisturizer, I’ve completely stopped using my beloved Kiehl’s, which I really didn’t believe would ever be replaced.

    And I totally agree with the other commenter who pointed out that her husband has that kind of luck, too. So does mine. Life is just not fair, lol.

    1. In regard to what? They’ve very different oils. Coconut oil is heavier, I know many love it as a moisturizer and face cleanser/makeup remover but I don’t like it for that. I will put some into a bath for body moisturizing. I tried in hair and felt it was too heavy for me. I do use coconut oil for occasional oil pulling though. I haven’t found that coconut oil works for dark circles.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this today, I bought a bottle of sweet almond oil from Amazon after reading a post similar to this (actually I think it may have been something you said in another beauty post) then I forgot what exactly I bought it for! Haha, I think maybe my memory may be a bigger problem than my dark circles. Now I can put it to use!

  3. I have always loved the ideas of oil and essential oils but never found one I could live with. I was using vitamin e on my face but found piercing the capsule yucky. I bought Natures Bounty Vitamin E oil from Walgreens and started using it. What i found is the vitamin e lightened the sun/age spots on my jawbones. I had read that vitamin e would do that but until I started using the oil it didn’t happen.

  4. I, too have tried lots of creams and lotions for various reasons. But what I can relate to about this post is my husband can have that kind of luck, too!! I’ll try 20 eye creams but the FIRST thing he buys is perfect! How do they do it?!

  5. Dark circles forever, even after lots of sleep. Will check this out. And if it doesn’t work for me on the eyes, as you point out, lots of other uses…

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