How I Style My Medium Length Wavy Hair

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showing how I style my medium length wavy hair with products from Hot Tools
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While my hair is curly in the hot and humid months of summer, when the temps drop so does my hair. My hair is limper, drier, and doesn't keep a natural curl. However, I have found that in fall and winter, my hair is more receptive to using styling tools. In the summer, a flat iron seems like a hopeless cause against curl and frizz, but in the winter it helps me achieve smooth and sleek tresses. Hot Tools invited me to try three products from their Signature Series collection and I decided to take the opportunity to explain how I style my medium length wavy hair in the fall and winter.

how to style a wavy lob

How I Style My Medium Length Wavy Hair

How I style my medium length wavy hair varies on my mood and outfit, but here I will focus on what methods and tools I use to achieve my everyday wavy look with bangs.

With the length of my hair and the thickness, I like to rough dry my hair with a paddle brush. I use a nozzle on the hairdryer to direct the heat and reduce frizziness. I use the paddle brush to direct my hair away from my face, brush down my bangs and swipe them from side to side to get them to lay flat but also curve with the shape of my forehead, and lift up hair in the back to add volume at the crown.

The Hot Tools Signature Series Salon Turbo Ionic Dryer is designed to help reduce frizz and static and I love that it comes with both a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser so it works with my summer and winter hairstyles.

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how to style a wavy lob with bangs

After my hair is fully dry, I take sections and curl them with a 1″ barrel curling iron. While the first pieces near my face are curled away from my face, the rest is curled randomly. I am not too particular with these curls, but I do try to curl the hair in a spiral down the barrel of the iron. This will provide wave; if you curl the hair over itself you'll end up with more volume.

The Hot Tools Signature Series Salon Gold 1” Curling Iron has gold technology to hold curls longer and can heat up to 430°F. This is by far the nicest curling iron I have ever had; it feels so… ergonomic in the hand, it's gentle yet clamps the hair in place, I can adjust the temperature easily, and unlike my old curling iron, I won't accidentally turn off the iron when curling my hair.

tips for styling medium length hair over 40

After the curls cool, I use my fingers to shake out the curls to get a more natural look. If I want a more relaxed look, I will brush out the curls with the paddle brush.

how to style wispy bangs

Often my bangs will flip up or out; when that happens I like to use a flat iron to smooth my bangs. I also love a flat iron for the days when I want to rock straight hair without frizziness. The Hot Tools Salon 1″ Flat Iron has ceramic technology to reduce frizz and adjustable temperature that goes up to 440°F.

how to style shoulder length hair with bangs

I don't use a lot of product in my hair; often I go with my hair just like this. If I want to define the wave, I'll add a shine serum to my hair. If I want more body, I'll use a texturizing spray. If it's going to be a long day or one where I may get warm (dancing, a party) I'll hit the whole hair with aerosol hair spray sort of like a humidity shield. Sometimes I wear my bangs down, but since I'm due for a bang trim, I swept them to the side. This is a hairstyle that is pretty flexible but that flexibility comes from the right tools.

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  1. Your hair looks great! Early this year, you posted and update about what has/hasn’t worked for thinning hair & hair loss. Would you consider a second update? Has working out, sleeping more, and getting to a more comfortable place in your life helped with the hair loss? Is biotin still helping? I am in a super-stressful time and my hair is a lot thinner. I ordered biotin after re-reading your post (on Monday), but would love to hear a happy ending that once your life got more in balance everything worked out with your hair.

    1. This summer my hair seemed to get thicker but now that it’s winter again I am really thin again. Biotin caused cystic acne and I’ve switched to taking Keratin pills which has reduced the baby hair but hasn’t made my hair fuller. I use Toppik (https://amzn.to/2Q62ks5) to fill in my part and bangs which is pretty fantastic but it’s purely cosmetic. I have found changing my health has made my hair look better, but it hasn’t had it fill out more.

      1. Thanks for the update. After just a few days I haven’t had issues with biotin, but if my skin goes haywire I’ll stop. And I’ll redirect some of my energy away from single-shot solutions and towards taking really good care of myself, which will have all kinds of benefits.

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